thin slicing the new season, spring 2006 edition

I still haven’t waded though all 5,358 new shows this spring 2006, but out of the 17 that I have seen, I’m going to rank them or die trying.

(Think of the rank as if I received one episode of all the shows at once, which one would I watch first? Second? Last?)

Thin Slicing the New Season, Spring 2006 Edition

Spring 2006 is kind of an odd season. By volume, it has the most new shows that I’ve witnessed in a while, and a lot of the shows look tantalizing. However, upon digging deeper, most of the shows are just straightfaced adaptations of their manga counterparts (Black Lagoon) or just generic genre types with a glossy exterior (Himawari). There’s a lot of tough chix0rs (Black Lagoon‘s Levi, The Third‘s Honoka), a lot of harem shows, some well-done shoujo, a lot of comedic show, and lesbian overload. It’s also an odd season in that everyone is dying for a real hit… winter 2006 was just an albatross… no high tier shoujo series… and Magikano somehow emerged as the premier series… that’s like seeing Gilbert Arenas win NBA MVP this year.

The good news is that animation quality is up; the bad news is that anime is getting to be more generic than ever; the great news is that there’s finally a show that has people buzzing again. Let’s run down the new season from the worst to the best… with a twist… I’m doling out my thoughts on what the potential is for a show. Is it going to be the next Cowboy Bebop? Or the next Grenadier? Remember, it’s all about _potential_ … I’m not saying that it’s going to be Bebop, just that if the show pulls off its execution flawlessly, that’s it’s ceiling. Just like how Shaun Livingston’s ceiling is Magic Johnson or how people call LBJ the next MJ (only LBJ needs about 3 or 6 more championship rings). Anime is the same way. Some shows are destined to become the next Evangelion. Others, they are destined to become…

#17. The Next Final Fantasy Unlimited


Goes to Disgaea. I loved the game, but the anime seems to just recycle the characters and not bring to the table what made the game great. The game itself had a simple-minded plot, and it was the deep combat system coupled with Etna’s hilarious next episode previews that were the game highlights. The episode previews were worth the price of the game alone. For the anime, they stress the game’s already weak plot and, more offensively, they don’t do the next episode previews like they do in the game. Honestly, no mainstream RPG has ever turned out well in anime form… if Xenosaga was the best out of Final Fantasy Unlimited and Star Ocean EX, that’s saying something. If they focused more on just episodic gags and got rid of any plot, maybe this could be Hare + Guu. Naaah…

#16. The Next Ten Ten


Goes to Air Gear. An Oh Great manga turned anime that is a complete mess? I never would have guessed it. It’s Ten Ten all over again… there’s Simca doing her gohobi tease, only there’s no nudity, no sex, and no panty shots… what’s left? Rollerblading? Seriously? Rollerblading is going to carry a show? (Plus there’s that gay friend that has yet to appear in the anime which will be the final nail in this show’s coffin.) Reading Oh Great manga for its plot is like watching The View for their commentary on international politics. Watching Oh Great anime for fanservice is like watching Ghost Whisperer waiting for Love Hewitt to fall out of her top… just a continuous tease that won’t happen. Honestly, I’m still watching this series just because of Rie Tanaka’s Simca. No other reason. I fast-forward 18 minutes an episode.

#15. The Next Erementar Gerad


Goes to Kiba. I’m not a fan of mainstream shonen action series, and that’s pretty much Kiba. Mysterious and rebellious boy in some dystopic future learns that he has special powers (an anime first!) and tries to reunite with his mom. Nothing groundbreaking. One thing Kiba has going for it is Inuoe Kikuko as Zed’s mom, who reminds me of FMA‘s Lust. Potential MILF if she weren’t in a looney bin. There’s no fanservice to keep me interested (at least Gerad had some harem and comedy elements), the ED Very Very is very very lacking, and if I want something Toriyama-style, I’d stick with One Piece. Plus Noah has developed an uncomfortable man-crush on Zed. *shudders* I just can’t rank uncomfortable male-male luvin’ over uncomfortable female-female luvin’…

