first next gen anime dvd is… air

Pony Canyon announced that they are bringing three episodes of Air to Blu-Ray… for almost 30,000 yen. That’s only about, uh, US$100 per episode.

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  1. OMFG that is ridiculous!

  2. And I thought my friend who bought all (as in all) the Yu Yu Hakusho DVD’s was stupid.

  3. I can’t read Japanese. Is there something like 500 hours of behind the scenes footage and deleted scenes? Is Tori no Uta sung in 23 different languages? Did they include “special” scenes with the purple haired dude and Misuzu? There has to be more than just three episodes.

  4. Unless this version of Air includes all the music, and various things to fill up the 50GB of space this provides.. well, it looks like a waste.

  5. Okay, just visited the site. It’s a 3-disc collection, all 12 eps of the main story, plus the recap ep, on top of which they’re throwing in cast interviews and the like on a third disc. So they -are- including all the music…

  6. From the given link:

    株式会社ポニーキャニオンは、テレビアニメ「AIR」をBlu-ray Discで11月1日に発売する。本編12話と特別編2話を全て収録したBlu-ray Disc BOXとなっており、価格は29,800円。初回限定生産となっており、発売元はTBS/翼人伝承会。

    I suppose it means the 30k yen AIR box set contains all the episodes. In other words, each episode costs about 2100 yen. Considering that a standard 2-episode R2JP DVD can easily cost over 5000 yen, the price isn’t really that bad.

  7. The first paragraph in the link states that 29,800yen gets you the entire series (12 episodes + 2 special episodes). It also comes with another disc with extras.

  8. Ah, now that makes more sense.

  9. >>US$100 per episode.

    More like US$100 per disc.

  10. Damn you’re right… 12 episodes. This is what happens when you try to translate when you’re suffering from a heatstroke.

  11. Yay for AIR~

    Wonder if it’s worth it though, I already have the whole series on DVD…

  12. Well for poorly paid fence sitters like me I are still waiting to see the final result fo this format war. While Blu-ray seems to have an edge in quality HD may yet be the cheaper format, and we all know who won the video cassete format war. I highly suspect whichever is adopted by a certian industry will be the winner. As it stands the cost in getting the needed hardware is too great add to the fact that this format war has yet begun makes me less inclined.

    I do however encourage whoever decides to bank roll the AIR blu-ray grab post pictures. $100 USD per ep would have doomed them, good to see that even Lord Miao is still a mere mortal that makes the occasional mistake.

  13. Yeah – and with the extras they’re talking about, it doesn’t look like a complete ripoff – and it’ll even be a reasonable price, for the most part, at least compared to other Blu-Ray products.

  14. Just wait until Games come out for the ps3…aint going to be 69.99 CAD but more like 89-99 dollars CAD. Anyway thats pretty good plus being 50GB is massive and that costs some good amount of work to make them. I wouldnt mind buying it. Dont worry Jason heh everyone can miss the boat sometimes dont hit yourself ;).


  15. Now if only they’d release things in uncompressed format like in the LD days to fill that 50GB then I might seriously jump for it. Well, the audio can stay compressed, but I would love someone to release something in uncompressed video. I’d be willing to take fewer episodes per disk for that.

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