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Ponytails turn me on.

(For people who have finished Disgaea 2: Damn, Adell should have said, “Ponytails turn me on!” at the end. Someone needs to overlay the two and post it on Youtube.)


Continuing from the previous episode, Henrietta Peter Pan’ed herself into Louise’s bedroom to bring word that she’s marrying a prince from Germania (Kirche’s kingdom). Louise and Saito are shocked (but accepting) of her news:

“Even though it’s for the good of the kingdom, it is unfortunate.”

Translation: “At least she won’t be hitting on Saito.”

“I do not find any misfortune to sacrifice this body for the country… however, there is something I must do before that.”

Translation: ” Why do you think I’m here, at night, secretly in your bedroom, with you in your jammies?”

“Princess, if there is anything I can do, please ask!”

Translation: “I’m willing to sacrifice my body if it means that we keep Saito out of this!”

Unfortunately, Henrietta has a more conventional request: she asks that Louise and Saito go fetch a letter that she gave the Prince of Albion… who just so happens to be her cousin and childhood friend… mmm… sounds like the setup for some h-game turned anime from Key. I am curious what is in this letter. Love letter, perhaps?

Guiche overhears the conversation and inserts himself into the proceedings. Why? Maybe his seiyuu is hard up for cash, but his evesdropping seems very lame. Anyway, before this motley crew sets out, Saito has panties to wash… Saito’s just so not a man anymore.


Siesta stops by, I mean, there’s plenty of laundry to be done at like midnight. She apologizes to Saito for not believing his love potion story, and she blushes. Too cute. I’m okay if they name this series Zero no Tsukaima but feature nothing but Siesta. I’m fine with that. Anyway, Siesta’s time is brought to a sudden end when Saito asks her if she knows anything about “Gundams” err “Gundalfs.”

So she brings him to see the Vice Provost or whatever the dude is… and he explains that somehow Guymelefs… err Gundalfs are connected with the missing link in magic: Void Magic. (I know where’s there’s plenty of void magic: Ichijou Feast.) The Vice Provost explains that he’s trying to replicate “dragon blood” from a dragon that fell out of the sky long ago… if he wanted dragon blood, can’t he just slice up Tabitha’s? Anyway, I think the “dragons” are just airplanes and the blood is just gasoline… hence why Saito would think of a familiar scent.

(If only they took this series in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court‘s direction… have Saito arm them with the real magic: gunpowder and GPS-guided bombs. BTW, for people who have read this book, the ending was just so OMFG. It was more like a zombie survival guide than a Mark Twain novel at that point.)

(I don’t understand why Siesta wasn’t at least in the background nodding or something. Wouldn’t she be a bit interested if she were interested in Saito?)

(And why does the Vice Provost have a shed in the back? And why is he working in it… in the summer… in the middle of the night? He’s really Groundskeeper Willie!)

The next morning, before the gang heads out, Guiche’s familiar, the mole Belldandy, attacks Louise. First ever attempted mole rape in anime history. I’m startled. Anyway, while Saito and Guiche are too busy enjoying the moment, Louise is saved from Ward-o-sama.


Ward is the leader of Henrietta’s griffon knights, a high caliber mage, and Louise’s fiancee. Yep, the guy who looks like he’s 50 is engaged to the lolitastic Pink Haired Zero Magic Mage… Elessar he’s not. Anyway, Louise and Ward-o-sama enjoy a very lovey-dovey trip while Saito stews in the back. Is he stewing because he has a crush on Louise or is he stewing that his journey is now officially a sausage fest?

After finding a town to stop over for the night, Ward-o-sama challenges Saito to a deal… to see if he’s as man as he’s been hearing? He then invites Louise to their bedroom… yes, their bedroom. If they’re to be wed, why not start early? Louise actually goes along, and the two drink wine… uh-oh. Saito is meanwhile stewing in his room thinking about Gundams and Guymelefs instead of Louise getting it on with some old dead. But when Ward presses Louise for a wedding date, she fumbles out Saito’s name… and Ward vacates. Wha? He was so close, dammit.


