negima’s repair job

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Neggie, we’re not in Kansas anymore.


The curious monkey in me is paying attention to Shaft’s Pani Poni Dash team salvage operation of Negima. The original series was hideously animated by XEBEC, and it was obvious that they didn’t put their A, B, or even Z team on the project (probably because of Gundam and Fafner). Shaft’s preview OVA looks gorgeous, and, hopefully, they’ll do a half decent job with the second season. It also looks like that they’re full-on exploiting the harem and fanservice aspects of the series… and that’s not a bad thing. The Anime Repair Team would have suggested similar improvements. If only Shaft put such effort in Pani Poni Dash episodes 1 through 25. FYI, Gainax is their partner on this project.

(BTW, aren’t they still, uh, middle schoolers?)

Appendix: Note that Shaft’s version is not a true remake or a true sequel. It is based off of Negima?!, a re-imagining of Negima much like how Ikinai! is a re-imagining of FMP! or Sci-Fi Battlestar Galactica is of the original. Oddly enough, it’s supposed to have less fanservice than the original…


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  1. Setsuna x Konoka = Win
    (Those are their names, right?)

    Anyway, Setsuna staring at Konoka’s ass makes it look promising.

  2. Yeah, even if the new series doesn’t follow the manga particularly closely (and given that it’s SHAFT it probably won’t), this little teaser made me all the more excited for it. Hopefully they’ll be able to maintain quality the whole series though, or at least, not have any glaringly awful episodes… I’m looking at you Tsukiyomi!

  3. It’s looking a lot better than the TV series so far. I’m still not entirely sold on Eva’s or Paru’s new looks, but they look better than those magazine scans from awhile back. I hope the characters that are more of a focus in the storyline now get more play in the OVA at least.

  4. Asuna’s eyes also changed to both being blue instead of blue/green. Which makes her look a little less freaky, but… ah… whatever.

  5. Wait… that… that one’s Evangeline?

    Don’t like her new look. At all.

  6. Here’s Evangeline:

    Free Image Hosting at <a href='' rel='nofollow'/></a>

  7. Just wondering is this the OVA of the original TV series or the remake?

  8. This is the OVA’s preview.

    The remake is in autumn.

  9. Wow! What a difference from the original and finally fanservice! Oh man, when I saw Setsuna get a nosebleed from getting a “nice shot” of Konoka I was on the floor. I’m definitely looking forward to this.

  10. “Gainax is their partner on this project”

    here’s hoping it isn’t gonna end like eva or mahoro2..

  11. Of course the is the OVA, I have heard that the time slot for the show won’t allow for much fanservice. I hope I am wrong in that respect. So don’t get your hopes up for what you see in the OVA till the show start airing.

  12. This IS a remake, right? Not a sequel to the original? (Hasn’t watched first season yet, wants to because it’s Ken A.’s work) If it is, I’ll wait for this. Animation looks awesome (because it’s the OVA O_O).

  13. And it’s the first time to see Sayo in a swimsuit (an Ethereal one, I bet).

    I’m still anticipating the whole remake to be good though.

  14. >> here’s hoping it isn’t gonna end like eva or mahoro2..

    Or Gunbuster 2… whoops… is that a spoiler? ;)

    >> This IS a remake, right?

    I tossed up an appendix to the post. Basically, it’s based off of Negima!? rather than Mahou Sensei Negima.

  15. >>> Anyway, Setsuna staring at Konoka’s ass makes it look promising.

    YES! Secchan x Konochan FTW!!!

  16. Hey, they use the chapters 58 to 60 of teh manga to do tose OVA’s I gues… for that last picture were Asuna is hugging Negi.

    ^_^ I’m looking forward for both, OVA’s And the New Series

  17. “That’s right! TITS!! GUNS!! ASS!! And there you have it.”

    Seriously. As yourself this question: Why did Gabbage Seed Destiny fail so badly for the other side of the anime fandom split?

    Because it paid no attention to plot. Just noisemakers.

    I’m buying the R1 DVDs of the earlier Negima because it IS based on plot. The fanservice, despite the bad doodling, was a treat. As It Should Be.

  18. [Possible spoiler commentary]

    IMHO, I think that Negima?! and the OVA will be the continuation of the Negima anime. Sure, they said that it will be different/based on the Negima manga. But that’s what I’m betting on. It’s different from the *manga*. But as we know, the last few episodes of Negima were NOT in the manga.

    If that were the case, I wouldn’t be too surprised now that they’ve gave Asuna’s eyes the same colour. After all, her curse (which could have very well been the reason for her green eye) HAVE been lifted in the first season.

    Personally, I don’t think Shaft is gonna flesh out a whole new story featuring the characters. They’ll most likely pick up where the first season left off. It’s definitely easier and cheaper to re-use the characters, since they were already (semi)developed in the first season. Also, it could be used to quench the craves and woes of the negima-first-season watchers, seeing how the season ended with Asuna’s curse broken (in the last 2 minutes)

    This is Joshua Chew Chew, from Chew Chew’s Corner, saying, “I told you so”. :D

  19. ack typical harmen anime cliche : get main character to blush with hints of possible Yuri action and girls in bikinis.
    this is basically what prevents me from watching this or having any respect for my friend who loves it. =_= ;;;;
    fanboys get all the love! they should make another reverse harmen anime(like gauken heaven?)

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