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A few Youtube clips that kept me entertained. Well, “entertained” might be a generous assessment. :P Have some Minmay.

Pani Poni Dash… I have no words to describe this video. May contain harsh language/confusing choice of music/adult topics.

Remember that Diet Coke commercial that I posted a while ago? There’s a making of segment for it… winking Koda Kumi!!!

I guess before Aya Hirano was Haruhi, she was a singer for SPRINGS (???). Here’s one of their medley videos… when I first saw it, I thought it was from the 80s.

Now this looks at least modern. MELL’s Red Fraction video. No need to think about it / You do it or you die. Phenomenal song… more I listen to it, more I like it. Engrish has its appeal.

Okay, someone who can sing in English. My second favorite song from Wolf’s Rain. (Maaya looks really, really skinny in this video…)

The real stars of Gundam Seed.

Mushishi subbers on Youtube are faster than the normal groups…

Nakanai Kimi to Nageki no Sekai… I like the song. Could use more Sonozaki.

The parodies of Haruhi Suzumiya has gone too far… the goggles! They do nothing! My eyes! They burn!

And finally… I have no clue why I’m including this video.

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  1. man that haruhi parody was funny and painful. Didnt really get the last video. But the chick in the pepsi comercial is cute.

  2. Rawk.

    And suddenly, I feel refreshed. It’s like some sort of dietary supplement.

  3. Hirano Aya is so hot. :D

  4. Oh man, Japanese performers are so horrible it’s funny!

  5. (That was Haruhi vs Kyon remade in some wrestling videogame)
    Darnit, can’t help but post one more.

    It’s a loli in Kyon’s bag… but with a twist!

  6. Now I understand how she can portray Haruhi so well. Who would not feel insignificant I they where only one cog in the Idol-Machine.
    I’m also expecting Asuka Hinoi to be the next shooting-star seiyuu, next spring season.

  7. Aya-chan is just too cute.

  8. The second Nakanai Kimi to Nageki no Sekai AMV is all about the Sonozaki sisters, and the song is georgeous.

  9. Minmayyyy!!!!!!!!

  10. That Alternate GS OP was quite refreshing.

    Real stars, my word. ^^

  11. Props to the Gundam SEED one.

  12. I’ve always wondered about that Maaya music video for Gravity. I’d actually seen it before. I’m a Yoko Kanno fan which sort of makes me a Maaya fan by extension, and I’ve spent some time browsing for Maaya MVs on YouTube.

    The MV there is from her NikoPachi album. There are a lot of photos of her in the CD booklet in the silly costumes you see in the MV. I only wonder, why on earth did they use Gravity for the song to that? Its a great song, but if you’re dressing up in silly costumes Shima Shima (from the same album) just works better.

  13. OK, don’t diss Plushenko, ever!
    He was skating on “Sex bomb” if I remember right. Funny man, genius ice skater.

  14. 1. Minmay is a bimbo.

    2. I don’t believe Maaya Sakamoto exists. I beleive she’s created on computers underneath Sunrise entertainment.

  15. wow… the higurashi video was absolutely phenomenal

  16. lol haruhi’s parody was pretty awesome too

  17. Wow, the second video was so funny. Now I have to check more on the series. The video with Aya hirano was cute, and funny when they sang with the Americans. :D

    That ice skater parody…well….I think I’ll refrain from watching figure skating for a while.

    AS for the last video, some of the dance moves seem awfully similar to Haruhi Suzumiya’s ending. Was that just me or what? You know, some of the hand movements and finger twirling. XD

  18. for everybody who noticed the last video take a look at this:

    its loli idols Berryz Koubou ftw!

  19. does anyone know where i can get a copy of the song for the higurashi video?

  20. I can’t get enough of Pani Poni D12! But seriously they should have switched Kurumi for Otome’s part. The lyrics makes so more sense with Kurumi.

  21. And finally… I have no clue why I’m including this video.

    because you subconciously noticed the haruhi dance moves in it?

  22. DEATH TO MINMEY !!!!!!

  23. btw , isn’t the last video Hinoi team ? damn those girls >_

  24. kurotsuki = Golg Boddole Zer ?

  25. >does anyone know where i can get a copy of the song for the higurashi video?

  26. If they were amateur game makers, how did they get a song like that? Did they hire somebody?

  27. wtf is “Golg Boddole Zer ?” ?

  28. Golg Boddole Zer: He is the Big Head in control of the floating Battle station we see in the video clip. For more information

  29. oh ? the Zentradi dude .
    hum..i just grew up hating Minmei ever since the first episode i saw her .
    and now i’m parying that we will get to see her in “the shadow chronicles ” and we’ll see her have the Death she needs to have !

  30. man… i

  31. (sorry for dp but it cut me off)
    i love aya hirano..but the springs are terrrrribbleeeee lol

  32. wait can i ask what the last video was?

  33. I don’t think html code works here but here goes anyway:
    Finally, some female Haruhi in the ED dance! And some awesome dance that is.
    This is from a recent anime singing contest in Hong Kong. (part 2)

  34. sry for double posting but i researched the last video and found out who they where.

    Berryz Koubou: a dance/music team with the oldest member being 14 years O_o… Quite adorable in my opinion… I’m not a loli-con… but i have to say their fake trips at the begining and at the end are TOO CUTE!

    i found their other PV’s to not be as entertaining. They look cool as a dance team, but the other videos just lack the cutsey beats. @_@

  35. Dear gawd…everytime I see this entry I have to watch the last video! XD The song gets burned into my brain and I feel like dressing up and dancing with them. Though I be the oldest member X3

  36. the Suzumiya parody is just to scary. I though that i would just throw out my 2 hamburgers.


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