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ANS reports that Japanese fan Master of Epic has tossed together a 500kb preview of all 52 new series starting for Fall 2006. While there are many fresh franchises, there are also a high number of rehashes and sequels: Kanon, Jigoku Shoujo, Black Lagoon, Kujibiki Unbalance, Negima?!, and Galaxy Angels. Do you have any suggestions for what series I should blog come autumn?

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  1. Kanon +1

  2. Poor Galaxy Angel deserves attention, even if it does now lack Mint and Ranpha.

    And I’ll be disappointed if you don’t at least have a few “Sad Girl in Snow” quips over Kanon, though I’m sure it’ll be blogged to fuckall and back.

    And don’t forget that Yoakae… uh… something… Crescent has Siesta’s long lost maid twin.

    But seriously, let’s talk about the real star of the new season… Pumpkin Scissors! Oh Gonzo. You wacky nutjobs.

  3. The all new Negima looks like it will be both fun and fanservicey, which are my two favorite genres.
    A little AoMM style situation analysis everytime Setsuna ogles Konoka’s ass certainly wouldn’t hurt.


  5. Bartender!

    XD just kidding.

    Kanon, just because, Negi, because of the fanservice… I’ve heard good stuff about D.Gray Man, but I can’t tell… Correct me if I am wrong, but the one in column 5 row 6 is called Love Doll!? Mmh…I have to check this one.

    It’s hard to tell now, but I know we’ll be loving of one those series in the future.

  6. lmao blog the evangelion remake cause i just no that gonna be a f/sn all over again

  7. Looks like there’s gonna be a bunch of new mecha shows coming up…sweet.

  8. Series like KANON and Death Note don’t really need to be blogged when EVERYONE else will be blogging them. Try something more subtle.

    Super Robot Wars OG : Divine War

    A self-inserted Robot Otaku piloting Robots in a war against men and aliens alike. A great game, but will it be a great anime? Who knows.

    Hitman REBORN

    Muteki Kanban Musume but with baby assasins, mafias, and illogical l33t powers.

    Souten no Ken

    Hong Kong + Martial Arts + Oversized Men with Giant Biceps + ATATATATATATATATATATATATATA + Fingers that can explode men into pieces + Hot women that always get touched at the wrong places.

    World’s Strongest Disciple : Kenichi

    Weak-ass bookworm loser turns into a kick-ass martial arts fighter after training with his l33t super-untouchable shishous. Shounen foil #385439683. With needless fanservice to boot.

  9. Black Lagoon for sure.

    Revy + loli + heavy artillery = WIN

    If the Negima OVA by Shaft (daamn right) is going be as fanservicey as the promo implies, you have to blog it on principle, even if it turns out bad. I mean, it probably won’t have as many emo facial contortions and bloody dismemberments as Higurashi, but as a fanservice show, you can bet that if those D-cup lolis decide to play water pistol in thin white t-shirts, you’re going to get more eye candy than we got in Tsumihoroboshi 1. Remember, these are the same guys who animated Mushroom Himeko x Rei, the Scene that Launched a Thousand PPD H-doujinshi (smelled like fried crab rice my ass).

    As for the Negima?! series by Shaft (watch your mouth!), if it’s got fanservice, ditto.

    And you’d probably better blog Kanon or else the rabid Kanon fans will hunt you down for the perceived slight.

    Seriously, Kanon fans, I keed, I keed. KyoAni could remake Reign: The Conqueror at this point and get gold. As long as they have Yuuichi sarcastically narrating his way through this series, and at least one of the girls has a fang and/or laughs uncontrollably, it can’t lose.

  10. Galaxy Angel !!! I am so looking forward to that! x_x
    Deathnote!? An anime!? :O
    Black Lagoon and Jigoku Shoujo already have sequels? Wow, talk about fast!
    I would like to see more on Negima!? and maybe Kujibiki Unbalance, although I haven’t seen Genshiken yet ;_;
    Is that a Shuffle! sequel I see? Or do those girls just look surprisingly similar to the Shuffle girls? And lots of H-game to anime adaptations these days, like Happiness! and that one… with the princess… or whatever. *shrugs* O_o

  11. At least do those that a a continuation of the ones you allready liked. I’d say give them all, a chance on the first episode, but some of them just look so damn GAY, and not in a good way.

  12. Negima?! will probably be awesome, so at least blog the OVA.

  13. Black Lagoon, of course.

  14. Yamato Nadesico Shichihenge, aka Perfect Girl Evolution, which is wonderful comedy. The manga, under the title The Wallflower, is coming out in the US.

  15. Solid State Society
    But well, that’s a short one

  16. Nemo_N,
    it’s called Lovely Idol, not Love Doll lol :D

  17. Happiness~~
    Lupin 3rd?
    kyoshiro-sora for maido service
    yamato nadasieco somewhat similar to shoro (kuso shojo manga -> anime)
    saint october loli service

  18. yes, happiness is the name of the anime
    and it suppose to read yamato nadasieco somewhat similar to oran, i have no idea what happened there


    It should be Gundam, without all the asshattery thats been going around in Gundam these last few years.

