zero no tsukaima 12

ツンデレ love. Serious business.


Episode begins with Henrietta grieving over the loss of her Prince of Wales as if she were a character from Grey’s Anatomy, and I think Henrietta wins the “Most Screentime in the First and Last Minute of an Episode for a Minor Character” award. Louise apologizes for her mistakes and offers up her body… err… life… to atone, but Henrietta comforts the Pink Haired Zero Magic Loli by saying that she did her best and brought a gift and memory of her beloved back to her. Remember, the Prince of Wales is her cousin.

(At least Kozue-chan is Shiratori’s second cousin. I think. Maybe not. Damn. And Mitsue had a crush on her cousin as well. Sigh. What was my point again? Nevermind.)

Louise returns to the Academy where she overhears the Perverted Headmaster giving Professor Colbert permission to take a leave to go look for his dragon (which we all know by now isn’t really a dragon) near Tarbes. Louise then asks the Headmaster about being “Heir to the Void” and learns about Saito’s latent powers. Louise is noticably rattled by news that her familiar could be legendary. Yep, that’s right– just like how Saito passed on a Siesta full course meal, Reito passing up a Mai buffet, and Athrun passing up a Meer fondue, Louise has the “OMFG I almost passed up a Saito brunch!” face going. We’re treated to an eyeful of Pink Haired, Zero Magic Loli fanservice here folks. Cracks and all.


(No, I’m not tossing up any HD images of Louise’s butt crack. I don’t think my server can withstand that amount of, uh, attention.)

Louise and Saito are still highly uncomfortable around each other despite their recent kiss, and Louise goes emo at Saito for breaking the elastic band in her panties (recall episode ten). (Question: why is underwear technology so advanced in Zero no Tsukaima‘s world? Elastomers aren’t exactly a Medival technology. People back in those days didn’t wear frilly, elastic panties with bow ties on them– they wore full corsages with metal cages. It’s like they have 21st century underwear in a 14th century setting just like how Ginko dresses like he shops at Eddie Bauer. Anyway, I can’t wait for the OVA where Siesta, Henrietta, and Kirche discover the secret to push-up bras.) Saito should be thrilled that Louise only has a whip and not a machete. Could possibly be John Bobbit all over.

Saito departs from Louise and mopes around campus a bit until he finds Siesta– she’s good for a smile on anyone’s face. This time around, she changes into yet another outfit (this is a good thing) and shows off a classy, everyday casual number. It’s good to see Sexy Siesta prior as well as Beautiful Siesta now. Siesta is actually out of her meido outfit because she has some time off and is going back home to spend some time with her family. Saito uses the pretext of “Hey, her great-grandfather may be from my world!” to arrange to go back to her hometown with her. Her hometown? Tarbes.

Louise meanwhile is wandering around campus looking for Saito thinking of the best ツンデレ way to apologize to him. Color her hair black, and I can’t tell the difference between the Pink Haired Zero Magic Loli and the Flame Haired Red Hot Eyed Loli. None; zilch; nada; zero. Of course, she catches at the edge of her eye Saito leaving the Academy on horseback… with Siesta. We’re treated to a delightful “USO DA! USO DA! USO DA!” from Louise. Actually, she’s saying “KI-SU SURU NI!” but I think “USO DA!” or “GOMEN NASAI!” would have worked as well. Especially if Louise had a machete instead of a whip.

(Then we’re treated to a quick montage of Saito on horse with Siesta. I’m pointing this montage out just because it looks like they just drew three frames and just jerked the frames up and down for two minutes. And, yes, for holding Siesta in the saddle like that, I wanted to toss a few prinnies at Saito.)

Reminds me of Yoshida staring at Yuji’s “flame” for some reason… HD

After arriving in the village, we’re not treated to a glimpse of Siesta’s family. I really wanted to see Saito arrive with Siesta and get jumped by Jessica leading to the Greatest Threesome Ever. Too bad. FSN had its chance and blew it. Zero no Tsukaima had its chance and blew it. What will be the next anime to blow the big chance? Instead, we’re treated to a helping of the Peloton! It’s Kirche, Tabitha, and Guiche tagging along for treasure!

