wallpapers of utawarerumono

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  1. I like the last one best apple eating is cute

  2. Nice wallpapers but I haven’t watched Utawarerumono. Is is worth downloading?

  3. Oooh really nice!

  4. thanks for the wallies! ^^ i especially like the third one =3

  5. Lol, I think I know where you got all of these but I still love them none the less. My favorite would have to be Aruruu eating the fruit X3

  6. Replacing Danbooru since 2006! (>o

  7. My apologies, seems like closing brackets rape comments.
    By the way, I don’t remember where I got those WPs (not on Leaf’s main page when I went back to check) so unfortunately I dont have anymore of those official ones (like the magic marker styled one).

  8. I can sense some melancholy. Posting some wallpaper instead of the article on Haruhi ? ^^

    Arg, Kawaii Overload, Aruruuuuuu

  9. Touka…as meido…Thank you Jason, my life is now complete :D

  10. That first wallie’s from the Aruru to Asobu omake CD, nice. And my picks are the 3rd and last. Waaay to cute. ^_^

  11. The lack of Kurura makes me sad. u.u Otherwise, total win.

  12. Aruruu dominates the field…she’s just so cute x3

  13. > Nemo_N

    Warning: Don’t be fooled by the In-Game Graphic, the Anime version isn’t that fascinating.

    Also rumor has it that lack of funding causing the quality of latest episodes to be going downhill.(already showing some bad QC)

    Anyway, Utarewa is famous for its plot construction, if you don’t just look for moe characters, it’s the way to go…

  14. No, episode 14 was very very well animated

    It’s just that the dynamic style makes the still frames look higurashi style contorted

  15. I feel required to post ebil Kamyu.

  16. Need larger version of that second last one.

  17. I like Utawarerumono. It has a very interesting story but the main character is rather bland.

  18. I just like utawarerumono cause theres no anime related to war lately , and especially theres no real action like fighting

  19. Imho, utawarerumono isn’t bad, but it’s certainly nothing great either. Clichés by the dozen, a plot you can forsee a mile away and a really weak direction in some scenes take part of the enjoyment away.

  20. Coolies! ^^ I’ve had some real problems finding Utawarerumono wallpaperps = D
    Much thanks!

  21. >> Aruruu: “Congratulations on your 45,000th hit~!”

    Now you’re not supposed to cheer your otousan for that sort of achievement, Aru-chan…

  22. I find it amusing that some of the above call the main male lead in Utawarerumono ‘bland’, and that they can see the plot from a mile away. I take it that they have not played the game before? :) If so… they are going to be in a for big surprise. :D

    Anyhoo, while Aruruu is cute and all, I prefer Touka. :)

  23. >> Nice wallpapers but I haven’t watched Utawarerumono. Is is worth downloading?

    Yes. Much, much better than Tonagura, Coyote Ragtime Show, and Powerpuff Girls Z. This is how an h-game should be made into an anime.

    >> Touka…as meido…

    This is actually my favorite of the bunch. She can be my assassin meido anyday.

    >> I can sense some melancholy. Posting some wallpaper instead of the article on Haruhi ? ^^

    Auto-posting. I was on vacation.

  24. Omfg lOL all are for girls dude no boy?


  26. Konichiwa! These Charakters are so cute!!!
    Manly Eruruu!! I love her! Yes! Arregato!!!
    Greetings from Germany!

  27. Hello!
    I somehow managed to totally lost my Eruru wallpaper yesterday, while messing with Arurue to asobo.
    It was very similar to that last one about Aruru, with Eruru on the right side of the wallpaper. There was this text on it:
    Eruruu from Leaf
    Íf anyone of you know where to get it or you have it, please post it or gimme link to it.
    Thanks in advance!

  28. totally lose*

    And sorry for any other mistakes i made in my post XD

  29. Woow kawaiii!!! Thanks for Aruru wallpaper.

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