ケロロ軍曹 120

One hundred and two episodes later, she’s back. And she brought a friend.


Dynamite Natsumi returns to escort the kiddies to the beach, but unlike last time, she isn’t inflicted with the bad joke side effect. Also, Momoka has secretly planned a concurrent trip at the same time… I guess if Momoka and Paul went along originally, it would have pre-empted the use of Dynamite Natsumi, which would have been a bummer. So I appauld this seemingly minor plot point. Anyway, they’re even at the same beach as last time… with a similar competition another rare plastic model kit… only this time, it’s the guys who get to show a little skin.

(If it weren’t for Dynamite Natsumi, I’d be clawing my eyes out right now.)

Since 623 likes the model kits, 723 decides to enlist her little brother to win it for her… normally, Fuyuki would have zero chance, but Koyuki also wants 723 to win, so she forces Dororo to help him. Not only that, Momoka tosses Paul into the competition as well to help out Fuyuki. Keroro, Giroro, and Tamama as well as 556 decide to enter too– all for the wrong reasons.

(As a quickie name primer, the Hinata family is named after seasons, so occasionally you’ll see stuff like “Autumn” on Aki’s shirts or “Winter” on Fuyuki’s door. Natsumi, of course, is summer. But Natsumi is also code– Na-Tsu-Mi… the first sounds of which break down into the same for 723, hence why she’s also referred to as 723. Same with Mu-Tsu-Mi (623) and Go-Go-Ro (556). Just more Mine Yoshizaki genius. Can you imagine if Mine Yoshizaki ever collaborated on an anime series with Kyoto Animation? Wouldn’t that be like the 1992 Dream Team? I’m off-topic again…)


(Still… must resist urge to claw out eyes…)

With Paul’s help, Fuyuki puts up one heck of a fight against Keroro, but, well, if you can’t figure out who the winner is by now, you haven’t watched enough Keroro Gunso.

The b-side has Kururu’s become-an-adult ray accidentily hitting Momoka, and, uh, she looks… bigger… than Natsumi… and Momoka is conflicted about her suddenly superior body. Does she use it to seduce Fuyuki? Or is she too shy to even been seen by anyone?


(Fuyuki! Don’t pass this up! Nevermind that she’s suffering from major MPD and will probably cut off your balls if you even look at another woman.)

Meanwhile, we’re introduced to the metrosexual playboy alien who may have looked like a ladies man if this where the 1980s… instead, he looks pretty gay to me. The alien ends up hitting on normal Natsumi (why’d she revert back!?! I’m bummed…) who gets bailed out by Giroro. Eventually, the metrosexual alien hits Momoka who has been evading Fuyuki like how I evade Lemon Angel Project. Dude doesn’t use any pick up lines… he just stands in front of girls and collides with them and shoots muscle-numbing eye beams at them. (Why haven’t I thought of this before!?! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!) Since she’s, uh, grown significantly, no one recognizes her and saves her… even Paul runs past her. Just about when the alien is about to have his way with her, Fuyuki shows up… and if you can’t guess the rest, you haven’t watched enough Keroro Gunso.

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UP Dynamite Natsumi returns… only surpassed by Powered Natsumi, who hasn’t show up since episode 82. OTL.

(And the movie, which I haven’t seen yet. OTL.)


UP All Woman Momoka… she’s rich… she’s going to become a Natsumi-class talent… she likes you… Fuyuki! What are you waiting for?!? Toss in Cowering Momoka as well as that running sequence? Intense.


DOWN 556… my least favorite Keroro character. I got old of his Kamen Rider-ish act like 70 episodes ago. Though I admit I did laugh when Keroro opened the plastic model box, saw it had chopsticks instead, then the superimposed voice of 556 going, “Thanks for the meal!”


UP Enjoying the beach in a normal fashion… love the various ways the gang enjoy the beach, like how Angol Mois (who needs to be hit next with the become-an-adult ray) rubs lotion on Keroro only to have Tamama turn into a black cloud of jealousy right next to them or how Kururu is having fun iwth his camera or how Momoka’s “spot” on the beach is flanked by armed soldiers, battleships, and F-14 fly-bys.


UP Paul… didn’t Natsumi lose to Keroro swimming earlier? And Paul completely pwns him with Fuyuki on his back? My Oyashiro-sama… I want to see a pay-per-view steel cage match between him and Mad Dog Meido now. Or maybe even a butler three-way heavyweight championship between Paul, Walter, and Hayate.


DOWN Episode 121… I’m approaching it like trying to predict what Bernanke will do with interest rates… cautious, but I’m worried. I’m not sure what to make of it.

11 Responses to “ケロロ軍曹 120”

  1. >>556… my least favorite Keroro character.

    Apparently, the narrator isn’t too fond of him either. Though the biased narrator’s part of the reason why I love the show so much.


    …and yes, we need more Powered Natsumi for the win.

    @Xeifa: Yeah, a lot of times a boring episode is quite spiced up by the godawesome narrator, which I must say, he must one of the most underrated part of Keroro Gunsou…

    As for All Woman Momoka…. I’m imagining what a 3-so… err… I mean, dayto with both of them would be like.

    … shoujiki…tamarimasen… sono kakkou..

  3. Unlike some other long-running series, I hope Keroro Gunsou never ends!
    Dynamite 723 4eva!

    Request: Dynamite AND Powered Natsumi please!

  4. Is this ever going to be licensed?

  5. Jace Jace Jace… the last time we saw Powered Natsume was the rival arc in the early 100s. :-p

  6. Dynamite Momoka first appeared in the extras on the Volume 6 listings, IIRC, as a result of the adult-ray. And boy, she has little to worry about when it comes to her figure; yes, she can’t compete with Natsumi right NOW.. but later on, she definitely competes. And then some.

    You forgot to mention that she’s also rich, which is one more reason Fuyuki may want to hook up with her, should he intend to continue his search for the occult; she can fund him, and apparently the Nishizawa corporation has a lot of intel, since they weren’t really surprised by the aliens in the manga OR the anime.

    We could use an All-Woman Angol Mois/Koyuki match next, however. :D

  7. Never thought I’d see another anime blog making a passing reference to the Federal Reserve. And here I was foolishly thinking that was the one thing that would make my blog unique ;)

    If I was Fuyuki I’d run as fast as I could from Momoka–with her split personality she keeps alternating between doormat and psychopath, and I wouldn’t want to live with either. Not to mention when Dark Momoka goes through menopause he’d be a dead man.

  8. >> Jace Jace Jace… the last time we saw Powered Natsume was the rival arc in the early 100s. :-p

    I’m telling you, this heatwave is doing nothing for my blogging.

    >> Never thought I’d see another anime blog making a passing reference to the Federal Reserve.

    You’re talking about someone who devoted 2,500 words to a post with an A-Team theme.

  9. >> I’m telling you, this heatwave is doing nothing for my blogging.

    It’s fine. I’m a copy editor, I live to nitpick details. :-p

  10. woah this rox but i still dont understand how natsumi and gogoro change to numbers help

  11. Mmm. More All Woman Momoka. FINALLY subbed.

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