wallpapers of haruhi suzumiya

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  1. Thanks Jason ^_^
    You make my day after a desillusion yesterday
    Au revoir my beloved Haruhi & SOS-dan

  2. A fitting commemoration to the end of the first season and propaganda for the second. I just finished the raw not one but two moe modes and a pony tail. Now if they will just open that bloody billet for grunts like me…

  3. Damn you, now I have to change my desktop background. Everyday for the next month.

  4. Thanks!

    I bet the Mikuru Wallpaper (the fourth from the top that is) says “classified information”.

    Damn! I’m almost sure we won’t get any Haruhi until next year.

  5. Great wallpapers ;)


  6. Awesome!!

    You’re the best!!

  7. The 9th picture reminds me of one of Jeff Lawson’s post.



  8. What a way to pay homage to a brilliant show. Bring on the second season!!!

  9. But is there really a second season, or is it just speculation? (As in is there any official announcement?)

  10. Love to…but my staff (office) or wifey (home) might get the wrong idea.

  11. Kiss me, you fool, before my sexual orientation returns to me so I may thank you. These are beautiful!

  12. First thing I’m going to do after the raw .avi of ep 14 finishes downloading, is to check what’s after the ending credits…

  13. Neko mimi! X3 Now I have one for each month of the year and then some! :D Love them all! Thanks!

  14. Thanks! :D


    i have no clue what you look like T_T…
    I’ll just make it a typical otaku face lol…

  16. Needs more well drawn Tsuruya ^_^. Isn’t there another one of the same series of walls that you posted with Asakura for Tsuruya?

    Doo nyoro?

  17. You owe me dry cleaning for my pants. Actually, for every object for a few meters in a cone shape radiating outwards in front of me.

  18. Thanks, now I have even more brilliant wallpapers to select from. ^^

  19. Awesome wallpapers! Did you know that Haruhi eps 14 is out a day early? Thank Haruhi for AFK subs!

  20. nice gather of wallpapers

  21. hmmm… needs more widescreen wallpapers…

    and why do mikuru’s breasts on #10 scare me DX

  22. omgwallpaper! You’re doing the world a giant favour… I wonder where these come from.

    omgagain! I’ve never been so happy or proud. Yuki’s name, as seen in the first wallpaper, written in Chinese would be Yo Shi [Xi]. Casting aside all Mario references, her ‘Xi’ is the same as the one in my name. omfg I’m so happy. Now to see if I can control data as well…

  23. Lovely wallpapers, you’re ace for sharing them! The one of the girls cheerleading is just classic XD

  24. Thank you for these! I loved all of them, except for the twelfth one down. What’s with the anatomical incorrectness, yo? The bizarre mutations of Mikuru’s chest in that one are kind of a turn-off.

  25. omg so many.O.O

  26. will there really be a second season? i love the melancholy of haruhi i was soooo sad when the ending played after kyon said “looks good on you.” i really hope there is a second season.

  27. So I cannot find any walls of my fav new anime, then googled up a goldmine here with your site. Thanks so much for sharing these great walls. I leave now to go explore for more silver and gold!

  28. Ahh.. My prayers have been answered by an angel! now.. now.. what to pick for this month.. hmm..

  29. You truly are talented!!! Thank you so so so so much!!!!

  30. Thanks for these walls ^___^

  31. You have much talent !!!! This site tyhis is much good ^ _ ^ Continue whit job this always

  32. Mikuru scares me. o_O They all look nice though. ^-^ I love Yuki! .> *backaway from the staring eyes*

  33. Just what ive been looking for!! this is perfect!

  34. OMG

    theses are awesome

  35. yes Haruhi-chan is very cool… A little hot pic but but very cool!^-^

  36. I was wondering why nobody commented on this, but… Just what is Kyon doing to his sister?

  37. More Tsuruya please? ^^

  38. Oh yes. The wonders of the great Goddess. Thanks for the wallpapers. Now I have a desktop I’m really satisfied with

  39. Thanks! These rock. (:

  40. Thanks a lot! Though yeah, need more widescreen wallpapers! :P

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