muteki kanban musume 4

Saigo no ramen.

New Characters

Kayahara-sensei, Omega Teacher of the Year

Just when I think that they can’t introduce a character more over-the-top than the current all-star cast, Muteki Kanban Musume drops in Kayahara-sensei who nudges the facial contortion scale to new heights. Everytime they show her scary smile, I end up collapsed in a heap of laughter on the floor. She seems so… lethargic. I love the juxaposition between Satoko-mode Kayahara and Ramen-mode Kayahara. (I’m just going to refer to her as “Sensei” from now on since the girls call her that.)

Also, I noticed that she doesn’t go into her scary face mode during Megumi’s story… it’s like they animators got lazy and just decided to draw her chibi the whole time. I felt cheated.

Funniest Moments


1. When Miki and Akihiko were trying to help improve Kayahara’s demeanor, they ask her to smile. She’s no LOL FANG-TAN.


2. Megumi pwning the voodoo doll (did she pull the red string already?) and Sensei drops from the trees scaring the crap out of her. That’s another reason why she’ll never beat Miki– Miki doesn’t run from challenges– she embraces them.


3. Miki’s face after Akihito reveals that he was bullied in high school… kids, seriously, you don’t want to turn out like Akihito or Nyu-nyu after high school do you? Stick up for yourselves! Look at what bullies have done to these two previously mentally stable men.


4. After Sensei eats her ramen and turns into something more kawaii, Miki goes, “What the? What kind of atmosphere is this now? I don’t really understand, but this kind of atmosphere isn’t something I can’t handle.” Reminds me of Shuffle when Kaede whips out her boxcutters. The complete opposite of that. If only Kaede whipped them out in episode 2 maybe Shuffle could have become a topless version of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. OTL.

On-topic, can you imagine and episode where some guy confesses to Miki? What would her response be? Would it cause closed space to form and destroy the world? I need to know these things.


5. Megumi trying to get Sensei to curse Miki, only Miki turns the tables on her. Megumi just can’t win. Megumi is the Washington Generals to Miki’s Harem Globetrotters.


6. Every scene involving Miki having fun with the poor delinquent. Can you imagine Miki as a teacher trying to handle a classroom of delinquents like Onizuka? In fact, let’s make this happen. (Though isn’t Miki a high school student herself… ? Didn’t they call her one back in the first episode?)

Episode 3 Discussion


Haha! A man should never say nya! – golthin

My theory is that Kankuro has been so beated into a pulp by Miki that he has regressed into a lower life form. In other words, it’s the equivalent of Mike Tyson taking too many blows to the head for an extended period of time.

I really don’t care if a show doesn’t have a great, deep storyline as long as it is fun. – Nemo_N

I don’t think watching anime should be a chore. If watching something isn’t fun, stop watching it… I never understood people who say stuff like, “Hey, it gets better after episode 20!”… why would anyone subject themselves to ten hours of crap for a few hours of not-crap? Then again, I watched all 26 episodes of Mai Otome, so I shouldn’t be talking.

Excel Saga tried to make a turn around ep.22 or so, with the real treachery and stuff. This is a kind of trick I expect. – Pete Zaitcev

Except MKM is only 12 episodes long. I kinda don’t want this series to have a plot beyond “Miki has to make some ramen delivery.”

kinda makes me cry that this gets blogged over the left field wonder that is Coyote Ragtime Show. What’s not to like? It makes terrific references to a great many anime and genres from cowboy bebop to Nausicaa. Hop on the bandwagon! – Sieg

I refuse to watch any anime where a supposedly l33t android sniper can’t hit a semi-stationary target form like 10 feet. Someone launch the website…

After watching this show, i have somehow contracted ADHD. – SH

Mark of a great anime. My smile is now all-teeth. :)



I’m guessing that it’s sweeps week in Japan right now.

(Weird how both episodes aired within 48 hours of each other.)

9 Responses to “muteki kanban musume 4”

  1. You didn’t mention Miki’s flying kick nor the Grocer guy (forgot his name) graffiti skills!

    >>>On-topic, can you imagine an episode where some guy confesses to Miki?

    I am hoping for this too!

    Anyway, Toshiyuki comes back next episode!

  2. Kayahara is great, but as usual I got the biggest kick out of the grocery guy’s ‘serious face’ at around 2:39.

    My questions are:

    1) Will Kayahara recur?
    2) Is she also some sort of random-martial-arts specialist? Swatting the darts out of the air in the last scene was pretty slick, but MKM seems like it has one of those settings where anybody who’s has at least a little martial competence.

  3. Coyote Ragtime died after episode 1. “Come for the 12 android sisters, a cop with big boobs, and some india ditzy indian girl; but stay for the quadruple sausage fest and angsty loli girl who is not cute at all”. Yeah, like we care at all for their stupid treasure hunt.

  4. Love the smile that only shows teeth! ^_^

  5. I know i’ve seen that grin before, i know! crazy harry from futakoi alternative!

  6. MKM 4 was just painful, due to Megumi’s utter suckage. This is what I get for playing favourites too early.

  7. I think that rooting for anybody other than Miki’s mom in this is going to lead to disappointment on some level or another.

  8. One thing that I only caught on review of this episode was that Kayahara-sensei actually split Megumi’s last skewer trio with her letter of resignation that she flashed earlier! I originally thought she picked up a piece of the ramen carrier or something like that but splitting some sharpened wood with a fold of paper head-on is pretty hot.

    … maybe it’s just me…


  9. By the way, Jason – you probably should know this from watching Jigoku Shoujo, but the ‘nailing a straw doll to the tree’ thing is a traditional Japanese method of cursing a person. Enma Ai’s method (pulling the red string) is just a faster way of doing things… with a heavier price for convenience. ;) You should remember a girl doing the same thing during the ‘schoolgirl’ ep.

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