muteki kanban musume 6

Love makes us do crazy things.

Funniest Moments


1. When Wakana was “instructing” Kankuro about the finer points of love, she suggests using a cute letter to get Miki’s attention. She’s thinking of some romantic setting between the two, only Kankuro is thinking about tossing the letter at Miki to blind her while he launches a sneak attack. Genuinely laugh out loud funny.


2. Kankuro’s and Miki’s “day-toe” at the movie theater. Only a Kyon/Haruhi pairing has more comedic potential. The fact that Miki was confused and Kankuro looking smug wasn’t the funniest part… the best part was the surprise cameo by another character. (Anyone else notice that they’re watching a romantic movie, only everyone else at the theater is by themselves?)


3. This scene. Asking Miki to solve problems without resorting to violence is like asking George W. Bush to sit through an international summit without falling asleep.


4. Chiemi’s brief visit with Wakana. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that Kankuro sure looks like a potential pedophile. But, luckily, I know better.


5. Wakana’s complete and utter misunderstanding of the Kankuro/Miki dynamic. Honestly, if the two did get together, it still wouldn’t be the worst, most non-sensical pairing in recent anime history. Shinn and Luna still reign supreme.


6. Weak episode just because it features Kankuro prominently. It’s like any Higurashi episode that features K1 prominently– just not a recipe for success. Nya’s just such a tragic character. While I am getting used to his interesting dialect and copious use of “~nya,” his single-minded pursuit of Miki is just plain pathetic. More pathetic than the typical harem loser male.

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  1. I liked this episode alot but was disappointed with the lack of Megumi time. She’s the best :)

  2. too littel sensei, moar sensei, it always needs moar sensei.

  3. muteki kanban musume is unwatchable

  4. Much better episode than 5, that’s for sure.

    I wonder if Kalm wanted to see Megumi’s pantsu when Miki knocked her over… which did not happen (because of the dust cloud)!

  5. Nya-san is not one of favourite characters in MKM, so the episode was mostly flat for me, but nevertheless, there were still some golden moments.

    Don’t Say A Word

    I prefer the episodes that has Megumi and Miki’s mother.

  6. ADD] Oh, and like Inukami! It pays to watch the previews, because the jokes continue in them.

  7. The good thing about MKM is that it’s funny as hell. The problem is, because that’s all it is, I find myself begrudging it every moment when I am not amused. I guess that last episode of Fumoffu just spoiled me for comedic anime with its nonstop lolability.

    Still, I can’t help but like Kankuro just because he was so great in episode 2, so I didn’t have a problem with his dominance in this episode.

    And maybe it’s just animation reuse for its own sake, but I couldn’t help but notice that Kankuro and Miki used their respective train attacks in the beginning of part 2. Not that it wasn’t obvious how that was going to turn out.

  8. Loved how Wakana can poke Toshiyuki’s head without getting any reaction from him, and how Kankuro refers to Toshiyuki as an Endou.

  9. is it just me, or did they steal their OP style from Otome and Gundam as well? I mean, the composition of shots, people standing alone looking at things, ruins, then battle shots…

    Oh, and that ‘clash of the titans’ things towards the end, just before the ramen gets spilled?

  10. I’ve heard a few people comment that it’s a direct parody/rip of some old Gundam OP.

  11. Well, there’s one shining point about this ep – sensei in all her hideous, gothic glory. Needs more ramen.

    extraclassiclite – I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a direct parody of yet another Gundam OP – it’s definitely not one of the newer series (SEED, SEED Destiny) and doesn’t feel like Wing either. V-Gundam, maybe?

  12. It is a reflection of the sad state of comedic anime today that female characters shine that much brighter than the male ones. Why Onimaru-tachi, Megumi and Kayahara-sensei lift an episode far better than the Neko-ken Man. Heck the last few good male comedic leads I can remember are Harima Kenji and Onsokumaru (if yellow plasticine balls do indeed have a gender). Not exactly a shining representation of manhood. U_U

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