fanservice is hibiscus

I have always liked the hibiscus flower.

(Yep, I’m busy this week. Enjoy the fanservice.)

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  1. Looks off to me for some reason. Think I’m used to seeing more forehead on her?

  2. Needs more Siesta dammit.

  3. Indeed, if it weren’t for the orange/yellow head ribbon (?) I wouldn’t have known that its her, although the eyes may also be a clue.

  4. She’s a little… larger in the chest… than Haruhi normally is. Outside of the hairband and eyes, she doesn’t really LOOK like Haruhi – the hair’s a bit off, and the body’s WAY bigger in proportion to the head than KyoAni had it for the anime.

  5. If that’s haruhi, they f*cked up, and if it’s just some random chick from a show we don’t know, then it means nothing.
    However, if its a random chick from a show thats gonna start next season that looks exactly like haruhi and talk like her and acts like her, and has the rest of the cast as well, then its interesting.

  6. Anyone else think that she looks like a bustier, brunette version of Kaede from Shuffle? Hairband, hairstyle, lack of clothing….

  7. I prefer this kind of fanart.


  8. Finally, an appropriate application of my country’s national flower. :D

  9. Meido Parody

    Guess which anime meido. ;)
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    What if… Navel has made a harem game based on the novels?

    Introducing, the SHaruhi girls, drawn in Navel( i.e. Shuffle!) style.

    Navel Style


  10. I thought Haruhi was wearing a hibiscus in one of the recent Megami Magazine posters? This looks more fanart than anime art.

    Anyways, it’s good to see my national flower(almost forgotten here) given a godly place to beautify Our Loveliness’ head.

  11. Haruhi needs to go on a diet or work out more. I didn’t know she had clubfeet. I like the flower, may I have it?

  12. OMG, that illustration by Nishimata Aoi is godly..

  13. Whoever did that really messed up the anatomy for her chest and general proportions for the rest of her body. It’s not a bad pic by any means, but when you specfically think about Haruhi, it looks a bit off.

  14. Indeed. If it’s Haruhi, she’s too hairy at the top of her head.

  15. Reminds me of busty ol’ Sakura (from Card Captors)

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