The next morning, Saito and Ward have their duel… and predictably, Ward owns Saito with a combination of fencing and magic… fengic! The battle is just a lot of mindless slashing and not real flow to it. Basically, the WWE. JC Staff needs to hire away Miki’s battle choregrapher… but it is a vast improvement over the Saito and Guiche duel. Anyway, Ward comments that Saito cannot defeat a mage and cannot protect Louise. His taunt would sound a lot better if he went through with his plan the previous night, but alas. We all know now that before the series ends, uh, soon, Saito needs to defeat a mage. My advice: gunpowder and GPS-guided munitions. Oh how hard can it be to launch a constellation of geosynchronous satellites? That was my high school science project… and I only got a “B” for it.

Zero no Tsukaima Character Power Rankings™

1. Guiche HD

What are the odds that someone would listen into Louise’s and Henrietta’s conversation so late at night? Remember, the school is about empty right now… my guess… Guiche evesdrops at Louise’s door everynight hoping to overhear some hawt familiar x mage action. And that’s why he’s at the top spot this episode.

(BTW, I also loved Belldandy’s attack on Louise… I liked how Guiche doesn’t call it off and instead muses about the situation. I’m rooting for him to kill of Saito so we can have a male character who will take advantage of the situations provided him.)

2. Shana HD

Louise was in full Shana mode this episode. Full Force Shana this episode to the point that I’m shaking my head right now wondering how they could have aired this episode without tossing in an “Urachai! Urachai! Urachai!” I seriously cannot keep the two of them straight anymore… thankfully, one’s pink haired and the other’s dark haired. I think one day we need to chance Shana’s hair to pink and then play the “Which one is Hikaru? Shana?” game. I think I’d fail each time.

ツンツン: Pretty much every Louise and Saito moment.

デレデレ: When Ward picked her up… and carried her for miles and miles on the griffen. My oharuhi-sama… his hands much have been everywhere.

I thought that this episode suffered a bit because Louise was so reserved. Zero no Tsukaima is much more entertaining when Louise’s emo or love drives the series.

3. Ward HD

For inducing a girl half his age to join him for wine in his hotel room, he would have made first. But like any other loser harem male, he runs off with his tail between his legs after Louise whispers, “Saito.” If Ward were a real man, he’d have his way with Louise then gloat to Saito, “Sloppy seconds.”

(I find his extremely creepy. He looked like a young adult when he was in the boat with Loli Louise… so he was staking out a near-toddler as a future wife? Even if it’s arranged, it’s still ab it much… and then he goes on to win all this acclaim and probably has women tossing themselves at him… yet… he wants Louise? Does any of this add up? Zero plus zero equals zero, I guess.)

4. Saito HD

I liked the “I can only invoke these powers when I’m using a real weapon” excuse. Was this in the novel or a JC Staff creation?

I also liked his, “I will protect you” line. Louise’s response was typical Shana. Louise desperately needs to stumble across some melonpan.

But unfortunately, since Ward-o-sama has the credentials and manages to get デレデレ Louise without ツンツン Louise, Saito is fighting an uphill battle. His only possible comeback would be, “Oh, yeah! Those panties are sparkin’ clean because of me!” Actually, scratch that. He was no possible comeback. Just stew in peace… stew in peace.

The Peloton. Siesta, Henrietta, and Kirche HD

Not enough screentime, especially for Siesta. I think this is the first episode thus far to feature a lot more screentime for male characters than female characters… for a harem anime, that’s not a good thing.

Last. Rau Le Creuset

My opinion of JC Staff sinks lower and lower with every episode I watch. I think it’s the Law of Conversation of Anime Quality: for every studio going up, there’s a studio going down in flames. Right now, I’ll give the balance to Kyoto and Bones (who did a fantastic job with Ouran) from Studio Deen and JC Staff.

There’s only three episode left… I really hope this ride goes somewhere. So far, Zero no Tsukaima’s been an entertaining series, but I get the feeling that I’m going to forget about Louise’s and Saito’s adventures soon after it finishes. While the novels have found great success, JC Staff left out the juicy bits… much like Studio Deen leaving out any pretense that Higurashi is a mystery series… as I always say, dance with the one who brought you. If the novels or visual game were popular for a reason, it’s best to make sure that reason translates damn well into the anime. You hear me, Type Moon?