Less than two minutes later, the gang runs into Professor Colbert and… ta-da! Louise! Leading to a ツンデレ-riffic reunification meeting between Louise and Saito. Eventually, the gang finds an old barn with Siesta’s great-grandfather’s grave– he was an ensign for the Imperial Navy. Saito muses on whether Siesta’s Japanese-like features is what drew her to him… um, not the meido outfit? Her warm smile? Her nice demeanor? Bah. No. It’s her black hair.

Inside the barn, they discover– appropriately enough– an Japanese Mitsubishi Zero fighter. Zero no Tsukaima. Har har.


Saito also learns that there’s a possibility that the plane can take him back home during the next eclipse… and… of course… Professor Colbert has the ability to make more fuel for the airplane. If only Saito kidnapped Professor Colbert and brought him back… anyone who can conjour up gasoline is immensely valuable in today’s modern economy. Saito is prepared to go back home in the next eclipse in three days… which just so happens to be when Albion plans to attack Tristein.

(Seeing how next episode is now perfectly setup for Saito to return home during the eclipse only to bail to save Louise from Albion’s invasion, I really hope that Albion’s dragon riders haven’t mastered the thach weave yet.)

(Wouldn’t it be hilarious if some company like Viz licenses ZnT, shows it on Cartoon Network, and decides to digitally edit out the Zero in favor of a P-40 to “localize” the show? Though I understand the possibility of CN showing a show centered on loli fanservice is close to nil.)

Zero no Tsukaima Character Power Rankings™

1. Claws and Fangs of Violation HD

For correcting pointing out Louise and Saito’s lover’s quarrel. And for openly questioning Saito’s choice in woman. “Seriously? You’re picking Louise over Siesta? You may want to sleep on that, think it over, and toss Henrietta and Jessica into the equation before making any big decisions.”

2. Siesta HD

For looking beautiful in her casual clothes. It’s no contest. Nice, warm, caring, busty meido with a slight naughty streak wins over spoiled, whiny, ツンデレ who looks like she’s twelve just like how Peyton Manning will always go two hundred spots higher in any sane fantasy draft than Joey Harrington.

(BTW, we now know that both Siesta’s relative and this mystery person who brought over the Staff of Destruction were both military personnel who came over. The Staff of Destruction dude couldn’t be Siesta’s relative because of the timeframe involved unless Oyashiro is part of the backstory… and also how he died shortly afterwards. Could there possibly be more people who have came over? Maybe a la Dunkirk, who some Escaflowne fans believe is really Sir Newton world shifted over. Still, I find it odd that two military types were sent over and Saito.)

3. The Professor HD

For being just a nice, useful man. Now… where the #$!@ was he and his powers when Fouquet was busy stealing the Staff of Destruction?

4. Henrietta HD

For the tears she shed during this episode. (And maybe I’m a bit influenced by her new outfit next episode. More on that when I finally obtain an HD copy of 13.)

5. Saito HD

For ditching Shana Louise and sneaking away with Siesta.

(BTW, they had F-15s fighting with Guymelefs in the PS game, and I thought that was pretty ridiculous. I think Ward-o-sama on a griffon vs Saito in his zero would be almost as ridiculous. Only Saito piloting Strike Freedom could a more unintentially hilariously powerful combination be bourne out of this scenario.)

The Peloton. Kirche, Tabitha, and Guiche HD

It’s not a good thing to be constantly stuck in the peloton. You either attack and ride into Champs-Élysées first, or you get left behind. Or you could just take artificial tetosterone, consequences be damned. I’m very disappointed in Jessica’s lack of screentime.

(I like this screenshot. It’s just Guiche being Guiche with everyone having their “Yep, it’s Guiche being Guiche” faces on.)