#14. The Next Sister Princess


Goes to Strawberry Panic. I think I’m being pessimistic here. After watching a bit more of the show, it’s has promise, yet not really fulfilling it. The most we can hope for are simple peck kisses… definitely not the Shizuru/Tomoe wild ride. I think Mai Otome set the bar for crazy lesbians, and everyone else is now desperately playing catch up. A few people remarked that the ceiling should be the next Maria-sama… but… this is a G’s Magazine show! Trust me. Shizuma is harmless. There’s teasing… then there’s G’s Magazine– they’re as predictable as Sunrise. As I stated before, their only hope is to turn Strawberry Panic into a shoujo series or just have a massive lesbian orgy. I just can’t see either happening. Too bad. Oh well, if I actually wanted to watch shoujo, I’d pick one of the following…

#13. The Next Honey and Clover


Goes to NANA. I think people without y-chromosomes have been dying for a good shoujo series since, uh, there’s been a drought to say the least. Unfortunately, it also has this effect where it overhypes a series. NANA is like Steve Nash. The ratio of shoujo anime this season to shonen anime is about the same as the ratio of white to black in the NBA. When one of them suddenly becomes good, it’s a cause for celebration. In other words, because shoujo is so rare and half the planet is female, it gets an inordinate amount of love. Yet, production-wise, story-wise, if it translated into a shonen series, would it be better than Black Lagoon or The Third? (I’m still confused how Steve Nash won MVP last season over Shaq… and if he wins this season over Billups, Kobe, or LBJ, I’m going to jump on the race bandwagon.)

#12. The Next Utena


Goes to Ouren High School Host Club. I love Utena. It’s one of my favorite shows. If they remade Utena with modern sensibilities, twice the homosexual overtones, and much better animation, it’ll be Ouren. Only Ouren is about hawt guys. OTL. Still, in a shoujo showdown, at least Ouren is more mockable and funnier than NANA, which gives it a slight edge, even with the homoerotic overtones. (Two shoujo series give me a headache already… the probability that I’ll watch xxxholic has just gone from “when I find a Chii-type personcon in the trash” to “when Shinn Asuka wins a most popular and most mentally stable male character poll.”)

Actually, let’s just pretend that I never ranked Ouren. It _never_ happened. I need some lesbians to clear my mind…

#11. The Next Mai Otome


Goes to Simoun. In the scope of this blog, the next Mai Otome would be a positive thing. ^^ But, honestly, I couldn’t think of any series that comes close to Simoun. (Maybe the second half of Last Exile, only Last Exile had plot-like substance. Or Gravion, only Gravion had harem elements. See the dilemna?) I mean… girls frenching in the first five minutes just shows how far lesbianism in anime has gone mainstream. Not that it’s a bad thing, per say, just not the attention grabber it used to be. Simoun has this weird “girls protecting their country with odd machines called Simoun only they possess” vibe, and if they go into this male protein-filled spring, they no longer can pilot Simouns. In other words, the structure is the same as Otome, only the show tries to take itself seriously. There’s classical music… haughtly Hecate-level narration, and the least erotic lesbian frenching that I’ve seen recently.

(BTW, the Simouns fight by drawing magical patterns in the sky using jewels that are powered by girl-on-girl kisses. Talk about a premise. I’d like to meet the mastermind behind this show someday.)

Still, if I wanted potential lesbians, I’m more inclined to go with the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe from…

#10. The Next Magikano


Goes to Magical Pokan. I like the vampire/werewolf/witch/android loli-demonness princess angle, but the first episode was kinda disjointed. The OP screams, “take me seriously!” yet the first panty shot joke screams, “don’t take me seriously!” The comedy is flat sometimes, and devoting a segment to making mailboxes… well… I did develop an eye twitch when the vampire posed as a mailbox and implored the mailman to use her panties as a mail slot. And also how the witch’s spell was that she wasn’t wearing any panties. In other words, they’re not exactly shooting for NANA‘s audience here. The show also seems to have ripped off Negima‘s Evangeline’s outfit for Pachira as well as Dark Cloud 2‘s Monica’s outfit for Uma. I think I’m being generous, but it’s a good premise… it could possible be a more fanservice-filled Keroro crossed with Magikano. I’m regretting putting this show for such a high ranking already… not a good sign… wtf… mailboxes… I can’t rank it higher than…

