higurashi no naku koro ni 19 discussion

“And when I saw that person standing there, I was quite surprised.”

“Why don’t you come in?”

“It’s you, hun?”

“Yep! You didn’t expect me, did you? :)”

“What do you want with me?”

“There is something I need you for…”


Shion is basically like a mice thrown in a snake pit and biting as hard and deadly as she is cornered. In my eyes, she is the most awesome character of the show right now. – Sheba

Agreed. She’s the only one launching a real counterattack on Oyashiro-sama. K1 just carried a bat around… Satoshi tried to run away… at least Shion’s doing some damage. Go girl! And I just can’t bring myself to hate anyone who would wear that Angel Mort outfit.

Anyways, its sort of funny to see Shion jumping to conclusions again and again this episode. – Symmetry

Maybe this is why I like Shion so much. We’re both instant historians! Worst. Episode. Ever. Best. Episode. Ever. Fun times! Good times! Excellent times! Bad times.

Maybe that mysterious true heir that Mion mentioned this episdoe is the one with the mark on their back. Have we seen Rika’s back? Rena’s? – Symmetry

I’d love to see Rena’s back. O-ho-ho-ho-ho. Too easy of a setup you gave me there, Symmetry. From the OP, it’s pretty clear that one of the twins has the mark. Maybe Shion has the mark all along, but even so, if you were the Sonozaki’s, wouldn’t you periodically run a back check to make sure the twins weren’t pulling anything? Still, I’d like to see some explaination for the back sometime.

Fox should. Considering how bad Fox Kids is doing, think of how big of a hit it would be if they replaced it with Higurashi. And they’re always gluttons for controversy. lolol – FubaredByAnime

I think you need to watch Foxaflowne. I think that if Fox did somehow through many improbable events aquired Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, they’d edit and splice the hell out of it to make it look like K1 is some sort of uber-hero.

Realistically though, I’m not sure who would license a show like this one. ADV?

(Speaking of ADV, they’re now claiming that “Shadow Warrior Chronicles” is only a working title for Utawarerumono. You can PM David Williams over at AoD‘s forum if you have constructive comments about the title.)

In her back pocket, where it has been quite visible since the first episode of the arc? ^^ – Ninjacrat

Great argument except that Shion never wears the white pinstripe blouse/black mini-skirt combo in the first Meakashi episode. Try again. I’m leaning towards…

Do you want the family-friendly version, or the non-family-friendly version? – Skane

… I don’t think it’s possible to hide that taser the way Shion is drawn with that outfit without a non-family-friendly version. More likely, production mistake, and that never, ever happens on this series. *rolls eyes*

Hey, it cut out some of my comment… again… – Mark

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You’d think that after a few generations of this kind of thing the Sonozakis would figure out that maybe raising your children to believe that torture solves all problems, especially among relatives, isn’t the best way to promote filial devotion and clan unity. – extraclassiclite

I’m wondering how the Sonozaki line has continued for generations if all the Sonozaki women have such questionable taste in men. Shion likes Satoshi. Mion likes K1. Their mom hooked up with a dude whose suit has no buttons. Not exactly a plethora of quality men here. (As a random argument, let’s say that Higurashi is actually a shoujo drama series. Can you imagine being Shion and Mion’s father when they bring home their dates? “Uh, girls, this is the best you can do?!?” Actually, I’d love to see a Shion-Mion/Kaoru-Hikaru double date and then place an over/under wager on how long before Shion-Mion nails Kaoru-Hikaru with a hammer. I’m babbling again.)

Don’t say bad things about 7th Expansion. XD It’s just the anime procucers who are on those lovely Hinamizawa drugs… they can’t get enough of them, apparently. – Tess

Actually, I was making fun of the newest game that claimed to recalibrate our thinking of who Oyashiro-sama is. That’s a Sunrise tactic. Studio Deen, though, bears most of the responsiblity for how horribly executed this series has been though.

(Another one of Sunrise’s tactics is melodramatic, yet pointless, deaths. When I saw Tiz die in Jyu-Oh-Sei, I was thinking, “Man, that’s what Sunrise would do!” Absolutely pointless death especially when you consider that they never show Thor going emo over it like he did with Kalim. Try to create angst by killing off a character, only they couldn’t think of a decent way to kill them so they come up with a death outside the flow of the main story. Then they never seem to revisit the death afterward.)

The latest emo face contortions are just stupid… when it looks like you’re anime is going to fail, it probably is, but that doesn’t mean they should add stuff which put people off more. The original Rena ones are still my favorite. – Mark

Adding stuff which put people off more is yet another classic Sunrise tactic. Father/daughter incest anyone? Pointlessly killing off Meer? Hooking Shinn up with Luna?

