there’s a bee on your shirt…

Keroro movie two has a trailer. Jigoku Shoujo is getting a live action series. /a/ celebrates 1,000,000 posts. And, of course, there’s a bee on your shirt

9 Responses to “there’s a bee on your shirt…”

  1. I prefer the “There’s a breast in your shirt” tactic.

  2. Heh, 1,000,001th post was a Haruhi one.

  3. humm, yes I’ll rember this bee idea.

  4. OMG. Sooooo stupid!

  5. >>>He was well-known throughout the town as “the bee man”.

    For some reason that cracked me up.

    I find the chikan situation with the subways in Japan absurd. Japanese women are just… I don’t know. But, “honor and dignity” my arse.

  6. So they really, actually don’t do/say anything when they’re being molested on the train?! I thought that was just an anime convention.

  7. Milhouse GET was a sad day for all.

  8. /b/tards made /a/ pay for stealing 10M GET with Hazuki. Go figure.

  9. >>>And of course, there’s a bee on your shirt.

    *grabs bee and yells “Henshin!”, then runs away*

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