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Something to taper off the emo ramen with.

Has anyone managed to find the ADV versions of this manga, by chance? I’ve been searching everywhere, and they’re sold out. – Haesslich

I didn’t even know that ADV has released this manga. I went to my local comic book shop that has a lot of older manga, and I asked one of the salesmen if they had any “Noodle Fighter Miki” or “Muteki Kanban Musume” manga collections for sale. The guy looked at me with an o_o;; face, so I said, “It’s about this girl who works at a ramen shop but has emotional stability issues,” and I swear the salesman started signaling his coworker to call to police. Needless to say, I didn’t find a copy. I ended up finding a copy on eBay for $2. Amazon has two left in stock and is sales rank 600k+.

(I somehow doubt ADV will release more. It’s not exactly a best seller– people! Get out there and buy this GN! Even if they call the cops on you…)

Ramen Fighter Miki aka Muteki Kanban Musume.. most underrated anime this season? – Waterfall

No argument from me. I’m glad that at least one fansub group resisted the temptation to be group number four subbing Zero no Tsukaima and did Muteki Kanban Musume instead. Bravo Kiss-Kyuu.

I would like an order of 52 more episodes of Muteki Kanban Musume please! It’s not like it’s hard to write for this show, because like Jason stated before, it practically writes itself! – deadpill

If I have a new goal in life, it’s to become a scriptwriter for Muteki Kanban Musume Second Gig. I’ll have the first ever arc where Miki goes to the beach to open a beach ramen stand for the summer, only Megumi is there too with her yakisoba bread stand. Basically, same hijinks, only bikinis will be involved. (And I’ll definitely work in a Stand Alone Complex parody.)

-”You’re horrible, Ohta-san… Baka!”

-No sexual reaction at all from Ohta when Miki falls on his chest. Pure terror. – wp

You know who Ohta reminded me of in that scene? Harima whenever Eri gets infected with a case of mistaken identity.

Miki in Ouran eh…… I fear for Tamaki’s safety when he introduces himself to her. – Xeifa

I think The King can handle her… remember, once that customer said that Miki is cute, she chugged that beer… what The King is capable of… too bad he’s out of her price range. Uber-male gigalos don’t come cheap. What do you think Tamaki charges? 50,000 yen an hour?

Please Jason, throw a post-mortem about MKM!! Please! Please! – Nemo_N

I don’t have enough YTAMR-type comments for this series. :( The lack of fanservice hurt Muteki Kanban Musume in this regard. But I’d definitely like to.

Also, Drunk Miki=Belldandy. I’m sold. (Actually, I was sold since episode 2, and this is yet another bonus.) – Skribulous

I think that one of the strengths of Muteki Kanban Musume is how they subtly parody other shows. It’s not blatant and definitely can be easily overlooked– for instance, the OP. When I first watched Wild Spice, I had this nagging feeling that I’ve seen this before. And it out turns out to be pretty much a Sunrise parody. Only thing missing is Anty-chan trying to look angsty (and failing), and Shinn trying to look cool (and failing).

I can just tell that the people at the animation studio were having so much fun making this series. A very satisfactory ending indeed. – lyn

lyn, right on. I think the best anime comes from people who are having fun making it. Same goes for anime blogging… and I really enjoyed writing about this series.

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  1. Unfortunately, even though the customer got Miki to drink the beer, she was totally self-absorbed. Tamaki’s customers are obsessed with Tamaki, which is how he gets control over them. It would only be a matter of time before she got irritated. Remember the time Sensei’s student fell in love? “I don’t understand, but this is the kind of atmosphere I can’t handle…”

  2. And I was dead wrong about the turn. Oh well, I suppose it could be worse. But how could they pass Hell’s Bunny for a final cameo, I can’t understand.

    BTW, people on other blogs were posting explanatory articles about Sensei. Maybe her lead is not all stuffing after all. Although personally I just can’t see it.

  3. I hope it gets more attention if it ever gets licensed. And I found out the first volume is “On Order from Manufacturer” in ; sounds like “nope, we don’t have it”.