Last. Louise HD

Louise was just a ball of angst this episode. Even when we expected her to go crazy, she doesn’t go crazy enough. I felt that she was fairly restrained compared to previous episodes, like when Saito kissed Henrietta, or Louise’s epic, “Mune ka? Aitzu yappa mune ka?!?” First, she was all angsty over her kiss with Saito, then she doesn’t really get over that before she accumulates even more angst from seeing Saito flee with Siesta. Then after Siesta and Saito get reunited in the cave, Louise has a very mild response. It felt foreign– like watching an episode of Keroro Gunso where Natsumi gets beaten up by Keroro. Then even though Louise never gets her kiss angst nor her Siesta angst out of her system, she gets saddled with, “Saito may leave me for Japan” angst, and we get Louise’s boring, “I should have sealed the deal with Ward-o-sama” face.

(BTW, I need to write my “Potato Handbook” post sometime. Keep forgetting.)

One episode left. (If there’s one good thing about JC Staff, is that they pile on the fanservice at the end of a series. Remember the Moo-Cow Girls in MoO? Or Shana’s, uh, ripped clothing at the end of Shakugan no Shana?)

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  1. Zero on zero strike lol, is this Jipang? =P

    Random link:

  2. Did you get your LE Zero DVD1?

  3. >>>Still, I find it odd that two military types were sent over and Saito.

    Maybe the higher powers controlling the Earth-to-Halkeginia transport service require some military acumen from their prospective transportees. Siesta’s jijii was of course a pilot from the WWII-era Japanese Navy; and from what we saw of the owner of the “Staves of Destruction” and what we know of the timeline, he was probably a soldier from the Vietnam War era; and the first time (chronologically) we see Saito, he is holding his laptop. Maybe he’s a monster at Battlefield or something. ZnT’s already borrowed heavily from everything from Shana to Harry Potter to Escaflowne to Bleach. Might as well throw a little “The Last Starfighter” in there as well…

  4. finished ep 13…. seriously interested in wtf the novel is about… no eng ver, and chinese ver only has 2 volume, and i feel strongly against reading light novel with dictionary ; ;

  5. It would be immensely uncomfortable to sit in a pilot’s seat with a sword across your back. Try doing a flat turn with 90 degree bank without getting a fractured spine… Of course it’s not the real world, so it’s all right.

  6. @quigonkenny:

    Considering when the series was made, It’s either Wing Commander or Red Alert. I’m leaning more on the former since it’ll fit nicely.

  7. >>Skribulous Says:
    It’s either Wing Commander or Red Alert. I’m leaning more on the former since it’ll fit nicely.

    Assuming that comment’s in reference to Battlefield, that may be true for the novel series (didn’t realize it was that old), but certainly not for the anime, since when was the last time they made a Wing Commander game (or Red Alert, for that matter)? Besides, Battlefield’s more in tune with the expertise of the two previously referenced visitors from “the real world,” especially the one who wasn’t Siesta’s grandpappy.

  8. Waterfall’s random link = WIN

  9. Its funny how this is like Higurashi…everything being rushed to the one final episode where all hell breaks lose? Now I think its time to say to JC then need more money for better animes and better writers XD.

  10. That’d be awfully weird if he did make it back home.
    “Hi mom! Im home after a couple of months. Oh, and I brought back a working antique fighter plane and a talking sword! Did you miss me?”
    and his best quote:
    “A mole? That must mean…..” ugh face.

  11. You know… it could be coincidence, but the two times we hear about people coming from another world was in the middle of two Wars. Siesta’s grandfather obviously came from WWII and the soldier that brings the Rocket Launcher came from (I have to said this) Vietnam. Well, Louise summons Saito from nowhere (only Saito could look into that hold and said “WOW WTF is this?”).

    I love history. Is like how Blood + 50 show us a bombing attack over New York City on September 2006… LOL

  12. Nice to see they followed up on the panty thingymajig.

    Damn, these eps have a huge anticlimaxy feel to them.

  13. Longest route from Shana TV->Shana OVA is thru Zero Louise. XD

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