japan’s foreign minister likes otaku

One of the candidates for Japan’s Prime Minister position, current Foreign Minister Taro Aso, recently said in a Fox News article that as “a comic book enthusiast, Aso emphasized the importance of keeping up with the Japanese specialty of animation, an obvious appeal to ‘otaku,’ or ‘geek’ voters.” If he brings out the campaign babes in stockings and bunny ears, I’m going to vote for him for the US presidency in 2008. (Wouldn’t it be funny if he won, then at his acceptance speech, rips off his mask to reveal that’s he’s really a Pekopon Suit piloted by Keroro?) I wonder what his views are on doujinshi and copyrights

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  1. LMAO~

    If he gets voted in, I think the first thing he should do is overturn Aquaplus’s rules against doujins + fanfics for their anime, games, etc.

  2. Is my fix of Sasara and Healthy Girl doujins threatened by this Aquaplus thing?

  3. Not really sure… here’s the exact source: http://www.animenewsservice.co.....ptxxxx.htm

    Scroll down to “Aquaplus Comes Out Against Doujinshi”.

  4. Aquaplus is not against Doujinshi. What they want to prevent is the copying of the original art from their products.

    i.e. In-game CG.

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  6. … very tempting to go to your boxes control panel and try, User:Jason Password:meido :)

  7. Maybe if Hillary runs she can expand on her husband’s pro-ninja and anti-terrorist platform, detailed here:


    As long as its closer to Ninja Scroll than Naruto I’d be ok with it. I still prefer mech-suits piloted by teenage mercenaries for my Afghan terrorist killing needs though.

  8. the guy owns.

  9. >> This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota

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  10. Rozen Aso, FTW. You see this is what Americans need to know. If you’re going to run for president or prime minister or whatever you call it you need to be seen reading Rozen Maiden at some point. But not Mai Otome because that says a lot about where your campaign is heading.

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