the bachelor party

Night prior to that last post

(A while ago, one of my friends was getting married, and his best man and I were planning the bachelor party. The best man asked me, “Who should we invite?” I said, “The groom, of course, and lots of strippers.” “Okay, who else?” “I’d stop there.”)

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  1. Thanks Jason, you’re my personal goddess for these two pictures… now, for that yaya/Hikari picture of Megami ^^

  2. >> goddess
    Gomen, should I said God?
    Thanks anyway

  3. Meanwhile, I saw MKM 8.

  4. >>(…“Who should we invite?” I said, “The groom, of course, and lots of strippers.” “Okay, who else?” “I’d stop there.”)

    I swear to god, I had the exact same conversation before with buddy of mine who was proforming best man duties. Great men think alike….with thier greedy little dicks~

  5. Pics like this makes me wonder whether I should invest in a large Poster Printer. I could spare the 1 set of ink cartridge per poster requirement just for stuff like this. Definitely worth it.

    *runs off to check prices*

  6. They even included Imouto-chan… Now, that’s knowing your audience! :P

    Really, top notch cast. Even psycho-san looks hot!

  7. lol nagato looks clueless/curious
    kawaii! :3

  8. I love the Ryoko in a bunnysuit shot, though – it’s just PERFECT for her; vamp with a knife, and now she’s got no sleeves to hide the blades in. Tsuruya as a bunny-girl’s not bad either, but Ryoko and Haruhi take the cake here, along with Mikuru and Yuki.

    Now, Kyon’s little sister in a bunny suit’s wrong, but we can live with it for now. Especially after seeing MKM 8’s Hell’s Bunny, and her speech which should be sure to trigger memories of another moon-based character.

  9. But yes, Megumi looks smoking when she’s cosplaying a certain way. It’s like the role was designed for her.

  10. I’m somewhat concerned that Kyon’s Sis has a bustline.

  11. Lovin’ this picture as well.

    Lolz, Oh my goodness, little Imouto-san is in here too xP

    Would be great to see that many… “colored bunnies” in a Haruhi episode. Season 2 Filler Fanservice Episode anyone?

  12. A spoiler..
    I present: Megumi, unphotoshopped (could someone adjust the lighting levels for me?). As Hell’s Bunny from the OP.

    This beats imoutu-chan and that green-haired ‘girlfriend’ of the computer club president any day of the week. ;)

  13. I don’t like the bunny outfits much, but Haruhi always manages to make them look good. She wins this picture just like Yuki won the last one.

  14. Bunny suits are relevant to my interests

  15. I’m starting to feel bitter about SHnY’s lack of nekomimi.

  16. The world can never have enough bunnysuits.

  17. @Disco Bandit

    >>>I’m somewhat concerned that Kyon’s Sis has a bustline.

    Maybe she took Kyon’s advice and started eating more green peppers, so she can grow up to be like Mikuru. Besides that, I’m not complaining. :3

  18. Ryoko is a goddess.

  19. I am at a loss for words… Shock and awe indeed. Wait why wasn’t Imouto-san made the flower girl?

  20. If your looking for strippers, I think Mion and Shion in the latest Megami could be used for comparative purposes.

  21. >>Wait why wasn’t Imouto-san made the flower girl?

    More importantly, why wasn’t she in a bag???

  22. Haruhi in the middle totally says “I’m God…just look at my collection of bunny girls!!”

    Took many times before they could get this shot right. Tsuruya kept laughing at Mikuru and Asakura kept pulling out her knife on imouto. >_>

  23. wow lol, now this one’s drawn very well

  24. this pic doesn’t give fang tan enough justice tho

  25. LOL-Fang-Tan doesn’t look too great in yellow.

    Do they have a similar poster with all the girls in that meido outfit from ep 12?

  26. @ Decel
    Agreed…I think she looks better with this color ;p

    Yep…too bad though XD.

  27. I think yellow would have looked nice on Tsuruya if it were another shade… That or it should be a very dark green. *edits picture someday*

    I like Asakura most in this picture though! Followed by her, the three main girls look best, of course. They should know how to pull off bunny suits by now, right?



    saw it yesterday on my way back from class, speechless for half hour

  29. >The best man asked me, “Who should we invite?” I said, “The groom, of course, and lots of strippers.”

    Why do you want to invited another guy?

  30. Xellos: As scapegoats so, if the bride finds out about the party, he can blame the other guy who came along for having thrown it as a surprise for him… or to say HE was the one who did various things, while the groom stood innocently to one side.

  31. I’d follow that white rabbit anyday.


    Ah, the memories…

  32. kyon`s sister wins.

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