fanservice is hibiscus 2.0

Here’s a hibiscus from the front of my house and one from Oahu. (A hybrid post of this post and this post.)

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  1. I love that smirk on her face. Haruhi’s always plotting something, even at sunset in a tropical paradise.

  2. Now that you mention it, it DOES look like that.

  3. Now THIS looks like Haruhi. Right down to the knowing smirk.

    The fact that her proportions are more normal is merely icing on the cake, as is the parachute silk composing her only items of clothing…

  4. Where is her eyebrow! :O

  5. Lmao! You can’t see her eyebrow because Yuki went crazy after Haruhi tried to fit Mikuru into her which outfit.

    Shaved the thing clean off XD

  6. WITCH******^^^^^^

    god i need sleep

  7. I hate fanservice! buuuuuh!

  8. thought it looks familiar, looked through my stash, and found this

    all 3 looks delicious

    sorry about the crappy quality ; ;

  9. nm, just found your desktop ; ; i’m slow

    (jason! send me the 1280 x 1024 one you have~~ the link doesn’t work ; ;)

  10. Mirrors of all my old Haruhi wallpaper:

  11. thx~~
    this is 1 of my stashed ones, my fav in fact
    original file
    retouched by me, some minor fix and flipped image
    (nagato just don’t look right facing right)

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