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(I realized that I haven’t had a killer loli poll yet… situation remedied! And grats to Carrier for barely beating out Dark Templar in the previous poll thanks to a little rigging.)


(Siesta is the correct choice. Siesta is the only choice.)


(Yes, this is how you promote a “mystery/horror” series… *rolls eyes*)

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  1. Actually, that Higurashi poster is horrifying.

    Horrifyingly badly drawn. What the hell happened to Rena’s hips?

  2. Boo to rigging! :Þ

  3. In any case, in recognition of the new poll, I pledge support to Rena Ryuuguu and deliver the following images for fellow Rena-fans.

    From Danbooru
    Also from Danbooru


  4. The Haruhi and Shana works are nice. Same for the AMG! one, but having seen a bajillion of similar works makes it feel more “typical”.

    The Siesta/Louise art w1ns my internet. Wow, just wow… What’s with those yellow/orange stripes? Can’t afford a proper backround?
    I really like the Eri art. Boy those pillows are detailed!

    Higurashi => geh.

  5. Too bad that they don’t have the utawarerumono gang in swim suits. I don’t think it would go well with the setting of the story. XP

    ” (Yes, this is how you promote a “mystery/horror” series… *rolls eyes*) ”

    Of course it is! Inside that inflatable thing is the dead body of Keiichi!!!

    And that bottle Satoko is holding is actually poison that she put in Mion’s ice cream!! D: Thats why she’s freaking out!

  6. Well~ Wonder where these scans are from? Any idea?

  7. I don’t recognize the blond in the black bikini on the porch chair…

  8. Symmetry:

    That would be Sawachika Eri from School Rumble. ^^

  9. I suck at image editing. Would anybody be kind enough to make a better version of the following? So long as Louise is edited out, I’m fine with it.



  10. For some reason I suddenly want to watch more Zero no Tsukaima…

  11. I think the striped yellow background in the Siesta/Louise scan is a portable changing room.

    The Higurashi scan is still pretty scary on its own, with Satoko’s ganguro-ish look and Rena’s La Grand Odalisque hips.

    Wasn’t there a Yuki/Haruhi in swimsuits scan on the back of Mikuru/LOL-FANG scan? Don’t deny us our indispensible silent-type character! :(

  12. For Fat Cat Lim,



  13. That’s why Tsuruya should have been in the Lone Island Episode!

    BTW, according to, Volume 2 (DVD) of Haruhi will include “scenes cut from the original TV broadcast”; the eps are the baseball game and SHnY 4.

    If the extra scenes include Nurse Mikuru panty shots, I’m in. :)

  14. correction: that’s SHnY 3


  15. Rena has GIGANTIC thighs for such a small body. It’s really creepy.

  16. >> If the extra scenes include Nurse Mikuru panty shots, I’m in.

    Haruhi DVD 00’s “extra” scene:

    I suspect just random stuff they cut for time.

  17. Satoko’s “niinii” bikini is priceless.

  18. For the poll…HOW COME NO ONE IS VOTING SATOKO!?!?!?

    Sorry, had to get that out.

  19. Skane:

    I think I did a slightly better job than you did… Feel free to drop any background you might wish now. :) The image is still quite large though.

  20. Woooo!

    Thank thee very muchly, Myssa Rei.

    Cheers for that.

  21. Mikuru & LOL-Fang Tan! :D

  22. The Emmanuelle spoof (Eri sit on a rattan chair) is quite funny.

  23. Just to answer someone’s question in the comments, I’m pretty positive all these images come from the newest Megami magazine v.76 Sept ’06.

  24. I wont be happy unless Mion or Shion win~!

    Anyways, thanks for the nice scans. Tsuruya is love~ And it’s nice to see a good picture of Shana… kaaii~

    The Higurashi poster would be really nice if they redid Satoko, fixed Rena’s butt, and fixed some proportions on everyone. Feet that small? o__o

  25. Fapping in a worksafe–wait, this isn’t worksafe?!? OHSHI-

  26. A pure Bell….allrihgt but there are a lot more beautifull clean pics of Bell out there u know!

  27. How the hell did Mion come from the bottom and beat Shion? Did you guys get the two mixed up in the anime or something!?

  28. if i was a toon i would be in there doing each one of em :D drool

  29. Cute Pics! ^^

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