momentum for august

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and objects at rest tend to stay at rest unless an outside force acts upon them.

Who’s got mo’?


Anonymous and Conan: For translating this Utawarerumono doujinshi [mirror] [mirror]. No, not that kind of doujinshi, but you won’t be disappointed.

Utawarerumono: It’s the tour-de-force anime right now thanks to a bump in both animation quality and sexual tension. It even has its own gaggle of memes from “carrier has arrived” to “sperm song” to “harem buggy.” (And, sadly, “underwater ray romano.” You must be very drunk during meme creation to think of that one.) Karura has the most momentum of the girls. Eruru, who should have opted for the threesome and would have put the series near par with Haruhi Suzumiya, has the least.

Kawaiigasm: Has the most jaw-dropping, explosive upside of any meme recently. Long, athletic, bouncy. Great control, fireballer, electric stuff. Kawaiigasm is going to be the Lirano to LOL FANG-TAN’s Verlander.

Twincest: Narg is aiming for a Ph.D. in this topic. I’m still working on my thesis, “The Socio-Economic Impact of Killer Lolis on Phototourism in Post-War Japan.”


Hansel and Gretel: Not only are they probably on deck for Levy, they also make a most twincestuous villianous pair for Fairy Musketeer Red Riding Hood. Ridiculous series name aside, it’s always worthwhile to check out a magical girl show done by Madhouse– especially if it has some slick battle sequences as well as a harem. (BTW, I learned that “Akazukin” = “Red Riding Hood” while watching Pani Poni Dash.)

Innocent Venus: Damn, great first episode. Best part? Revy as Lenny! Though I give it even odds for becoming either the next Jyu-Oh-Sei or the next Exploding Angels. In other words, I really hope that the tag-along annoying boy doesn’t sink the show faster than a goat in Futakoi.


Orenge-sama: Needs to join Ohakuruo’s harem. (Loved Ouran 13, BTW. Especially their gratuitous use of old Utena backdrops.)

Earthsea: Despite poor reviews, it’s #1 in the box office in Japan beating out Pirates II.


Megami: I’m giving up my Newtype subscription for a Megami subscription. Can you put a price on Mikuru bunny girl fanservice? (Yes, sadly at $13 an issue.)

Lastly, Siesta… ’nuff said

And who’s got no mo’?


Powered Natsumi: The strongest Pekopon female warrior pwns… nothing … in the Keroro movie. While the movie wasn’t bad, it certainly felt more like an All-Star game than a normal Keroro episode– a lot of showing off, little substance… but I loved Keroro’s “dwu-wa!” Tenma-chan would be proud. (Yes, it’s shocking to see Powered Natsumi in the “no mo'” pile on AoMM… but I have high standards for her, and I’m probably suffering from heatstroke today…)

Welcome to the Lolita: This phrase hasn’t caught on, has it? Black Lagoon was not watered down. Welcome to the NHK has been watered down. Big difference. Can you imagine Revy not being allowed to swear?


Chokotto Sister: The manga never felt this slow.

Man-Haruhi: Burned into my retinas. Doesn’t have the same level of unintentional comedy as Sex Bomb Plushenko Haruhi. Bottom line: people have too much free time on their hands.


My Dreams of Owning a God Knows Haruhi PVC Model: At over $600? No, thanks, I can almost buy a PS3 with that kind of money. I do hope that some company out there is smart enough to start cranking these out… it’ll outsell that Clayz Saber model anyday.

Satoshi: For passing up a Shion buffet.

Summer 2006 Season: I’ve haven’t had time to make a customary thin slicing post… and it’s almost halfway through the season. In fact, 20-ish days to Kanon. (Basically, I really, really don’t feel like watching FLAG, Project Blue, HCII, and a bunch of other shows. While I enjoy Muteki Kanban Musume, it’s a cry for help if that’s one of the best shows of the season.)

Lastly, this dude.

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  1. >> Lastly, this dude.

    The most epic failure of this summer, it should be remembered for ages to come. Maybe at the same level as Zidane’s headbutt?