Man, I tried to quit Higurashi, but they keep pulling me back… – Nemo_N

I wish I knew how to quit ya. Same car wreck principle as Mai Otome and Da Capo… the more horrific the pile-up on US-101, the more gawkers will slow down and watch the aftermath. Mmm… out of Higurashi, Otome, and Da Capo, which one had the most horrific plot? I vote for Nemu, but it’s too close to call really.

blood licking rena will push shion out of her appartment after some awesome yuri! – blerg

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. Higurashi got a little better, but it is not what I expected based on the first 8 episodes. I have enjoyed it tho, maybe because I like the whole tangled story.

    …And “Shadow Warrior Chronicles” better be a working title. Anime names getting messed up like that is just wrong.

  2. @Jason
    Since the second ep., then. :p She pulled the tazer on the bikers both times, and I think on an another occasion that temporarially escapes me.

  3. I agree with you one Jyu Oh Sei, cept i think revisiting wouldve made it better than leaving it off entirely.

    I only have one thing against Jyu Oh Sei…
    They cut it too short. No filler episodes so they had to reuse the SAME PLANTS at the end… kinda limits the imagination and makes it feel to synthetic (the plot thst is)

    I didnt enjoy shion’s face distortions this time, it made her seem wrinkled and old, i like the big sharp eyes and the “I’m gonna screw you up” smile and the “evil crazy happy look” rather than the agitated one shion had this episode.

  4. > She’s [Shion’s] the only one launching a real counterattack on Oyashiro-sama.

    I’m not sure that it was as if a total surprise to Oyashiro-sama (or whoever is acting as him) that Shion would be fighting back like this. Mion has confessed that she was only the public spokesperson and that there is another one inheriting the leadership of the Sonozaki Estate. Shion, is probably the one who is the true heir. All these events happening to her are just her ceremonial birth into her destined role.

    > Mmm… out of Higurashi, Otome, and Da Capo, which one had the most horrific plot?

    I thought Sunrise is simply following the plot of the game developed by TYPE-MOON — the original maker of Higurashi. If there is anything you blame Sunrise on, it can only be execution. And why do you think the plot is so bad? I thought the original game was hugely successful due to its multi-layered plot development.

  5. I personally don’t know if I want to take the latest chapter for Higurashi seriously or not. I think it’s just… for some well deserved happy times these tortured characters need.

    Oyashirosama wa moe deshitara… yokunai desu no? ii koto to omoimasu wa~

  6. Finally! Killer LOLIS!!!


  7. I love to read this blog. I swear.

  8. >> I thought Sunrise is simply following the plot of the game developed by TYPE-MOON

    Actually, it was Expansion 7th that developed the game. TYPE-MOON was only credited for the Ciel parody that could be seen in the first couple of episode (as the teacher named Chie Rumiko).

  9. It doesn’t look like this arc’s going to end just yet. Episode 20 doesn’t even feature Keiichi. Fortunately, the next arc focuses on Rena. Yay!

    >>I love to read this blog.

    Count me in!

  10. why does god hate killer lolis?

    also this show = trainwreck so jump off before you get impaled by shrapnel and sharp metal poles from the incoming collison of crapshoot….atleast with some horror shows (mainly elfen lied) you get some plot tat makes sense…this is just wrong…and the world wonders why our generation is so damn stupid eh?

  11. >> Episode 20 doesn’t even feature Keiichi.

    Keiichi appeared in that ep 10.30. I’d say it’s one of better eps.

  12. >Mmm… out of Higurashi, Otome, and Da Capo, which one had the most horrific plot?

    How is Higurashi’s plot bad?

    Poorly executed, yeah, but I figured it was interesting enough to have kept you reviewing this, even through the killer loli and fanservice drought. Being overly critical much?

  13. over all im still wincing at teh fingernails …but the other torture has be rapped. my friend and i are doing a cosplay and i cant wait. all this shion angst stuff has me on the edge of my seat.

    i love the reviews here…they are pretty funny.

    anyway…even though im absolutly inlove with shion and mion killer twins, i cant wait to see some kills from rena..i mean come on..she has done barely anything!….i cant wait to see the oh so “adorable” rena go pycho….for some odd reason…i hope i dont go insaine after watching all this.

  14. hey can someone tell me what the heck is going on i don’t understand the thing where he dies but then in another episode he is fine and is another type of horrible situation so please someone help me

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