#9. The Next Lime-iro Senkitan


Goes to Himawari. Generic harem show with ninjas. *yawn* Wake me up when Himawari chomps on someone’s breasts or something. Actually, this show isn’t that bad… has fanservice, a bit of comedy, ninja action, good animation, and zero, absolutely zero homoerotic males or plot centered around seducing mailmen. Still, comparing it to other recent harem series not based off of h-games, the Himawari/Hayato combination pales to Bell/K1, the harem is nowhere as top-tier as Hario’s in Magikano, and the plot isn’t over-the-top enough as Kage Kara Mamorou. Though I’m glad Himawari doesn’t have Yuna’s mental handicap. Still, if I want comedy… there’s nothing like a Sunrise series…

#8. The Next Sousei no Aquarion


Goes to Zegapain. The first episode caught me off-guard and was enjoyable, but the series has some serious plot problems. The show is so serious and straight, I can’t make fun of them like I can for Otome. Then there’s Kyo’s best Emiya imitation. My gawd, do men in anime know what to do with nakkid women anymore?

BONUS: The Next Jigoku Shoujo


Goes to Keroro Gunso. Not for anything to do with the anime as Keroro is nothing like Law and Order: Loli Demon Revenge Unit. It’s for the Enma Ai-ish curse on all the fansubbers who have attempted to sub the show.

(Probability that this screenshot will make its way onto 4chan in some way, shape, or form has just been taken off the books at Vega.)

#7. The Next Harukanaru Toki no Naka de


Goes to Utawarerumono. It feels like Harukanaru in terms of the first impressions, but I really wanted to say it’s the next REC, only for Eruruu’s defiant Aka-like push from amnesia guy after he strokes her tail. The plot still isn’t very fleshed out, only that I know that country girls are hardy. ^^ Has potential for romance, comedy, and tons of action. I’ll keeping an eye on this series, but it just doesn’t have the same level of firepower as…

#6. The Next Samurai Deeper Kyo


Goes to Black Lagoon. Levi is just as bad ass as Kyo, and they both treat the people around them with a certain, “don’t get in my way, loser” disrespect. Honestly, I can’t think of another female anime character who carried their show just on their bad assedness (probably not a word…)… Ghost in the Shell is too much of a reach. While I see similarities between Levi and Motoko, Motoko actually uses her teammates to good effect. Levi just wants to have fun. Plus GitS tackles some hefty social issues… Black Lagoon is just all out shonen action. Though I’m not exactly happy that the show has thus far been an exact replica of the manga. Panel by panel reproduced. Levi does suffer a disadvantage in that she’s very one dimensional (I’m glad it hasn’t turned into a romance series a la Genshiken, of course), whereas the next bad ass heroine is a bit more well-rounded…

#5. The Next Shakugan no Shana


Goes to The Third. Tough as nails loli-ish blademaster? Check. Overbearing non-corporal father figure? Check. Mysterious guy who seems more concerned about everything around him besides the hawt, loli-ish chix0r who is falling in love with him? Check. Uber-meido? Sadly, no. The Third seems to be highly derivative of other shows with the bleak future ripped off from Suzabouzu, Now and Then Here and There, Trigun, and The Big O. There’s also Honoka’s “I hate killing” conscience, and I really hope it doesn’t degrade into a Kira “I won’t fight anymore” emo series. The animation and music are good, and Honoka is almost as likable as Shana, only substitute crappy poetry for melonpan. Though the lack of meido probably means it’ll never reach Shana’s level. Nonetheless, while I’m excited over more bad poetry, I’m even more excited for the possibility off a Ron Artest-level meltdown in…

#4. The Next Elfen Lied


Goes to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. My only thought while watching this series was that it’s just a loli-er Elfen Lied. That’s not necessary a bad thing as Nyuu’s antics were quite entertaining and bloody. Where the Cicadas Go Cry (crappy, crappy name) seems like a typical harem series, complete with the “girl next door” type Rena, the tsundere Mi, and so on. Only there’s a major twist in that Rena could be a crazed butcher/murderer surpassing Kaede. That’s what keeps me watching. That and the KFC statue subplot. And the fact Rena is the new Ron Artest.

