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Just heard something that Jigoku Shoujo (i.e. Law and Order: Loli Demon Revenge Unit) has been greenlighted for season 2 starting Fall 2006. I don’t even have a joke for this news item. Seriously? They have 26 more stories to tell?

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  1. it’s not a bad idea… company wise, if you consider how much material they repeated in the entire series. add on how much fanbase they established despite a serious lack of character development for some of the minor characters, and thus i’m not that surprised.

    well, i’d like it if they deviated from the introduce story, repeat “give doll” sequence, and repeat “go to hell” sequence… because seeing that 14 times in a row definitely wasn’t that great, no matter how good the story was… I was skipping most of those sequences and getting to the story by ep 5…

  2. What have this world comming to?
    I guess i will wait 1/2 way into season 2 to watch the recap ep, so I can save 7hours of watching repeats

  3. Well, as I said the first time the series came around – if they’d followed up on the Hajime/Tsugumi thing, with things more interesting than the usual ‘present the doll’ stories, it could’ve been a winner. As it is, it’s merely pleasant, but that’s more due to the character designs than anything.

    But, unless they steer away from the ‘same thing each week’ plague which afflicted Season 1, I suspect that they’ll be saying, “Ippen, shinde, miru?” to the series in short order.

  4. The news item of a new season was on the official site the day the last episode of season one aired.

    Personally, I don’t care much for the anime itself, but if they bring the composer back for new music – I can’t friggin wait the OSTs.

  5. >> Well, as I said the first time the series came around – if they’d followed up on the Hajime/Tsugumi thing, with things more interesting than the usual ‘present the doll’ stories, it could’ve been a winner. As it is, it’s merely pleasant, but that’s more due to the character designs than anything.

    Actually, they did… but they started subtlely halfway through, and the last few eps focused on their arc.

  6. Oddly enough, when the hajime/tsugumi story really started to take off was when the show began to derail for me. All the atmosphere just sort of went *poof*

    But I’ll also admit that I’m just a huge sucker for revenge tales… so the repetitiveness was pretty enjoyable for me. Seeing Enma put on the kimono, ride out in her taxi of fire, and dish out some catchphrases was not only part of the ritual, it was also the weekly payoff for me.

  7. Eternal: The problem was that they introduced those characters, then ignored them for a while… then brought them in as ‘chasing after the issue had been decided’ types – and then FINALLY as meddlers in their own right (“Don’t pull it! You’ll regret it!”). Except, by that time, over half the series had gone by. If they’d started that back about Ep 5-ish, and dropped the ‘revenge of the week’ format to a sideline, rather than making it the focus for that episode (with the ineffectual Hajime interference), then it could’ve been more interesting.

    It got much, much better once those two interacted with the rest of the cast more – having Tsugumi call Hone-Onna ‘obaaaachan’ (grandma) was great, as was the Silent Hill inspired episode, and the last few with Tsugumi and Hajime’s past, along with that of their ancestor Sentaro.

    Crayotic – the atmosphere you mentioned existed somewhat, in the ‘Tsugumi relives Ai’s past’ bit… and returned with a vengeance in Episode 26, where Hajime’s missing and Enma Ai’s trying to lure Tsugumi into pulling the string (thus completing her revenge on Sentaro).

  8. It hurts!! Damn it hurts so much! It had been awhile since i feel my heart screaming in pain. call me crazy, weak, or whatever, but this really damn killed me!

    Episode 1-24 was ok for me,if not boring, then ok. So i never had expected episode 25+26 to kill me! Especially 25. Sentaro, oh Sentaro, really now, it just hurts! The image of Enma staring above the hole, with those red-blood pupils of hers, really took away my breath. It was right at that momment, that i felt my heart starting to cry.

    I’m happy to hear that there will be season II of Hell Girl, though i do hope this season will cover all the unanswered mystery left at the end of the last episode (like what was it that Enma Ai’s grandma requested from Hajime? Or what was Hajime about to say at the end, when Enam Ai walked away?), I also do hope that in Season II, Enam Ai will be a happier, since, if you think back, i don’t think she was in a happy momment at all (except when she was with Sentaro, 400 years ago). That’s just sad. So sad that it purely hurts.

    I wonder if hajime and Tsugumi will appear in Season II as well?

    Well, hope that season II will be out and subbed anytime soon. If not, boy, i just don’t know what i’ll do. Also hope that it won’t be somewhat boring (referring to episode 1-24)

  9. The best thing about Jigoku Shoujo Season two is… they’re gonna reveal the background of Honne-Onna, Wanyuudou and especially Ichimoku Ren! This is no rumour…

    And yet…Of Course Hajime Shibata and Tsugumi-chan will return… My boss said( I work in a production house) The storyline is going much more better in the 2nd season… Reavealing the secrets of Wanyuudou, Honne-Onna, and Ren’s death? Of course! I hope there’e a lil romantic story goin on between ren and someone before his death…I can smell the romance on the air…*sniff…sniff…*

    Oh ya, Want to see Enma Ai’s smile? Just wait…

    This is gonna be great! Sukoi ne!

  10. I think the best thing about Jigoku Shoujo Season Two is……me of corse and the fact that all the episodes are great.

    Also,my job is getting persolal….wel,kinda…Too Bad for me :(

  11. As an adult who watches Jigoku Shoujo, I think it is pretty acceptable to see repeatable scenes in most Jigoku Shoujo episodes. My excuse for repeatable sequences is that it also present in Ultraman, Voltron, etc.

    Story-wise, Jigoku Shoujo is great! What would I think of watching someone’s revenge and retribution just to learn despicable human behavior which is interesting, plus the depth of the suffering of the victims themselves?

    I think Jigoku Shoujo does give me values about human nature that is unique compares to other anime series I’ve watched on adult level.

    To the Jigoku Shoujo team, all of you have done a great job! Thank you.

  12. Ai’s face is always gloomy but I think this makes her cute, I want to see her smile too just for once-_-…..

  13. no offense but I think Jigoku shoujo live series is crap^_^Its true!!…..

  14. will there be a season 3?

  15. jigoku shoujo or hell girl is sooooooooo good i haven’t watch the second season and i can’t wait i’m still watching the first one.

  16. Since Ai went to heaven, if they did a season three Kikiuri would have to be the hell girl, and as I picture that, I find it rather akward. I just don’t think it would work.

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