muteki kanban musume 2

I’m enjoying this show too much. You can have your giant mecha, magical girls, bishounen twincest, and lolicons-in-training… I’ll take my invincible postergirl.

The New Characters

Kankuro, “Call Me… Catwoman!”

If you think that Megumi has an inferiority complex, Kankuro blows her away. He’s older than Miki, yet because she abused him as a kid, he decided to bulk up. After graduating from college with his new buff body, instead of getting a job or anything like that, he decides to devote himself to beating Miki. Dude needs a new hobby… like blogging.

Kankuro is like a cross between Tamama and Dororo. He has his, uh, dark side breakdowns like Tamama yet is forgotten like Dororo. Miki can’t seem to remember his name, despite the fact that they’ve each other for ages. Kankuro also has a weird habit of appending “~nya” to everything that he says. Dude needs a girlfriend.

Funniest Moments


1. Miki gets lost on her ramen delivery and takes a detour… as a relief pitcher for a little league team. Nevermind that she’s too old to be playing, her emo pitch is one for the ages. Maybe even better than Tamama’s patented Jealousy Shot. The best part though was when…


2. Kankuro pinch hits and uses his biceps as a bat. Was the price of one arm worth the home run? For Kankuro, yes.


3. Later on, coming back from her deliver, Miki and Kankuro take up opposite roles, with her pinch hitting… with her ramen carrier. I almost laughed up a lung watching her chase down Kankuro who was trying to chase down the ball and ends up breaking his other arm. Highest of high comedy.


4. During the epic densha battle, Akihiko (Grocer Store Manager/Narrator) pulls a Yakitate Japan… but that’s not the best part. The best part was who won it.


5. “She’s still within a 100 meter radius.” “It’s been ten minutes since she left! Yeah… that sound about right.”


6. The montage of Miki pwning everything in way of her ramen delivery. In the end, she pwns an UFO, and two aliens tumble out. The first alien then points to Kankuro, the second makes the universal, “No way!” sign. I think he was just spared an anal probe. Good for him.


Discussion from Episode 1

It reminds me of ARIA SD. – Crusader

Aria has emo facial contortions? I need to start watching it again…

I’d have expected you to comment on the OP persiflage of Gundam, too. – Mentar

My bad. I was too busy wondering if that was Anty-chan dancing for the title screens.

The animation is simple, but clean and consistent. So I would rank it fairly high here( for the first episode). I do not need CGI/multilayers/etc… to be impressed. So long as they maintain a standard, and stick with it, I am contented( off-hand, Suzuka and Higurashi score low here). – Skane

The animation is smooth but compared to Zero, CRS, NHK, and FLAG (are like all new shows this season abbreviations…), it’s lacking. I want my emo facial distortion in high definition, and I don’t think I’m alone.

Also, I haven’t been able to find any clean raws for this series. Had to run some noise reduction scripts to get the screenshots to look decent.

I definitely thought of Yakitate when the rival appeared (as she runs a bakery) but I wouldn’t say the show is similar. – Av4rice

I think Yakitake needed more emo facial distortions. Can you imagine Miki participating in an Iron Chef-type cooking contest… OMFG… that would be awesome. Let’s make this happen.

5 Responses to “muteki kanban musume 2”

  1. I think an /h/ meme sums it up pretty well.

  2. One of my favourite scenes was the one where Miki plows through everything, because it contains Metal Slug( a popular arcade game( and appropriately enough… both contain liberal amounts of over-the-top and senseless violence, all in good clean fun)) references( both visual and sound). Metal Slug is win. Paying homage to Metal Slug is also win. :)

    Overall favourite scene though, was the imagery of the trains and meteorite.

  3. Kankuro’s “nya” becomes unbelievably annoying very quickly. I’m not used to a non female character doing something like this.

  4. Damn!Damn!Damn!

    I am between PC’s right now so I can’t watch neither this or Zero.

    Man, this sucks…

  5. …Wait, METAL SLUG???

    I’m sold.

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