(If I were K1… Cicada’s K1… not Belldandy’s K1, I wouldn’t lob a beer at her. You know both are crazy, and it’s only a matter of time before they snap. I couldn’ be giddier. Though without this murderous intent wild card, Higurashi would just a run-of-the-mill harem series, just like Sacramento was not a playoff team without Artest. With Artest, Sacramento is a playoff sleeper even if they’re getting waxed by SA right now, and with Rena’s ability to go Kaede on K1, it makes Higuarashi an almost must watch.)

Though this show has that loli drawing style that prevents me from taking it seriously. And the KFC subplot. But it does have an SOS club equivalent, though, I’d rather join SOS. Hands down. Just like Utena over Ouren. But I still wouldn’t take a lolier-Nyuu over…

#3. The Next ああっ女神さまっ


Goes to ああっ女神さまっ. Disappointing in terms of music (bagpipes, wtf?), kanon (kami-sama can be heard by K1? AM PM?), and animation (tsk tsk tsk). Yet, I’m still a huge fanboy, and it’s one of the few shows that I watch raw ASAP… even if already know the plot within 30 seconds of an episode. Belldandy goes here. Only there’s a few new challengers to her throne…

#2. The Next School Rumble


Goes to School Rumble. I liked the original season, but I can’t see the second season surpassing the first. Why? First off, Generation is making me miss “gurugurumaru.” Let’s make it a rule… some sort of “gurugurumaru” must kick off any School Rumble series, the Goddess Fantastic Club must kick off any ああっ女神さまっ series, and any new Mai Hime/Otome series must kick off with some sort of Gundam-ripoff.

More importantly, the stories. The best manga stories have been told already, and now we’re in for a steady stream of more of the same. Is it a bad thing? No, but be prepared for even more Harima/Hanai/Yakumo/Tenma misunderstandings that you can shake a stick at. As I always say, dance with the one who brought ya, and School Rumble is doing exactly that. Just the earlier chapters were funnier and less angsty. Nevertheless, thanks to Eri’s tsundere act, Tenma’s cluelessness, Akito’s leadership, Mikoto’s breasts, Mihara’s tanlines, Itoko-sensei’s pure womanness, and Yakumo’s understatedness, School Rumble is a tidy #2. Only because of…

#1. The Next Evangelion


Goes to Haruhi. What made Evangelion great isn’t the religious references. Or necessarily the mind-fucking. Or the harem elements. Or the fact Shinji was piloting his mom. It was just different from everything else that was airing at the time, and it got people talking. Virally. Organically. Quickly. People heard about it, didn’t know what to think, decided that they need to watch it. After watching it, it’s almost impossible to not have an opinion about the show… it’s not like watching To Heart, an excellent series, but it doesn’t exactly leave a lasting impression when it was over and done with. People loved Evangelion. People hated Evangelion. People had an opinion, and it spread.

Haruhi is the same. It took 20 days to breach 50,000 posts on it on 2ch, destroying the previous record of three months for 50,000 posts that Fate/Stay Night set earlier. No spring 2006 series has hit The 好き as hard as Haruhi. A record 13 bloggers are following this show, shattering the number for Otome, and it’s only a third into its run. The community– Japanese, American, and worldwide has really gotten behind the show. I mean, it also was the fastest to spawn “I better watch Haruhi because other people are raving about it” and “I can’t believe these idiots still have boners for Haruhi” posts on 好き barely a week after the series still started. No other show from spring 2006 has solicited that type of post yet. Like it. Love it. Hate it. There’s nothing on that capture’s one’s imagination than Haruhi. There’s nothing that gets people talking like Haruhi.