    Here’s the kicker: volumes 2 and 3 are on preorder. Release date: Dec 12 2012 (!?!?).

    OTL. OTL indeed…

  4. zyl’s entry was posted like two hours ago.

    Remember March Madness? I hacked the poll to be slightly more resilient to stuffing. It’s not like Sensei is a bad character, quite the opposite– but Miki and Megumi aren’t exactly crappy characters. I’m guessing that the people who would vote for a poster girl voted for one, thus splitting the vote between the two.

  5. Drama CD

  6. Sensei’s draw is her normal ’emo’ mode and how it conflicts with her ‘happy Ramen people’ version. She’s REALLY creepy when you encounter her half the time (although I found her attractive, somehow), but when she goes happy.. well, it’s like there are bells ringing in the background, angels singing her praises, and so on.

    And yes, ADV released it, as per the AnimeNewsNetwork page… although I’ve yet to see a copy ANYWHERE. It probably came out just before ADV Manga crashed and burned, which explains the lack of copies.

    Megumi’s draw is her psychosis is slightly less obvious than Miki’s (you don’t always see her face in that toothy evil grimace), but the inferiority complex she’s gained around Miki’s also given her a ‘moe’ factor based on that. Oh, and her figure’s more obvious than Miki’s, given that she tends to emphasize her femininity, while Miki tends to hide it in subtle ways… except in Ep 12, where she outdoes Megumi, and sends Megumi into the Yakuza mode.

  7. I think that a good oav would be when Makiko realizes that drunk otome-Miki would be her only hope of marrying Miki off so she gets sent off for an omiai. Only drunk ranbo-Megumi shows up and we learn that the suitor has a thing for violent girls…..

    Zero no Tsukaima could be so much more improved if it were Miki and not Saito who got pulled into the magical world. Imagine Miki as familiar to that cheap tin-pot Tamaki knockoff. Or Kayahara-sensei. A mage who is actually terrified of their familiar. :)

    And Siesta calling Miki “Oneesama”…….

  8. I would think that Sensei’s draw was her lady next door appeal and ease of appeasement via a cheap food item. It could also be the idea that Sensei could not have been jail bait and radiated maturity until the Miki(and consequently Megumi) is 20 years old bombshell.

    As for Megumi her willingness to cosplay and that walk are probabaly strong selling points as well.

    Wait if ADV’s Manga Div went bankrupt could it still be possible for another publisher to get it licensed whether by buying the license from ADV or direct negotiaion from the Japanese publisher?

  9. Heall yeah!

    This was a funny ride… I didn’t think the same after seeing episode 1 but.. after episodes 2 and 3 and your support along the way (good job at blogging). Perfect.

  10. Wild Spice reminds me of Saint Seiya, actually.

  11. So easy to watch and blew any sort of expectations into space. My kingdom for a second season.

    Another kingdom for more drunk anime characters. The mind delights at the possibilities!

  12. 1. Drunk miki deserves a spot in the mkm character poll

    2. The ending comment and amount of manga material that has not been covered suggests that anime studio would like to do the 2nd season. The trouble is, unless they start selling Onimaru Ramen oversee to compete with Sapporo Ichiban and Samyang Ramen, they are not going to generate as much tie-in merchandise revenues as other animes.

    3. Drunk Miki’s Mom should be classified as Weapon of Massive Destruction.

  13. I bought the ADV Manga like 2 years ago when it caught my eye in my favorite book store.

  14. Incidentally… Miki sought me out today, since I FINALLY found Noodle Fighter Miki on the shelf I’d been scanning for the past 7-8 weeks. And apparently, it’s been there the whole time. :P

    By the way, Diamond Comics (the distributors of much ADV manga) only has Vol 1 in their listings…

  15. By the by, anyone figured out Megumi’s accent when she gets drunk?

  16. Jason… if you never got the DVDs, hey have a ‘voice actor battle’ between Ami Koshimizu (Megumi) versus Hitomi Nabatame (Miki). Two of them, actually, straight from the Japanese DVDs. :D

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