tatarigoroshi chapter 4

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is out. K1 is a God amongst men. He out Madarames Madarame.

“No! What yo like is multicolored, creamy, cute desserts! You like them because they remind you of pure, unsullied girls dressed in frills and lace. Eating those desserts… it’s like those girls are being defiled by you, you pimply, nakedly-greedy sports player! Chomp, chomp, munch, munch! That’s right! You don’t just enjoy desserts, you defile them, violate them, suck on them! And you enjoy defiling them!” – K1 Maebara

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  1. Hmm… suddenly the link between my affections for frozen desserts and very cool-mannered characters becomes obvious.

  2. So what kind of dessert is a fan of contracted-eye-pupils and screaming psychos suppose to like then?

    I like strawberries and chocolate mostly, when it comes to dessert. I am stumped in my attempt to link them to a love of psychotism.

  3. Death by Chocolate?

  4. a good example for:

    manga k1 > game k1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anime k1

  5. lol , anime k1 sucks

  6. That would be because of his AT Field barring him from all his harem girls.

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