nothing special

Nothing to see here [mirror]. Move along.

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  1. Holy shi- KaruraxTouka!

  2. Please tell me there are no cokes on that doujin. I have been dissapointed too many times.

  3. rapidshare it >.>

  4. Dude, no need to rapidshare. Just tell us where you got it from. That combination is so hot as to defy all words to describe it.. as much sense as that makes. That’s how blown my mind is. WE MUST KNOW.

  5. Yep Jason… you just made my day. :) Now all I need is for the A’s to win the World Series. ;)

  6. Yeah!

    I had a few Utawarerumo doujins, but a less with that couple (and only one good enough to be remembered). Be a good otaku-body and share it with the people…

    Damn it! I sound like G. W. Bush

  7. Every now and then Jason just needs to remind me with a firm hand that this indeed is AoMM

  8. Jejeje after a second look over my collection of Utawarerumono doujins… I have this one ^_^

    Its name… CHRONOLOG
    And nop, no cokes

  9. And now Aquaplus wants to prohibit Utawarerumono doujins. I guess they’ve forgotten the love of the work from Comic Party already. Tsk tsk.

  10. it’s called 吹キ来ル風ガ私ニ言フ filename, at least

  11. “Wind that Blown Toward Me Talked” by Chronologer.

  12. going…crazy…trying…to…find…

  13. >>>going…crazy…trying…to…find…

    It’s in the Utawarerumono doujin pack in TT

  14. TT? Not familiar w/ that one, explain plz?

  15. found it, same pack i think but not from TT

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