  2. At least get Gretel’s cute side rather than that shoddy fanart of Gretel. =P

  3. Funny thing is the three letters that were needed for Megaupload for me were FCK. No joke, really.

  4. Sorry for double post, but I’m sorry. That thread was awesome. Way to keep me up for more than 18 hours “laughing”…

  5. lol the doujinshi really owned

  6. Ehhh I wish I could’ve gotten a closer look at that essay, though I already know what’s written on it. But I wish I could get a closer look at the commentary in red.

  7. All 150 slots for Singaporeans were used up in MegaUpload?!?! WTFish!


  8. For bento-cube:
    Unlimited Essay Works

    Click on the image to enlarge it.

  9. Awesome. Now I get a good laugh for the next 2 hours. =D

  10. Utaware’s clearly showing up to be one of the better h-game conversions this yeaDID YOU MEAN BANE?

    God, that paper failwins.

  11. Best FAIL I’ve ever seen! Unlimited Essay Works is now legendary.

    And ZOMG more Shana and School Rumble on Megami? It’s time for t3h Dave to hurry the hell up and learn Japanese so he can subscribe!

  12. Unlimited Essay Works ftw.

  13. >> At least get Gretel’s cute side rather than that shoddy fanart of Gretel.

    That’s a screenshot from the anime…

    >> The most epic failure of this summer, it should be remembered for ages to come.

    It’s epic, but not on the same level as that guy who planned out how he was going to sleep with his cousin. That was Densha Otoko quality.

    >> And ZOMG more Shana and School Rumble on Megami? It’s time for t3h Dave to hurry the hell up and learn Japanese so he can subscribe!

    Actually, these are May and June issues. I’m still waiting for my July issue… delivery usually takes a month.

  14. With the recent aquisition of FMAkazukin(FMAz), I now have my required seasonal dosage of cuteness. The lack of realistic gore may soon be rectified by Innocent Venus.

    Also sorely lacking in Psycho-moe this summer season…

    Youko from Inukami does not cut it. :( She is too ‘Tsundere’ for my liking( I dislike Tsunderes), and is more Psycho-nuts than Psycho-moe.

    April from Coyote Ragtime Show has too little screentime to fulfil my Psycho-moe quota.


  15. The switch to Megami from Newtype must be very hard…but based on yesterday’s post, I’m sure that you’ll survive, kekeke..Nice Utawarerumono doujin, too.

  16. Your chances of getting that model were slim anyway. There are some otakus out there with pretty deep pockets. Also PVC and resin aren’t the same thing. PVC over time from humid air and high temps loses stability and bends or leans. Resin does not bend and comes in pieces that you have to put together. Unfortunately, it doesn’t capture her quite as well as they did with Haruhi though. [URL=]Yay for scared and confused Mikuru with machine gun![/URL]

  17. Tags don’t work here…that’s pleasant.

  18. Thanks for the link to that Doujin

  19. Unlimited Essay Works FTW! Once in 11th grade(ish?) I had such a high grade that I could fail the final and get an A, so I turned in a paper with a well done intro and conclusion and the body was a summary of a Seinfeld episode. Long story short, i found out that not all teachers read every paper.

  20. wait hansel and gretel is an actual anime now?

  21. Actually, you might still be able to get your hands on one of those Haruhi garage kits. If you check out BUBBAs latest post on his blog he states that there will be other opportunities for fans to get their hands on that model, so I’m assuming he’s going to be releasing more at the next event that he goes to. Still, it’s hard for me to justify buying a resin/garage kit, since I can’t paint worth crap…

  22. I don’t see why you should regret dropping Newtype, it’s all Gundam all the time with that magazine, at least Megami covers something really worth covering (girls).

  23. Hansel and Gretel are villains in Fairy Musketeers, a recent anime in which Little Red Hiding Hood, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty team up to take down the
    evil Cinderella, Puss in Boots, the aforementioned Hansel and Gretel, and some verminous henchthings. There’s also a Shouta and his cousin Ringo, who cooks for him while waiting for him to grow a pair.

  24. Oh for the love of..
    You know, my eyes really hurt right now.
    Like as in “Been-awake-134-hours-watching-tv”-hurt.
    I really did not need to see a male haruhi cosplayer..
    You should tag with NSFW or somethin’ ^^v

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