top ten anime inspired pick up lines

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From the home office in Ohtori, Japan…

Top Ten Anime Inspired Pick Up Lines

10. All the nubile lolis in my harem don’t think that I’m a complete loser.

9. My extensive Master Grade Gunpla collection is just proof of my magic fingers.

8. Looking at your ass makes my bulba soar.

7. People call me the Dying man; I’m the stylish one of the group. I know what you’re asking yourself and the answer is yes. I have a nick name for my penis. Its called the Oyashiro, but I also nicknamed my testes – my left one is Keiichi Maebara and my right one is Dr Irie Kyousuke. You ladies play your cards right you just might get to meet the whole gang.

6. Damn, girl, you must be a hollow. You make my zanpaku-to go bankai.

5. I want to browse /h/ with /u/.

4. The Log Pose don’t lie. It’s pointing at your Grand Line.

3. You remind me of that character who got tentacle raped in that h-game I was playing earlier.

2. Ponytails turn me on.

1. I carry around my dead sister’s cell phone. Wanna fuck?

(If you have any you’d like to share, please leave a comment. I recommend drinking and/or pot brownies before attempting.)

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  1. I can’t believe the judge laughed when I told him about your blog.

  2. abq is that you?

  3. So I don’t want to be an Otome anymore, let’s fuck.

  4. Wow…I can’t think of any good ones.

    >Heard you were a cat girl. Wamma do it like your in heat?

    >Those pair of bells ya got are looking pretty dandy.

    That’s all I got…they would have been better but I’m sober….

  5. 10) Er… ‘Today in Class 5-2’? Kanon?
    09) Keroro Gunso
    08) Er…
    07) Higurashi
    06) Bleach
    05) 4Chan?
    04) Last Exile
    03) Various Hentai
    02) The Melody of Suzumiya Haruhi
    01) Gundam SEED Destiny
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    11) Oh my Goddess, won’t you bless me with some of your time?
    12) Go out with me! Go out with me! Go out with me!
    13) You are the Excalibur to my Avalon!
    14) Want some hand-made candy? They contain Sakura petals.
    15) You can’t make friends? Let’s be family then.
    16) Wanna go fishing at a top-secret military island?
    17) I’m a Ninja! I burn with Demonic passion for you!
    18) I wanna stroke your tailbone.
    19) Paint my love… paint my love. Sweet cousin of mine, let’s paint our love.
    20) You’re the only one for me! The rest of them are Demons, suffer from MPD, underaged, or murderous!

  6. Your name’s Nina!? Wanna call me daddy?

  7. … or if that’s too awkward you can call me Mr. Wang.

  8. its not a cellphone, i AM happy to see you.

    i overdosed on viagra, can you help burn it off?

    there’s a SEEDmode lady with a boxcutter outside looking for me…can i stay at your place?

    i wont take advantage…youll have to make the first move. (this one really works! about 80% success rate)

  9. Hey I know you! I fixed your sandals back when we were kids!

    I don’t remember dialling the Goddess Assistance Hotline…..

    If I die, I will send you email from the Afterlife.

    Want some taiyaki?

    I’d start Third Impact for you.

  10. more…

    that’s not a banana…but its just as sweet (Da Capo 2)

    you remind me of my sister…but in a good way (ChokoSis)

    i cannot lie, youre the only one for me (ZeroNT)

  11. Pff pick upline, just do option c : JAM IT IN!

  12. -I’ve fallen for you the moment I saw under your skirt.
    -It’s time for us to engage in some lower body excercises.
    -Call me Onii-chama.
    -Are you naturally green haired?
    -Did you know it’s possible for you to turn into my right hand?
    -Show me some fanservice, and I’ll buy your action figures.
    -Ever heard of bukkake?

  13. @Skane
    Pick-up line number 4 isn’t from Last Exile. It’s from One Piece.

  14. Pick up refusal line
    -I’m not interest if you’re not aliens, time travelers or espers.
    -I wont go with you seriously. First class goddess cannot tell a lie.
    -Could it be that you’re inviting me to join your meidos harem?
    -i wont go with you unless you wear an iron mask and carry iron fan.
    -i didnt have neko mimis so why’d bother me?
    -Man at least bring some MS with you to take me home.

  15. Wanna see the time together ? (for the gundam fans)

  16. Oh shoot. I got mixed up between Grand Line and Grand Stream.

    My bad.

  17. Shouldn’t it be ‘be Avalon to my Exaclibur’ if it’s a male asking?

  18. – Wanna come back to my place and show me your five minute transformation sequence?
    – If you’re feeling vicious, I could show you my Green Bird.
    – Wanna get sucked into my closed space?
    – Is that the fourth angel or are you just happy to see me?
    – Can I transmutate THAT?
    – Do you want to the host club?
    – You must be freaky, and I must be a Higurashi, because I’m buzzing for you like crazy.
    – I believe it’s time for attack. Let me put my entry plug into your Eva and fill it up with viscous fluids.

  19. 8) Poke’mon?

  20. To Bridge Bunny,

    It’s a clue to the anime I am referencing.

