five images: parodies of haruhi suzumiya

I haven’t seen so many random parodies of an OP/ED sequence since Becky’s Shoujo Q hit town. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya didn’t just strike a chord with the fans, it completely brainwashed them. Yes… Oharuhi-sama… must… kill… all … non-believers… must… kill… must… KILL!

(Remind me to sharpen my machete.)


I don’t recognize any of these girls. Must be their first appearance in this blog.


I don’t recognize any of these dolls… err… I mean girls.


I don’t recognize this dude. (Seriously, I don’t.)


I don’t recognize any of these girls. Maybe they’re minor characters from Mushishi.

Lastly, these two girls look cute, but anyone know what series they’re from and are there any loser males who run away from hawt, blonde nakkid girls in that series?


+10 fanboy points for anyone who can correctly identify all five parodies. (Hint: check this post’s tags…)

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  1. the last few uncoloured drawings seem to be from Fate/Stay night, namely Rin and Sakura.

  2. well, otome, rozen maiden, dude and lacus + 2 other I don’t know who girls.

  3. The dude is I THINK from Glass no Kantai. The one after that is from Gundam (Relena Peacecraft, Elpie Ple, and Lacus).

  4. The five parodies are from Japan.

    kthx, where’s my prize?

  5. The The obsessive compulsive melancholy of Kagami Sumika

  6. Meer actually, not Lacus. Note the star.

  7. hahaha

    there’s also that site (or maybe hundred sites) that like, chronographed the entire thing.

    still, nothing like the original for best visual effect :D

  8. Hahahahaha. Sakura`s impersonating of Mikuru is hilarious.

  9. LOL, Sakura _can_ be a good Mikuru. Both are equally doormat material. Though Mikuru is still superior.

    I recognized Rin as the first Haruhi, but I’m not too entirely sure of the second Haruhi one.

  10. um…you forgot to put Gundam SEED Destiny in the tags… thats Meer in the right corner of the fith pic.

  11. >> Meer actually, not Lacus. Note the star.

    That’s what I thought at first, but she’s not well-endowed enough for Meer…

    >> um…you forgot to put Gundam SEED Destiny in the tags… thats Meer in the right corner of the fith pic.


  12. jason keeping his blog epic as usual, lol ;)

  13. I guess the underlying message is that every thing here should have imitated Haruhi’s brilliance, afterall she did will them into existence.

    Regarding the sharpening of machetes, I must remind my fellow memebers of the Cult of Haruhism/SOS Brigades that the Bible belt and the Islamofascists are well armed I’d advise something more formidible than a machete say full auto bringers 7.62mm goodness.

    Any more talk of machetes and the true believers will purge all the Oyashiro heretics. Haruhi-sama wants us to fight smarter not harder.

  14. The last Haruhi is Saber, right?

  15. The last Haruhi should be Rin in adult form (which appeared in the game). Just imagine Rin letting down her hair.

  16. Crusader, who is the pontiff of the SOS Church?

  17. @ wontaek

    The Supreme Pontiff (lit. bridge) is Kyon, though he is a reluctant one at that, since Haruhi will tolerate no other.

    As for the Grand Master of the Knights Haruhi, the election hasn’t taken place yet. All candidates must create a movie that approaches the pure win, awesomeness, and greatness of Haruhi’s. The Grand Master must also be well versed in finding people with moe potential and adorning them in the proper regailia as dictated by the many trials of Mikuru. Skill in the art of “aggressive negotiation” is a must. The final trial will consist of accurate portrayl of the most revered dance with four others.

    The mission of the Order of the Knights of Haruhi is to spread her grace to all the corners of this small world, to demand more than 14 eps from Kyoto, and to provide enough demand for Haruhi related mechandise.

    Oyashiro is neither esper, time traveler, or alien, thus worship or fevered adoration is tantamount to heresy. Any praise for other tsunderekkos as being greater than our revered Lady is blasphemy!

  18. There is another MO version here… ;)

  19. Crusader, When the election has finally taken place, allow me to do the chants for the coronation ceremony. Here is my credential.

    The single asian male you see in the picture is me. Contact St. Joseph’s college registar for verification.

  20. “I don’t recognize any of these girls. Must be their first appearance in this blog.”

    I LOLed XD

    The last Haruhi is Tohno Akiha :D

  21. Yeah, I suppose that might be Akiha… sometimes I forget that Rin’s design was based off Akiha. Then again, her hair’s too curly at the ends to be Akiha’s… oh well.

  22. @wontack @ crusader

    I am the grand inquistor of the Church of SOS.

    I will personally oversee the converison the female half of the population :D

  23. More Mai Otome here.. (lol @ saber & rin..)

    Free Image Hosting at <a href='' rel='nofollow'/></a>

    Free Image Hosting at <a href='' rel='nofollow'/></a>

  24. Link

    Allow me to confirm what is obvious. In this largest poll I have seen so far, S Hauhi has gathered more vote than all the other show combined.

  25. Also the Korean translation of Haruhi Novels has been sold out in majority of book stores. As I suspected Haruhi is changing the world, and I mean the entire world.

  26. Mai “Holy shit I can’t believe it’s not Gundam’ Otome:
    Nina, Anty and The raging lesbian.

    Rozen Maiden: Suigintou, Baraotome and Shinku. Artist: orz

    Albert Einstein?

    Gundam Girls. Meer == Mikuru.

    Last three: Rin, Sakura and that’s either Akiha with a boob job or it’s Someone else.

    And as for killing nonbelievers, may I suggest running them over in an M1 Abhrams Main Battle Tank? If you can’t get your hands on that baby, I think there might be some decommisioned M3 Shermans you can purchase?

    And if you can’t get your hands on a tank(or decommisioned H2 Hummers), well, time to get your hands on some AK47s and splurge on the appropriate permits to mod the AKs to fullauto AKs. I myself prefer a Barret M82A3 and taking out the nonbelivers from a distance.

  27. I can’t believe someone would claim that the last image has lacus in it. It is disappointing that meer is still being confused as lacus even in anime circles.

  28. Not everybody is a fan of Gundam. :) Besides, he has been corrected already.

    For all we know, he may have just seen promotional pictures of Lacus and never heard of Meer before.

  29. the old guy is Einstein

  30. The picture with Meer in it?

    From left to right: Puru from Double Zeta, Relena Peacecraft from Wing and Meer Campbell from SEED: Destiny.

  31. Very last one probably Akiha from Tsukihime

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