karura has arrived

More proof that Eruru is just a wet blanket.


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  1. Those Karura votes better be going up…

  2. Glad to see that the anime hasn’t lost the spirit of the game.

  3. More importantly, Urutorii finally charged up long enough to attack. Her next attack will probably be in the final episode.

  4. I’d love to see Eruru’s face upon the scene displayed in the last shot.

    >> Glad to see that the anime hasn’t lost the spirit of the game.

    Are we finally seeing a h-game adaptation done right? I am hoping so while watching Utawarerumono. It is looking to be doing it good so far.

  5. A good way to brush off the twins issue last episode, go Karura!

  6. Is that her tribe’s traditional i-want-you-to-undress-me-now outfit? Niiiiiiice!


  8. Ah! Touka better do something fast because right now Karura is the queen of this show. I love how overprotective Karura and Touka are of him, it showed during the dinner. one checking the food and another making sure people knock when they come in. :)

  9. YES! YES! YES!…


  10. Hawt. Like, hawtest.
    Poor li’l Eru..

  11. “………..” (O.O)


    OMG, such hawtness… Karura is so agressive, so strong and powerful, yet so friendly, smart, gentle and beautifully sexy.

    SHE IS MINE!!!! (oVo)

  12. Touka needs a few more Kawaiigasms to sway my view.

  13. Comparing her to Tenchi’s Ryoko, Karura’s lightyears ahead of her counterpart. This is a very strong eppy in Karura’s favor and not just for the fanservice she provided (Karurainbikinilingerie…orz).

    Although…what would have happened if Karura got ‘too excited’ during the … ah, ‘activities’? She could easily kill Hakoro if she isn’t careful and in more ways than one. XD

  14. Wow! the votes for Karura keep piling up :)

  15. karura’s a cheater. She clearly wants Hakuoro and plans to trade sex to get hakuoro to help her country so it’s win-win for her

    which makes her all the cuter in my eyes l0l

  16. I suspect the Karura votes are going to topple the Touka votes very soon. Go, go, go!

  17. Mucho points to Touka for that super fast reaction during the night meeting with that old man. Where can I get a bodyguard like that?!

  18. Bleh! Karura! Show Touka who is the real boss!

  19. Ereru was so very cute and nice but… is there any way I can change my vote to Karura now?

  20. karura
    You Have Voted For This Choice – karura -> 27% (228 Votes) 27%

    touka -> 27% (227 Votes) 27%


  21. Sigh… once again proving that sex sells. :( My support will always be to Touka and her exquisite elegance in combat, as opposed to Karura’s grandiose brutality.

  22. Don’t go throwing around the sex accusation so freely, Karura’s not the only girl who forced herself on Hakuoro…

  23. Well, at this point of the anime, Karura is the only one.

  24. skane, touka is also quite dumb you know

  25. Thus far in the anime, Touka has only shown that she can be quite paranoid. Dumb is not a word I would use to describe her.

  26. well.. not as dumb as oboro

  27. OMG.. I thought they were going to make the anime without references to those scenes in the eroge, but wow.. Karura ftw!

  28. Damn this seem like a fun episode. I still got a few episodes to catch up. Ima better start right now!

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