It has movie-like animation quality… nothing this season comes close. The best part are all the minute attention to details as well as the pure energy level of the animation. The OP/ED are so fantastic that they spawned about 78,931 parodies already. It’s also the only show from spring 2006 that has spawned a meme thus far, which Natsumi showed earlier. The characters? All very unique and memorable… and toss in the Mikuru-run episode 00, Haruhi really sets itself from the pack.

Just like Eva, it’s not a perfect show… it’s a show that is just so different, so out there, I mean, nothing else on this list even comes close, it gets people talking. Just like how Eva brought in a new generation of fans and rejuventated the old, Haruhi is doing the same. While Evangelion is safely in the anime pantheon, Haruhi‘s the only series from spring 2006 with a shot at joining it.


For me, this season had a lot of shows like Black Lagoon, School Rumble, and Belldandy’s Bagpipes that I know the source material pretty well. I knew what to expect. A lot of shows like Himawari, Ouren, Zegapain, and Haruhi, I knew nothing coming in. Blank slate for an impression to be made, and Haruhi made an impression so strong, it not Shaun Livingston… it’s today’s LBJ to Eva‘s MJ.

Compared to the last few seasons, there’s something for everyone this season. Harem? Got it. Shoujo? Got it. Giant mecha? Got it. A pantheon series in the making? Got it. A lot of the series, like School Rumble, I expected to do well, while series like Air Gear, I could predict the floppage an Air Trek-fueled jump away. But I’m always happiest to see good sleeper hits, like Mushishi or Magikano… and this season has it it spades in Haruhi, The Third, and The Next Elfen Lied. It’s just time to sit back, relax, and enjoy what’s shaping up to be a great season filled with shoujo-ai. And maybe a dash of shonen-ai. But with plenty of Haruhi.


41 Responses to “thin slicing the new season, spring 2006 edition”

  1. I can only describe it as “beautiful.”

    The number of surprising shows these season really caught on. From huge flip-flops to out of nowhere smashes.

    This is one season to remember.

  2. I really feel NANA is overhyped and overrated. Or maybe it’s just not my type of show. But there’s nothing to suggest why it’s the number 1 manga. Your analogy is pretty apt.

    There are still quite a number of shows unsubbed, which is a pity.

  3. Nah, Haruhi is boring.

  4. >> Nah, Haruhi is boring.

  5. good rankings.
    agree with all.

  6. As more of the Haruhi episodes are released, you’ll find that in the meta-sense it is entirely appropriate for Haruhi to cause the explosion she did.

    Your opinion is totally understandable but in my opinion its your loss. Enjoy the shows you’ve picked to watch :)

  7. Eh? my comment got eaten up half way.

    what i said was, *gasp* blasphemy at the Haruhi is boring commnet.

  8. In some sense, impact of Haruhi goes beyond Anime level. Ever since the ep. 2 of Haruhi, I noticed that average anime file size in Korea has increased by at least 50%. Heck, they even made high quality version of Saiunkoky Monogatari which used to look like something from 80s into something that is definitely 21st century. This push for higher resolution and color has noticeable impact on internet traffic and computer upgrades in Korea. I believe that within 2 month, there will be official licensed complete translation of Haruhi novels on Sale in Korea, with 3 different internet versions.

    If you want to talk anime catering to feminine population, you cannot leave out Saiunkoku Monogatari. This has broad backing from feminists and male viewers for many different reasons, one of them being first realistic depiction of a girl’s struggle up through male-only Bureaucracy. This is the anime that is stealing the spotlight away from Haruhi and School Rumble in Korea. Only trouble is that this anime presumes that you know lot about Chinese proverbs and some of historical goverment structures, something that is easy for Koreans but probably not for Europeans and Americans.

  9. By the way, I believe the best of Manga is yet to come for School Rumble, for we got to see the famed Rumble in the Night, and we wil get to see the culture festival, where we shall start to observe new phase of character developement. Trouble is, OP and ED is definitely inferior to the 1st OP & ED, in terms of comical value, musical form ( and I mean anaylyzing this formerly like Brahms’ Piano Fantasy op.116, No.2 Intermezzo a minor, the piece they should have used in R.O.D. OVA series ), and vocal quality.