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  1. I found Ward’s interaction with Louise pretty creepy too… If they wanted to introduce a rival for Louise’s affections, they could’ve at least… I dunno… made someone less questionable. I mean, we all know he’ll lose in the end, but still…

    Wait, scratch that. Let’s hope Ward somehow wins in the end and Siesta gets what she wants. I say “what she wants” rather than “what she deserves”, because she deserves more than Saito… but hey, there really isn’t much out there right now.

  2. Naw is not creepy at all! It simply shows that the man is comfortable with who he is and his lolita complex.

  3. Maybe Louise is part of Ward-o-sama and Fouquet’s plans… otherwise, he would be after Siesta (or at least Kirche).

    >>>as I always say, dance with the one who brought you.

    Nice saying. I have to use this one somehow, somewhere…

  4. Ward is a pedo, nuff said.

  5. I had forgotten Guiche’s familiar was named belldandy. Every time he yelled, “Belldandy!” I kept thinking a goddess was trying to take Louise’s ring. >.>

    And goodness! Freaking Ward was trying to intoxicate Louise with alcohol! What a sly dog!

    I think “I will protect you” has now become the new pick up line of the century. It would work on me, that’s for sure. ;3

  6. >>>He’s really Groundskeeper Willie!

    Groundskeeper Colbert: “Tha’ tattoo sez yer a Gundalfr.”
    Saito: “Don’t you mean ‘Gandalf’? Like from the Lord of the Rings?”
    Groundskeeper Colbert: “Ssshhh, boy! It’s ‘Gandalfr’! Ye wanna get sued?”

  7. Wald/Waldo/Ward is 26… Making him ten years older than Louise. Louise looks younger than 10 in the flashback, so Wald/Waldo/Ward was probably between 16-20 years old… o_O Hello, Mr. LoliPedoFin!

  8. Geh, talk about peacefull (tame) episode. No emo Louise, no daring Siesta. Heck, Kirshe didn’t even give Saito a farewell “hug”.

    And I have the impression that JC Staff found the definition of “duel” in a cooking book. “Oh, we have to animate a duel. What’s the formula again? 4 swings each followed by a counter-move? Let’s add a parry with those dodges to spice things up. Oh, we have some seiyuu time left, let’s make him chant out a spell”. I think they’d be worshipped as a studio if they simply stuck to non-fighting emo-harem triangle romance type of series.

    I guess we can count ourselves lucky that they still manage to do well in the “kick-in-the-crotch” department.

    Oh, and that snapping panty better have a follow-up later, because it was one of the rare highlights of the episode. I have it marked.

  9. We need a poll on what series of the last year most needs remake by kyoto animation.

  10. lolz Ward-o-sama, that’s a pretty old pedo.

    After finishing this episode, I realized that the series is already almost over and yet… our story is not going anywhere. Seems like there’s a lot of building up of story, but no actual story-telling involved. It’s a shame.

    Oh well, just 3 more episodes to go of Shana 2.0. Besides, it’s not like I’m going to pass up the chance of seeing more Shana 2.0 :3

  11. “If the novels or visual game were popular for a reason, it’s best to make sure that reason translates damn well into the anime. You hear me, Type Moon?”

    JC Staff and Studio DEEN are the ones who did the Tsukihime and F/SN anime adaptations, respectively.


  12. @ tragicsmile:

    True, but they were also the ones who did Shana, and that turned out well IMHO. Then again, you can’t win all the time.

    Random note: Apparently they also did some hentai called Bondage Queen Kate. The bastards are holding back the juicy bits on us! o_o

  13. >> I liked the “I can only invoke these powers when I’m using a real weapon” excuse. Was this in the novel or a JC Staff creation?

    My understanding is that this is a major liberty that JC Staff decided upon.

    In the fight with the golem, the runes on Saito’s hands do light up as he uses the golden sword, though the results to the sword are the same in the anime and novel. Hence, he can use all weapons in the novel.

    JC Staff obviously limited his powers to ‘real’ weapons, as well as give an excuse to make the anime only ‘save siesta from the dirty old man’ episode.

  14. Tabitha’s familiar wasn’t a dragon. I forgot what it was called though.

  15. this episode was decent, but 11 really sucks

  16. Extraction of compromising materials before a marriage is a time-honored plot. Conan Doyle used it in one of his Sherlock Holmes stories back in 1880s. So, H-games can suck it.

  17. Just because it was done in the 1880s doesn’t make it less of a cliche though.

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