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I guess the most pressing topic of the day is that finally an h-game turned anime does the right thing and tosses up a threesome. (Of course, I applaud any type of cheating that produces such an outcome.) Loved Oboro’s “Uh, I think I had fun last night” line while the twins were giggling in the background. Just makes me hate Oboro even more. I think it also settles the question of Dori and Gura’s gender… and honestly, I’ve been more interested in trying to figure out their gender than I have been in figuring out Oyashiro-sama. My Oharuhi-sama… they need to make an OVA, “Dori and Gura’s night with Oboro”… I think that would justify $100 an episode on Blu-Ray.

Of course, Dori and Gura are losing to Benawi in the Utawarerumono harem poll. Touka and Karura are neck-to-neck for the lead… does Touka’s kawaiigasm further push her above Karurua? Does Eruru earn points for her endless tail wagging when being complimented by Hakuoro? Do I need to add yet another name to the poll to accomodate yet another member in the Hakuoro fan club?


Next up would be this Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 4koma. Yes, I’m having blogging withdrawals from not tossing up a Haruhi post on a Tuesday. I’m working my way through the twelve-step rehab program.


Speaking of blogging withdrawals, I’m glad I’m not suffering from meido withdrawal. At least the introduction of Siesta has kept the streak of awesome new meido in new series intact– Wilhelmina kicked it off followed by Mikuru, Mad Dog, and now Siesta. I hope the streak enjoys a Cal Ripken-like run.


Speaking of Siesta… Zero no Tsukaima‘s First Kiss came out today.

I’ll take, “Things that are frickin’ awesome” for $2000, Alex!

And, finally… God Knows Haruhi has usurped the Dynamite Natsumi PVC as #1 on my most wanted list. Anyone who can help me track one down gets a prize.

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  1. I was wondering if we will really get to know the gender of the twins……(well, it is male in the game, but for the anime… now I’m doubting myself)

  2. They’re still male! YAOI FTW!!!

  3. This happened to in the game

  4. Someone get me a figurine of THAT last Haruhi there. Forget Jason. ;)

  5. Holy! That’s an awesome haruhi figure… I wonder if that would be better or witch hat Yuki… either way if you track it down, let us all know!

  6. With regard to Dori and Gura, their androgyny is part of what defines them as characters. The fact that they’re actually male is a fun gag – a gag the anime series has continually played with (the above shot being a prime example). If the TV series suddenly decided to change their gender, it would kill the gag. What’s the point in doing that?

    It’s strange that so many people insist on them being female when the only available hard evidence (their gender as revealed in the game) is to the contrary. If someone didn’t already know that information, it’d be reasonable to be confused (once again, that’s the point). But for those who know the truth behind their gender?

    Then again, I haven’t been lusting after the twins all this time…

  7. Jason:

    It may be handmade. In which case, the person who did this is truly an artist.

  8. Oh, and by the way…

    I think it also settles the question of Dori and Gura’s gender…

    Nice dodge. :)

  9. – apparently the same artist, doing Rozen Maiden. The detail on the eyes is incredible.

  10. Jeff: I think the question now is “What is Oboro’s preference?”

  11. Where’s the Yuki Witch figurine?

  12. OMG! NICE ONE OBORO! Hah! It seems my faith in the twins have not been in vain! TAKE THAT MUAHAHAHA!

    I am so buying that Haruhi God Knows Figurine.

  13. The Utawarerumono poll is causing me to chew my nails in nail-biting anticipation/hope that Touka will win. Everytime Karura overtakes Touka, my heart does a screaming backflip, then settles down when Touka takes the lead again.

  14. I think the fact that its twins offsets any “bridget”ness it might have. It would for me.

  15. Everytime Touka overtakes Karura, my heart does a screaming backflip, then settles down when Karura takes the lead again.

    There you go, I fixed it for you.

    You can thank me later.

  16. If that Haruhi PVC figure is homemade …. are there instructions sculpting PVC? Are there places I can buy a brick of PVC and whittle it down?

  17. I didn’t realize there were any debate on the archers genders….? I assume they were girls never doubting it. Weird..

  18. Yes Jason, you do need a new poll.

    I am usually not tempted to buy these figurines but I am very tempted to buy the Haruhi one. The question of course is where do i put it that won’t make look even wierder to the rest of my familiy.

  19. We don’t need an Omni/Jason join venture on the gender.
    You know, so that’s enough.

  20. it depresses me that that figure is homemade.

  21. Sadly, the picture doesn’t show enough to confirm the gender of the twins, or the preference of Oboro.

    As for Touka, her kawaiigasm certainly earned points for me. Unfortunately, Karura is still my pick. Don’t argue with the melon-pan!

  22. Kawiigasm is the best word ever.

  23. “もう我慢できないの” is probably also an accurate comment for the second picture as well.

  24. Oboro’s true love is obviously Hakuoro. “Aniki! Aniki!”

  25. I was hoping for something more dignified like a caveman drag of Kyon, mating dance, or forcibly giving Mikuru a make over. I guess we have to start somewhere.