  10. Shoujo is truly rare these days, to get my fix i have to watch almost everything and still don’t have enough. Fortunately at least now there is some where to choose from.

    And yes, Haruhi is boring. =)

  11. No, no, no…where is Juousei in this list? It’s by far the best anime this season but seems to be generating very little interest. I’d love to see it get the attention it deserves and be picked up by subbers soon, so that more people can enjoy it.
    Nishi no Yoki Majo is also being overlooked but if you only have time for one more show this season, make it Juousei!

  12. I think Juousei really needs to be subbed before it generates huge interest. I really hope someone does it soon.

    Hmm, a lot of interesting shows here. I’m a School Rumble fanboy and addicted to Ouran, so those two take precidence for me. It’s tempting to call Haruhi overrated, but I’ve fallen to its plague. I guess there is nothing really like it, even Genshiken, which is what gets the whole fan community talking about it. The “sleeper” hits for me are Higurashi and Gintama – after watching the second episode of the former, I had countless theories about Rena and the rest.

    Also, this season is the first time I’ve ever watched Ah! Megami-sama, and I loved it so much I’ve downloaded the first season.

  13. quote: Honestly, I can’t think of another female anime character who carried their show just on their bad assedness

    When I read that “Slayers” came to my mind right away ^^.

    You are definitely right about the amount of shows: people like me who can’t understand Japanese are desperate for glimpses of Astrea Testament (Good Witch of the West or whatever is the real name) and I would like to know more about that Gargoyle show, too. Fortunately there is now a sub out for Yume Tsukai, so I can see whether I like it.

    I also would love for fansub teams to do less double subbing and finish series like Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-San or Ashita no Nadja or Harukanaru Toki no Naka de first, but then again its their own interests that make them spend the time and effort, so I am thankful for every bit of fansub I get. At least I can make educated judgements on which anime I buy (currently only Kyo Kara Maoh and Princess Tutu) and which I don’t – or wait until the boxset comesout.

    I didn’t like the first Belldandy season, especially when they changed the manga story right with how the summoning works (he has such fundamental bad luck that god gives him Belldandy to balance it? Why does he have to call for pizza first then?), but I loved the OVA and the movie.

  14. I know Haruhi’s good… But comparing it with EVA is a bit off… Never mind. My Haruhi novels have arrived. Bleh to you peeps who can’t read Jap nor Chinese.

  15. >> This is the anime that is stealing the spotlight away from Haruhi and School Rumble in Korea.

    I asked my Korean housemate what anime does he like currently. “Inu Yasha.”

    >> No, no, no…where is Juousei in this list?

    Sandwiched between Dream Users and Aria the Natural.

    >> I didn’t like the first Belldandy season, especially when they changed the manga story right with how the summoning works

    Well, K1 smokes in the early manga, and Bell calls Urd a cow a few times… I honestly have a bigger problem for dropping Rind into the story before Peorth. That’s just beyond messing with kanon.

    >> I know Haruhi’s good… But comparing it with EVA is a bit off…

    Re-read the fourth paragraph of the post.

  16. As a Washintonian, the whole Gil = Magikano thing irked me. I never got past the first episode so I really dont know if its great or not, but right now, its crap to me. And Gilbert Arenas is not crap.

    “I’m still confused how Steve Nash won MVP last season over Shaq”. Steve makes everyone better and he’s doing it again this year. Who the hell is Boris Diaw and Eddie House? Without Nash, Diaw’d still be the same Hawks bench warmer except this time on Phoenix… and I dont even know where Eddie House would be. The guy won not because he’s white, but because he’s not a giant fat *heat* center who only scores because his ass is the size of a dump truck.

    Good read, though… time for some KFC.

  17. I like Magikano… just like Arenas, good for 10 wins. But not good for 30 wins like Kobe, 20 wins like LBJ, or 20 wins like Billups.

