muteki kanban musume 3

Miki meets her match.

New Characters

Toshiyuki, Demon Dog

Most. Vicious. Dog. Ever. I think he’d wipe the floor with KKM‘s Blue Maru. He openly frustrates Miki and got into her head. I’m startled. It’s like seeing Freedom go down in flames. I thought Miki was invincible. Anyway, loved how Toshiyuki got the o_o;; face when he saw Miki’s mom pwn her. He knows who the real boss is.

Funniest Moments


1. It’s like Higurashi… Miki tries to deliver the ramen, only Toshiyuki foils her… so she has to reboot (incurring the wrath of her mom)… she keeps trying each time, but the ramen never gets delivered.


2. Megumi’s plan to screw up Miki’s almost successful ramen deliver attempt, only Miki foils her. That must be what it feels like to be outsmarted by Double-U Bush.


3. Miki’s tongue grab. I want to see the Crocodile Hunter try that!


4. Akihiko getting too into his Star Ranger program (dangerous otaku levels reached) and forming a team consisting of Kankuro, Megumi, Miki, and Loli. I immediately dub them the Star Ranger SOS Brigade. I was hoping that they’d draw straws with an emo Miki yelling at Kankuro and Akihiko “yaoi anime ja nai!” That would have been for the best.


5. “Star Ranger… jai nai… ?!?” “Whachatalkinaboutwillis?”


12 Responses to “muteki kanban musume 3”

  1. i am so…so tempted to get this show.

    that’s it, dropping Tsuyokiss right now!

    BT here i come!

  2. After watching this show, i have somehow contracted ADHD.

  3. lol i love this show, but i swear if I hear whats-his-name say ~nya one more time i’m going to shoot my tv.

  4. Haha! A man should never say nya!

  5. I am disappointed by Megumi, because I subconsciously assigned her a higher level of intelligence. The comparison with deranged leftists is quite clever, I give you that. But it only serves to put Megumi further down, as she wastes the credits she earned with her exposition story (the only about the parakreet).

    One moment was strangely out of place: when Kankuro saw Akihiko’s determination shining through. Humor of the show was suddenly suspended. It was weird. Foreshadowing? Remember, there’s that girl with the strange staff from the OP… It’s as if they prepare for a sudden turn.

  6. Looks more like a croquet mallet to me.

    And I don’t see how this show could take a serious turn. Even if they had to band together to stop red-eyed-croquet-girl from destroying the world, or making delicious ramen-in-a-bread-bowl that would put everyone out of business, or beating up Miki and making her rivals feel inferior… I’m sure it would still be with the same madcap style.

  7. Just made it thru ep 3…

    The first time a saw the screenshots of Muteki Kanban Musume, I tought it was going to be like this: plotless fun!

    I really don’t care if a show doesn’t have a great, deep storyline as long as it is fun.

    And yes, Kankuro’s ‘nya’ is getting on my nerves…ugh…

  8. Excel Saga tried to make a turn around ep.22 or so, with the real treachery and stuff. This is a kind of trick I expect.

  9. Twas amusing how Akihiko kept pseudo-breaking the fourth wall.

  10. kinda makes me cry that this gets blogged over the left field wonder that is Coyote Ragtime Show. What’s not to like? It makes terrific references to a great many anime and genres from cowboy bebop to Nausicaa. Hop on the bandwagon!

  11. I really, really want to like Coyote Ragtime Show. I love ufotable’s work and I love that genre of anime but CRS just comes off as so weak. Writing continually comes off as flat and the pacing allows for no leadup. I’m sure they’re holding back on a lot of things on purpose (to be mysterious or something) but it just comes off as sloppy, like they don’t really know what the answer is a la Destiny Project.

  12. Evaluating genre in a vacuum I prefer serious dramas to comedies, but a drama needs to be good for me to like it, but I’m easily entertained by slapstick and weird characters. So while I’ll prefer an above-average dramatic anime to even the best comedies (say, Fumoffu), I’ll prefer something like MKM to an average drama easily.

    I guess to explain it in visual terms… on a chart with enjoyment on the y-axis and quality on the x-axis, a line for dramas would stay low for most of the chart but jump to great heights for large x-values, whereas the line for comedies would probably be pretty close to straight.

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