    And it’ll have Excellen! And Lat! and Lune! (and Valsione!)

  20. Let’s see… Kanon is the prime choice, and Sumomomo Momomo and Negima!? would be the other default choices choices for this blog (though I won’t be watching the Sumomomo at first). I myself would add:

    – Happiness (Jun Jun Jun Jun Jun Jun XD)
    – OtoBoku (Mizuho Mizuho Mizuho Mizuho Mizuho XD)

    Now, seriously:

    – Black Lagoon: hell yeah!
    – Death Note: Why is everybody forgetting about this one? Is it because it is talking animu?
    – Yamato Nadesico Shichi Henge: quoting my comment on ayyo’s: “Yep, all 4 of them are guys *sweat* (was it a rhetorical question?). But I assure you, if this manages to follow the manga 1:1, it will be the best ‘shoujo’ comedy of this season (maybe on par with Ouran, but I digress). I quote shoujo because the female protagonist (Sunako) is the antithesis of any shoujo protagonist, even surparsing Fujioka Haruhi on that field”

    Definite “won’t watch”:
    – Busou Renkin: Generic shounen plot, gay villain.
    – Saikyo Sa… bah, just Kenichi: Animation looks crappy.
    – Jigoku Loli: Boooooring…

    What’s left to say… oh, right. Sunako ftw.

  21. Pumpkin Scissors isn’t an option?!? Pumpkin Scissors, Pumpkin Scissors, Pumpkin Scissors…just for the hell of it.

  22. You know, it’s not too late to pick up PowerPuff Girls Z.

  23. I would also suggest Kanon even if the entire blogosphere does it as well since the I fully expect the Jason Miao touch to put this all in perspective as to why we don’t have a second season for SHnY.

    Please continue with ZnT becasue Siesta is love and Muteki Kanban Musume since AOMM without facial contortions just would not be proper. Black Lagoon would be nice but all things considered the Miao flair that you add might be all but spent if you did Kanon and Siesta posts.

    The final choice is as always yours, but I am grateful for being able to suggest anything at all. As always thanks for running AOMM it helps make my work day bearable.

  24. Forgot about Sumomomo Momomo. Looks like it could be a harem version of Muteki Kanban Musume. Interesting…

  25. Damnit Jas blog Ghost in the Shell: SSS! I love that series seriously all the art in it is just phenominal! Also do Kanon and Ill probably watch Galaxy Angel II see how that goes.

  26. Definitely gotta go with OG myself! Definitely need more Latooni! She’d better have some decent screentime in the TV series. *stabs the OVA for screwing her over timewise.

    Oh and I highly recommend people not get their hopes up regarding Negima!?’s fanservice. It is going to be aired on TV Tokyo afterall. A channel that isn’t exactly known as a melting pot of massively fanservicey shows if you know what I mean.

    Anyways that’s enough for now.

  27. I can’t see Death note, a very good manga, making a good anime. The pacing and drama seems totally unadapted, like (in a different style) what happened with Chokotto Sister.

  28. Kanon. I’ve grown fond of reading after watching.

  29. Black Lagoon +1 !!!! 1! 11 ! ! ! 11 11one one eleven

  30. Son of a…. there’s going to be a new Galaxy Angel????

  31. Tomokazu Sugita voicing Yuuichi may be the only reason you would blog about Kanon. Oh, and Yui Horie and Yukari Tamura.

  32. Hmmm…I’m looking forward to Red Garden


    Sounds like Higurashi goes to New York (which may or not be a good thing) But this one sounds a bit more coherent and typical murder mystery fair.

  33. I thought the choice of many was to be Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na. I guess I overestimated the power of Ero Game.

  34. Kanon and Galaxy Angel. Maybe Black Lagoon and Negima.

  35. Happiness! (Haruhi

  36. (Whoops. My above post got shafted…)

    For the sole purpose of seeing Jun and Haruhi animated. >_

  37. WTF? 52 new series… they don’t have free tim right?
    Damn…. what series would be good to see? Damn!

  38. I would pick the one with the phrase “Bartender”… since i know nothing about it, and can actually be anything XD

  39. Heresy perhaps, but I’m worried a bit about Kanon. How many top-tier 12+ ep series has KyoAni solo’d production on? I guess my main concern is that their incredible attention to detail will be diluted in longer format series…

  40. they never produced a multi season anime yet
    (somewhat due to kyoani is expensive)

  41. GITS SAC SSS has already been out for a while, still yet to see a eng sub (seems bandai’s warning working so far), there is a chinese sub out i know of however

  42. …Nayuki’s…head… :

  43. hmmmm~ Levi got some nice shoulders~

  44. “Tomokazu Sugita voicing Yuuichi may be the only reason you would blog about Kanon.”

    and the voice for Oda in Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge (PGE)

  45. >> and the voice for Oda in Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge (PGE)

    oh you mean Takyonaga amirite? :)

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