shana novel, manga and mushishi manga licensed

Announced at San Diego Comic ConShakugan no Shana manga and novels licensed by VIZ. Mixed feeling… VIZ.. novel. Mushishi manga licensed by Del Ray. W00t! Now who will win the Haruhi sweepstakes…

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  1. What’s so bad about “VIZ+novel”? I’ve only ever read their release of the Battle Royale manga, but didn’t see anything wrong with that.

  2. Viz has an interesting track record with manga – it can turn out okay (Nana), or badly, depending on who’s doing what, IIRC. That, and slow releases.

    Del Rey, while being relatively new to the manga industry, seems pretty solid in their translations after early gaffes with Negima, with copious cultural and translation notes at the back of their books to supply North American or European readers with the extra information to understand why they translated something a certain way, or explaining a gag/joke. I don’t know who got the idea to do manga translations (their first anime-novel translation was the original Mobile Suit Gundam novels by Tomino himself back in the early 1990’s), but they haven’t done too badly.

  3. My internal mind is whooping & jumping up and down, however my wallet’s already sobbing. Oy vey.

  4. Viz did an okay job on the Innocence: after the long goodbye novel based on the Ghost in the Shell (movie) setting. It’s not like these works are great literature (though the Innocence novel is written by a prize-winning Japanese SF writer, and it shows).

  5. BANDAI won the Haruhi lot. And I’m on my toes about waiting to rush to the bookstore to get the Shana novels and manga.

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