  21. Sorry to crash the party and be off topic, but can someone tell me what the image is from?

  22. Whoops, I meant Wanna*** on post 4.

  23. HAHAHA Nice way to throw in the Anchorman parody.

  24. The Pokemon-inpsired one I’d heard was, “I’d like to Slowpoke your Cloister, ’cause you make my Bulbasaur.”

  25. What’s sad is I get most of these.

    What’s worse is one or two might work with me.

  26. The only two I didn’t get were 9 and 10.

    -If it wasn’t for the fact that I had found out you’re my sister, I definitely would have picked you over that blue haired girl last week. Now that she’s dead from that incurable illness, how about giving it another chance?
    -Your character designer did a really good job on those thighs..
    -You know… while you’re eating that melonpan you look almost as cute as Shana.
    -I used to believe that this so called love was just a temporary confusion of the mind, a mental illness if you will. But, if our relationship required an eternity in a mental institution, I’d be there for all of time… and the next day.
    -You look hot.. do you mind if I wave my magic staff and cool you down in a way that makes you look even hotter?

    Can’t be bothered to think up anymore as they probably suck anyway. ;P

  27. >> What’s worse is one or two might work with me.


    You need to aim higher, A.

    >> Call me Onii-chama.

    OMFG. This was one of the rejects that I decided against using for 8. I’m scared now. Exact words and -chama…

    Other reject: Can you hold still for a sec? I need to zero my Louise. (Rejected for Anchorman one.)

  28. #7 wasn’t very subtle.

    Not in any order:

    – There’s a rampaging giant in my Sealed Dimension, and you’re the only one who can stop it.

    – Yes, I DO have a big gun.

    – Yes, I DO have a big sword.

    – Be careful with your Noble Phantasm. You’ve just turned a part of me to stone.

    – Mind if I stroke your tail?

    – I won’t mind if you stroke my tail.

    – I know a lot of secret jutsu that I can show you.

    – The night is still long, and you’re talking to the one who can make the impossible possible.

    – Baby, you’re the thunder stone that evolved my Pikachu.

    – Wanna shoot my B-daman?

  29. I think the goddess assistance hotline one has the best chance of actually working lol…

  30. hey, what anime/manga is that picture from?

  31. I forgot to include a classic line from Bokusatsu Tenshi!

    “People tell me that I am good at rolling around with my legs spread open.”

  32. Just wondering what that picture is from? If its from an anime or game maybe.

  33. will you actave your moon powers with me? (from a song)

  34. Sup Eruru, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

  35. – Irasshaimase. Are you ready to become my princess?


    – Become the Red Waters of my deadly harmful Spring of Love and Power.

    – I’ll bring the balls, you bring the rackets. Don’t forget the grip tape.

    – You are the spark of my ignition glove Want to dance with the flames tonight, baby?

  36. – The blade of my zanpakuto is as sharp as you, love.

    – Your body will make a good bomb, baby. I’ll make you explode tonight!

    – I’ll be right with you, babe. Once I finish arranging all these pictures of Elysia.

    – You are like a clump of wet dough. Ready to bake and bring happiness to the rest of the world.

    – I’ve brought you into my Zone without you knowing, sexy. :|

    – I’ve stolen your heart last, but why keep a heart without your body?

    – We can watch the sand dunes together, and get sand in our eyes.

    … I’ll stop now. I’m having way too much fun with this than I’m supposed to. But can anyone actually guess these?

  37. A revision of the 5th one above:

    I’ve brought your balls into my Zone, sexy. There’s nothing to lose so let’s not be careless tonight. :|

  38. i’ve dreamed with u last night… but i dont dont remember been dress. :P (if it works ur 2 lucky dude this probably be hurtying your right side of the face for a week if u try.)

    ahhh… i remember now that i see u… i was told for a fortune teller that ill find love some day…
    (who know if u arent 2 wierd)

    if u guess from where its this one uuuuuuu dude has some otkau problems…heheheheh

    “your classroom?…(wait for response) age? (WFR)
    surname? /WFT) this one probably will be “why do u ask this?” then look at her ands dont say nothing for ten seconds and say “my name is (put your name here) and im interested in u, thats what u really wanted to ask dont u? ” hehehe this might work quite well if u dont laght in the middle

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  40. Those lines are great. here’s sum of my own.
    1.)baby, I’m like a rubix cube, the more you play with me the harder I get.
    2.)If I flip this 50 cent coin, what are the chances of me getting head.
    3.)You look familiar, Have I seen you before, oh yeah, you’re my next girlfriend.
    4.)Do you have a map, I got lost in your eyes. (corny)
    5.)If I said you have a nice body, would you hold it against me.
    6.)You be the titanic, I’ll be the iceburg, and I’ll go down on you.

  41. it’s not anime related but my favorite pick up line has to be the one that pretty much gets you slapped really hard but its worth it

    “I’ll give you a nickel if you tickle my pickle.”

  42. It might be a bit late to add anything but…

    Nice Boat.

  43. So moist, warm ahhhhhhhhhh its heaven
    -heavily miscontued quote

  44. If u were a transmutation circle I’d be clapping my hands all night!

  45. Extra unaired episode~ pick me up!

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