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I am really bummed out. Sorry, instead of Haruhi 9 discussion, I’m tossing up more bad news tonight… Mahoraba manga ends with volume 12 (the epilogue chapter was included in last month’s issue of Gangan Wing). Next thing you know, Keroro Gunso will end at episode 116 (oh shi-…). Spoilers! ]Happy endings all around. Momo bumps into her boyfriend in chapter 54, and he proposes to her in chapter 55. In the epilogue, their kid is reading one of Shiratori’s books. And, of course, Kozue and Shiratori have been busy {spoiler link}.

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  1. Now we just have to wait for Hiyoko no Gao to finish up with Volume 11 and the Guidebook. :D Ah well… I was half-expecting this, even if it’s a tad cliched. Spoilers! Highlight: Is it just me, or do the kids all resemble one of the four alternate personalities Kozue’s displayed? The first reminds me of Chiyuri, the second Saki, the third Nanako, and the fourth like Natsume?

  2. By the way… feel free to edit the above for spoiler stuff. Forgot the font codes for here. :P

  3. That spoiler link…so FREAKISHLY wrong…

  4. At least those weren’t Asami’s… ;)

    Now THAT would’ve been horribly wrong. Although, somehow, the character design reminds me of Tachibana.. and I like it. :D

  5. My goodness it is a happy reunion after all.

  6. Real happy.

    Shiratori and Kozue were extremely busy. Guess being an award-winning children’s author leave you with plenty of time to do ‘other’ things.

    On an unrelated note, Asami is hot. And Shiratori still looks like a girl.

  7. Keroro Gunsou ends at 116?!?!

  8. What about tama-chan? Is she somewhere plotting great evil? Running a B&B with the occult president?

  9. With the occult president? No..she’s going to be the president (or PM since it’s Japan). What’s a better role to plot great evil from? Hmmm…?

  10. Whatever happened to Kozue’s other personalities…? Are they really disappearing one by one?
    Asami’s kids?! I’ll never allow that!

    And you’re lying about Keroro Gunso ending at ep 116! The counter-thingy at the end of each ep indicates there should at least be another 100+ eps! You lyyyyyy~
    *goes berserk*

  11. Chapter 61 and 62 spoilers! Highlight: Chapter 61 has Kozue having a meltdown from all her personalities trying to merge with the main Kozue personality. In the end, Kozue inherits all the traits from the four… and Shiratori got to make out with all 4. Lucky bastard. He kinda proposes at the end saying to Kozue, “Forever… forever… let’s stay together forever.” And Kozue says, “Hai!” Chapter 62, the epilogue, happens a few years later. Tama, I think, is a college student, Occult Prez is running a successful business, and Asami works at Mickey Dee’s. Johnny and Sayoko haven’t really changed. The gang returns for a reunion, and the last thing said was Kozue: “I’m happy.” Shiratori: “Me too.”

  12. *skips over spoilers and replies*


    Now I have to fervently wait for Hikaru no Gao’s translations too ^_^

  13. Thanks, Jason. :D Still, Asami looks… well… child-like, but no more so than Sayoko there, clinging to her the same old way. Was Buchou still.. ah… ‘creepy’?

    I’m still trying to get the raws for the latter there. :D

  14. The prez is running a buisness…just what buisness could she possibly be running…??
    Are there closure on the other side characters as well (the inhabitants of Subcharacter’s Heaven)?

  15. Jesus, Quadruplets?

  16. is it me or it seems that they got it on pretty early? (like right after the end but before the flash into the future) to have quadruplets if u estimate the age change in Asami and the ages of the 4 kids.

    Well at least the personalities didnt really merge but were more put on the side and then dumped into the kids.

    It would be freaky if they (the 4 kids/personalities) had all the memories from when they were Kozue. that and to make things weird is if they all had an Electra complex.

    If you dont know what an Electra complex is then look it up

  17. Notice that Kozue and Shiratori’s kids look like Kozue’s personalities? ;) and I’m sad that mahoraba ends, but at least looks like a good ending ; ;

  18. =( i connect to the spoiler link =( shall wait for the translation den =(

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