i’m stuffing the ballot for poor nina

I guess Sunrise is running a poll for people’s favorite Mai Otome character to determine who makes it into the OVA. Wait, shouldn’t they have a plot or at least an idea for a plot before even announcing an OVA? Then I realize… it’s Sunrise. At least, I want to know if they already did the animation for it and are desperately trying to edit the thing into a coherent mess. The results so far have Shizuru, Natsuki, Arika, Nao, and Mai leading the race… yes… Anty is beating Mai. (On my old Arika vs Mai poll, Mai destroyed Arika 69% to 31% in the most lopsided poll ever.) Nina is at 9. For the guys, Mr Wong is at 4, getting beat out by the immortal Takumi, who has been in, oh, two whole episodes. And the guy who doesn’t show his face at all, Reito, is at 1.

Honestly, I want to see an awkward OVA featuring Mr Wong and a pregnant Nina… I can only imagine what my post for such an episode would be like. Only a Da Capo OVA featuring Junichi’s honeymoon with Nemu could be a bigger trainwreck. So vote for Wong and Nina.

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  1. I love it! They aren’t even bothering to hide the fact that they are making this show just to pander to fans.

  2. Bah, that took way too much time. Why did they need the anketo?

  3. Lmao, let`s all vote Nina and Wong for kicks.

  4. I’d vote but the language barrier is discriminating against me I have no idea what that moonspeak means.

  5. I just voted for Nina and Wong cuz I really like them and wanna see them in the OVA. :p

  6. Haha! Fanservice reaches a new extreme!

  7. I filled out the step 3 form as best as I could, but pressing next simply kept popping up a javascript error message in kanji, which I simply can’t understand.

    It took me a while, but I finally got it to work. here’s what I came up with:

    For the step 1, choose a female char, press the right-most submit button.
    Then for step 2, choose a male char, press the right-most submit button again

    Finally, for step 3, fill in the form fields as such:

    1) Choose anything from the drop-down.
    2) I guess it was soliciting comments, so I just typed in something random there
    3) I filled in something random here too
    4) I’m guessing it’s a male/female choice, so I chose the first one
    5) only takes up to 3 chars, that had to be numbers, so I put my age.
    6) e-mail address, I think. In either case, putting my email there worked.

    finally, press the right-most submit button again, for great plot bomb.

    Someone want to enlighten as to which fillin is what kind of info, rather than my farcical interpretation? :P

  8. 1. I think it’s asking for your opinion on Mai Otome.
    2. Additional comments.
    3. Name.
    4. Male is the first. Female second.
    5. Age.
    6. E-mail address.

    Nina x Wong 4ever!

  9. James had it right.

    If only Babel fish worked better, alas this is what it got for part 3.

    1. Dance – please teach the thought which views quaint HiME all the 26 stories.
    2. Dance – opinion to of quaintness HiME thought and the like go ahead with
    3. Please input your name.
    4. Please input your age.
    5. Please input mail address.

    Right most button is always submit, left is rest.

  10. I also put the poll rankings in Babel fish and got this:

    “The キャラ popularity poll which starts on April 25th, golden weak immediately, it announces halfway lapse to man and woman superior 10 rank and the ちゃ is! ! Does your favorite increase ranking in doing? [ Woman キャラ section ] 1 rank sizzle 2 rank ナツキ 3 rank ant mosquito 4 rank ナオ 5 rank dance robe 6 rank crystal 7 rank トモエ 8 rank エルス 9 rank ニナ 10 rank hull mosquito Five pillars it does strongly,! ! Also the ant mosquito persevering, it increases. [ Man キャラ section ] 1 rank rad 2 rank 拓 sea 3 rank ナギ 4 rank cell gay 5 rank サコミズ 6 rank gal 6 rank カズヤ 8 rank ヤマダ 9 rank lumen 10 rank Italy weaving Rad & the 拓 sea have fought bravely. Cell gay bitter fight… As for poll to one day 1 time. The ぁ, today please supporting that child! ! ガルデローベ Official Web? After the releasing section of the maiden?”

    I think this is how they should generate scripts For Nina and Wong from now on. just write what ever and put it on babel fish. Italy weaving Rad, rank ant mosquito, Cell gay bitter fight… sounds liek a winner.

  11. To be honest, I’m tempted for cat-on-man rape, but…

    I’ll stuff the ballot.

  12. I voted Nina/Wong, was obligatory I believe.But in my heart I wanted to vote for …. Akanekomimi!!!

  13. Jason:

    It looks like your little rally worked(somewhat).

    Nina’s in 6th place, up from 9th.
    Sergei’s still fourth, though.

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