    How many are there and where can I get one? Should these relics never reach the shores of the United States I have a modest proposal for you Lord Miao.

    Since you are in the bay area, I have license to put stuff on military cargo planes, and Travis AFB, the home base of the only C-5 wing on the west coast, is but a paltry distance away; would you agree to an off the record MAC flight to Yokohama for the purpose of bringing back examples of Haruhi-sama with an undisclosed musical instrument? I am sure I can provide you a decent ride in a M113 (no keys needed) until you can make way to the section 1675 for more comfortable seating, kitchen, and a flushing toilet (Join the Air Force a life of luxury awaits). Did I mention that section 1675 is isolated from the flight crew? They won’t even know your there. >_>

    I’ll add in a disguise and pellet gun that actually looks like an M-4 with rail system so you can cut to the front of any line. Non-lethal, but great for flushing out zeroes hiding in the brush.

  26. if that haruhi fig is handmade… i wonder if it will be sold at the next wonderfest… then you could at least try and buy it off of (if your daring)… they usually have those types of things for auction on there… just have to know how to get it across the sea over here first :D

  27. Reading that blog, it seems as if the Haruhi figure is an uncolored resin cast kit which will be sold at WonderFest Summer 2006, which is in 2 weeks (I think). It will be a run of 200 at 12000 yen each. Appearantly he originally wasn’t going to release it…

  28. Mellow RG Says:
    July 25th, 2006 at 10:38:47 PM
    This happened to in the game

    they made yaoi threesom love in the game too?!

  29. Jason, you have to hurry man… if you want kami-haruhi on that outfit

    >>Know you’re all tired of seeing this, but:

    Apparently there will be a run of 200 unpainted resin cast kits available at WonderFest Summer 2006 next month for 12000 yen each.

  30. The price of the resin kit has risen. The way I see it? BUBBA( or whatever alias the sculptor and his team goes by) just broke the laws of Alchemy and turned resin into Gold.

    26,500yen and rising…


  31. >> (Seller will not ship internationally.)

    Guy just passed up a 50k yen bid.

  32. There are always 3rd-Party buyers to help you with that, Jason. :) My main hobby is ZOIDS, and most of the models I want are sold in Japan only.

    For me and my fellow collectors, we usually rely on Abidko for our bidding needs.

    It will be interesting to see what the final bid is for the resin kit… It is currently at 28,500yen but it will be the final hour that counts the most.


  33. 30,500yen and rising. :p

    A second piece has been released on JYA.

    18,500yen and most likely rising


  34. Woah-ho… looks like a 50k bid would not have sufficed…

    61,000yen and counting! Will it meet expectations that it will hit 100,000yen? Last ten minutes, with possible extra time. ;)

  35. Auction just closed. :) 61,000yen is the winning bid.

  36. Maybe I shouldn’t have splurged on th Grimrock mix of Ayanami+Asuka… :(

  37. Link to eBay auction

    (fixed link -jason)

  38. For all of you fanboys who are raving about how you are soo gonna get that Haruhi model I have news for you. That particular model is not for sale. It is a garage kit painted and assembled by the famous Bubba. You can buy the resin kit if you have an agent or friend in Japan, but resin kits are not painted nor are they assembled. This model will be going into mass production. Bubba has already made two others of it’s kidn but the detail is not nearly as good. It still surpasses most other figures [the fishnet is still real but there is not as much shading and highlights. However, there will only be at most 200 painted figures so they will be extremely rare in Japan, and unavailable in the US if you have no connections. At e2046 they may be selling some painted and ready to go but it depends whether or not they host the product. The best you can do for this is register and add the item to your wishlist. They won’t host the product if there isn’t a high enough demand. e2046 is not official or authorized. In other words it’s in a sense pirated and doesn’t use copyrights.
    You can register and add to wishlist here.

  39. Is there some crackpot that I’m missing out on? Was US$500 deemed not enough? Is there really a man out there, WILLING to pay 341,000yen for the Bunnygirl Haruhi resin figurine kit?

    Granted, it is a completed set, with metallic jazz and fishnets and all that stuff, BUT 341,000yen?!?!

    A supplementary link that showcases the painting of the kit step by step.

  40. base on the link 1st picture…
    it seems like the kits doesn’t have the fishnet…
    do we have to made it ourself????

  41. NICE pretty NICE figure! Maybe I’ll get it, maybe not, who knows!. Is it really certain that they will be selling 200 copies of the kit in Wonder Fest Summer 2006?. I am living in Japan now and I might go there to check it out!. Man the problem is that I am sure they will be like 200 people already ahead of me, heck even some camp outside hours before the fest opens, only to get the best figures!!!. Umm.. should I go or not?….Will Bubba really make some mass produced ones later on?. I guess I will have to assemble it and paint it myself, right?. Gush!!! Why are you soo popular Haruhi!!!?, hehehe

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