    Last season, House was on the Kings, and Diaw was still with the Hawks. Last season, Shaq led the Heat to 59 wins (PHX had 62)… with absolutely no one else on the Heat even remotely above average beyond Wade. Would you rather have Haslem, E Jones, and D Jones than Amare, Marion, Johnson, and Q?

  18. The most famous name in anime might be Rumiko, so I am not surprised by Inu Yasha remark. In terms of name recognition, Inu Yasha probably be still the most widely known anime in the world.

  19. In terms of name recognition, Inu Yasha probably be still the most widely known anime in the world.

    Dragonball and Saint Seiya beg to differ.

  20. The fundamental difference between Haruhi and Evangelion is quite simply and shockingly, the robots. In the eyes of even the most braindead mainstream viewer, there is something to take from Evangelion in that there are big robots and explosions. There’s absolutely nothing in the way of mainstream appeal in Haruhi (that is not there in other anime). It might rival Eva in terms of influence on the fanboys, but it won’t rival Eva in terms of dragging the mainstreamers into anime.

  21. Haruhi is Japan’s answer to [OSHII SPOILARZ].

    As for popularity, well, considering this is Japan’s nth attempt to serialize a novel series, I suppose it says a lot about Japan’s reading habits. (Put it simply, they don’t read with fervor their own literary works(them novels), with the exception of manga and doujin manga.)

  22. Haruhi is a light novel. Its basically a pocket book (if you’re familiar with the phenomenon and the term). Its not meant to be full length or literature or anything. Its basically manga without the pictures.

  23. >> wontaek

    I think even Pokemon is more widely recognised than Inu Yasha.

  24. @Jason

    Good grief you need yuri to scrub your mind from a bit of fake Yayoi for Ouran (at least that’s how its has been translated over)? The nature of my job means that every false hippie accuses me of being anti-gay and anti-feminine (among other things), but even I laugh at yayoi and yuri when they get it all wrong… You sure you live in the Bay Area and not Orange County? ;)

    I like both Haruhi series and agree with your assesment that Suzumiya Haruhi has reached a level of discussion on par with EVA. Speaking of tan lines you can get a real nasty farmer’s tan by spending time on the Jersey shore.

  25. I still don’t get the deal with Haruhi, no offence to its fans.

  26. That was a great list!! I’ve heard of some before, and there are others here I wanna check out! But IMO, that Ouren High (haven’t seen the show myself) seems more of Fruits Basket than Utena.

    And where’s the Girls High?!!! >__

  27. If we want to discuss an Anime attracting the ‘Lay People’ or the ‘commoners’, nothing has yet beaten Mazinger Z, with the first Gundam TV series ( 1979 ) plastic models being close second. Did I mention that about more than quarter of the entire population of Korea knows the Korean version of Mazinger Z theme Song? I also believe more than 10% of Japanese knows it as well. There were mecha series before Mazinger, but only Mazinga Z has honor of appearing on student mission statement of Engineering department in the top Korean University.

  28. >> wontaek

    Not to criticise you harshly, but in my opinion, you sound a tad pretentious. From where did you derive your figures from? Was it from an official study?

    I have no official sources of my own to counter your claims, but I would like to see your sources.


  29. Inu Yasha? Dragonball? Saint Seiya? Pokemon?

    Astro Boy or Transformers.

  30. 마징가 Z 노래 ( This means Mazinga Z Song in Korean )

    Paste that into Goggle search and see how many hits you will get. I was tempted to mention Astro Boy, but while this may have been the most influential manga, its anime series is relatively unknown. I attended Yonsei University in korea, and one of the running jokes amongst college engineering students was that their department’s goal is to build Mazinga Z. There are dozens, if not hundreds of Mazinga Z secret base joke in circulation in Korea as well. Other than Goggle hits, most official english material I can find is this.

  31. What I meant with Astro Boy is that while it is one of the most important work in Anime History, it did not penetrate into general consiousness of normal people the way Mazinger Z did. One of the reason is that Astro Boy reminds people of Humanoid Robots in many SF greats, thus its influence gets mixed up with likes of Issac Ashimov.

