Move over, Man-Faye… you have a competitor. More painful than ripping out three fingernails. (BTW, I think you need to seriously re-examine your life if you’re male and feel compelled to cosplay a hawt female anime character without having a sex change planned in the next 52 weeks. I feel strongly about this.)

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  1. Oh the horror! The HORROR!

    I blame this whole trend with the Sailor Moon Stunt Doubles.

  2. Damn! What are we going…
    Dunno… but is fun to think about it…

    Damn it! I’m talking to myself…

  3. *hits head against the wall*

  4. my eyes, they burn…..

  5. Forget the fingernail machine. I think I need that nail in the joints thing to happen to me after watching that.

  6. O_O

    ….. >_

  7. That was just sad.

  8. Hah!, that boy doesn’t hold a candle to MAN-faye!!!!

  9. On the one hand I am horribly offended by this, but on the other maybe trans-genders or near trans-genders have the right to cos-play too. I am horrified by this sad turn of events at least make the effort to look convincing sheesh. Meh, not as shocking as the old Bay to Breakers and the local pride parade.

  10. Legs so sexy!

  11. btw guys what do all the /a/ /b/ /hr/ etc mean?

  12. There goes my therapy bill….

  13. It’s like Man-Faye… but skinnier. Not better – skinnier.

    Excuse me while I toddle off to kill some shots of scotch.

  14. ..curiosity killed the cube. I’ve just been scarred for life now.

  15. they should have hired that other guy who did the dance and put a video on youtube. at least he did it correctly.

    to 7 47 4: they’re different sections of 4chan

  16. I think I’ll stick to Hard Gay, thank you very much… Jesus christ, it’s a bad cosplayer get in the fugging gar… I mean, car.

  17. …

    *proceeds to gouge his eyes out with a rusty metal spork*

  18. Haven’t seen it yet, because apparently it crashed the entire YouTube site.

  19. I only watched .03 seconds of that video and I already OTL’ed

  20. The video was kind of lame IMHO although those guys seemed to enjoy it a lot. However, you should really give guys like this some credit for having the guts to do this. I guess it’s mostly meant as a joke, but it makes me really sad that people are still so terribly homophobic in this century and further that such people are considered gay, transexual or whatever in the first place. Acting like a girl for fun, isn’t gay at all. Actually it proves this guy has more self-esteem, thus more manly, than any of the cowards calling him names.

  21. So at first I thought, “oh, Fujiyoka Haruhi (from Ouran for those who might not know), that must not be too bad.” I was not prepared for the horrors that awaited behind that link.

  22. Think of it this way: at least it wasn’t a heavy hairy old gordy old guy. :|

  23. Bah, most of the Haruhi-ist friends I have have already seen it. I couldn’t scare anyone with the video. Oh well.

  24. i laughed so hard when i seen man faye come o0ut its been a while sence i seen it and faye would not ask like that

  25. Sweet baby Jesus, Its ILS!

  26. Comment system screwed up my link :/

    What I meant to say was that I was there at the time. See here.

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