  32. The following is just what I fiddled around with. It is by no means a definite answer to exactly whatever the heck we are debating about.

    So please take it with a huge serving of salt.

    Using Google, I got the following results.

    I tried to avoid anime with common terms like Bleach.

    The second figure refers to the number of hits if I remove the term, ‘anime’.

    melancholy suzumiya haruhi : 33,200
    마징가 Z 노래 : 70,000
    mazinga Z : 1,150,000
    fate stay night anime : 1,540,000 ~ 19,700,000
    trigun anime : 1,610,000 ~ 2,650,000
    astro boy anime : 1,620,000 ~ 3,560,000
    gundam wing anime : 1,920,000 ~ 1,680,000
    neon genesis evangelion anime : 2,180,000 ~ 1,790,000
    princess mononoke anime : 2,380,000 ~ 1,600,000
    inuyasha anime : 2,890,000 ~ 11,600,000
    saint seiya anime : 2,960,000 ~ 2,280,000
    naruto anime : 4,390,000 ~ 22,100,000
    pokemon anime : 4,640,000 ~ 45,400,000
    dragonball anime : 4,810,000 ~ 13,800,000

    Fear the Pokemon.

  33. The correct answer is: Doraemon

    All the Japanese grew up with Doraemon and pretty much all the Chinese 20-30 yrs old did too.

  34. The thing that separates Transformers and Astro Boy is that their iconography has been appropriated by the mainstream. People who haven’t watched a single frame of either show will still recognise their imagery.

  35. All this and not a mention of Witchblade, for good or ill at that. Ah well.

  36. “Would you rather have Haslem, E Jones, and D Jones than Amare, Marion, Johnson, and Q?”

    Of course we’d all answer the latter group, but did Shaq make Haslem and the Jones’s better? Eddie gets traded, Damon signs elsewhere and only plays 3 minutes in a disgusting wiz loss on saturday, and Haslem only plays 15 minutes saturday. Amare had a career year last year -plagued this year w/ injury-, Marion is now good for 20-15 a night -even with his wierd jay-, Johnson got largely overpaid because he played so well with nash and is regarded as THE star of the team, and Q… errr… he won the three point contest last year? Gets traded to the Knicks?… well, his value skyrocketed because of Nash.

    And if memory serves correct -I have to recheck the stats-, didn’t they have one of the league’s worst records the year before Nash came? I distinctly remember that the preseason power rankings had them way at the bottom. They improved MORE than the Heat. Not to say the Heat did not improve, the Suns just improved more.

  37. Nice work by Skane. Although there are other things to consider, google hit numbers are one of objective figure, that can’t be manipulated by small number of people, which can show how wide certain terms are known. I am very curious to see how those numbers would change one week from now.

    Doraemon was somewhat popular with Koreans as well, but it was better known as manga. Judging from availability of Korean made manga vs. Korean made anime, many Koreans regularly browse manga, but not see much animations.

    To jump in with Basketball analogy, I think Astro Boy ( Atom ) can qualify as George Mikan, Mazinger Z as Wilt Chamberlain, Gundam as Kareem Adbul-Jabbar, Doraemon as Oscar Robertson, Candy( this may have another English name ) as Bill Russell, Nausicca and Laputa as Magic and Bird, Touch as Dr. J, Hols: Prince of the Sun (1968) as Bob Pettite, Jungle Emperor as Elgin Baylor, Evangellion as Michael Jordan, Pokemon as karl Malone, Transformers as John Havlicek, Inu Yasha as Shaquille O’neal, suzumiya haruhi as Chris Paul, School Rumble as leBron James, and Saiunkoku Monogatari as Boris Diaw. Do correct me for I have a headache, thus will probably be wrong on half of the comparisons.

  38. Juousei seems to be subbed now. The art looks like Escaflowne’s…

  39. [quote]

    I think Black Lagoon has that now. Episode 8 & 9 I think. :lol:

  40. I come from the FU-TURE, and the machines…the machines have won!

    Haruhi has failed us!

    There is no spoon!

    We have a black President!

    All is lost!

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