twincest bisexual nekomimi meido

Is there anything more moe than twincest bisexual nekomimi meido? I say no. Okay, maybe triplet omnidirectional docking. Mmm… melonpanriffic triplet bisexual nekomimi assassin meido. Sounds silly, right? Somehow, I think it’s a matter of time before some anime or h-game features such a moe mode. What outrageous moe mode can you come up with?

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  1. I think android vampire twins (of course also bisexual, nekomini and meido at least half of the screentime) would do the trick. Maybe some machete fighting wouldn’t hurt either.

  2. i think anime fangirls is a very unexplored moe. I’d like to see a good show that portrays them in a sexual way. cosplaying seductive fangirls FTW.

  3. How bout… Goth Loli, bisexual, nekomimi meidos… :3 (or does Meido = Goth Loli already?)

    Machetes eh? Add a Rena in meido uniform and you got it!

    Could use some Flame Hair, some Pink Hair, some ponytails, and blonde pigtails are always killer for me.

    Thigh-high stockings are a must! :O
    And maybe lots of lacing and ribbons… (for Goth Loli) and chokers! Hawt secksy chokers! (Like the drummer from Live Alive :P)

  4. You need to watch the new season of Black Lagoon, they have twincest Vampire , but maid or nekomimi, still…..

  5. I bear no responsibility for damaged braincells.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    In the isolated countryside of the Kansai region, a long forgotten sect of Pirate Ninjas have raised a pair of twin girls who were possessed by demonic cat spirits and bitten by vampires. Now nine years old, they must seek out the one man who can break their curses by forming a love contract with him.

    Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, the man is heavily guarded by a mysterious organisation and is confined to staying in a mansion by the beachside.

    Using the magic from their curses, the girls disguise themselves as grown women and infiltrate the mansion by becoming maids. Once inside, they race against time to form a bond with the man before the curses overcome them and turn them into inhuman monsters.

    When they finally meet the man face-to-face though, they suddenly realise to their shock that the man is none other than their long-lost brother, whom they thought was dead.
    ~~~~ ~~~~


  6. I was going to say something about tori-mimi geishas….but you can’t beat that ^

  7. Wait a minute….birds don’t have ears…

  8. My vote is in for loli cyborg tsundere mahou shoujo sad nekomimi meido in snow with transformation sequences.

  9. Unless you’re Touka.

  10. ^ My post was in response to Xeifa.

  11. loli rapist?

  12. Hasn’t this been covered in Welcome to the NHK with the whole ‘childhood friend blind android maid robot ghost in a wheelchair’ situation?

  13. The nekomimi meido twincest is close to the top, definitely. Add the proper situation and it’ll be A+++; situation for most intense moe mode possible?
    I guess it’d have to be not too dramatic, but something like getting lost at the beach, in the woods, in a castle. I always thought Riku (DNAngel manga) was totally moe when she was lost in the forest.

  14. I’d want more HOTBLOOD moe with attack sequence shouting and such but can’t really come up with more unique stylings.

    Hmm… HOTBLOOD, self-supporting multiple-job working twin gothloli taxicab drivers (sidejob: bartending) who perform omnidirectional docking with the melonpan bus driver (elderly assisted living volunteer), quiet glasses bookworm train conductor (nightclub DJ), and wacky girl short-range passenger jet pilot (accounting firm secretary) to form SHIN GATTAI ROBO PUBLICTRANSITANAR?!?!

  15. I cant take any moe anymore!
    I i cant stop, they call me!

  16. Drunken meido powered megami dynamite goth-loli meganekko cyborg bi-sexual twincest shaolin tsunderekko kanban musumes dual-wielding katanas and P90s.

  17. …which can turn themself in WW2 Planes if desired.

  18. SaibotLieh Says:
    …which can turn themself in WW2 Planes if desired.

    Nope, I wrote “cyborg,” not “android.” They can go like, Vash the Stampede, and make guns and knives and s##t pop out of their arms, but all the ahem…important parts are 100% Grade A real chick, so that pretty much precludes major mechanical transformation. That said, their power suits can totally turn into planes and crap.

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  20. Armored VR/HUD-meganekko magical valkyrie oneesama combined w/ twin adopted imoutos, one ninja/chef and the other a magic gunner.

    Is chef a subtype of maid or what?

  21. Osaka Accent ftw ; ;

  22. “That said, their power suits can totally turn into planes and crap.”

  23. You guys are sooo creepy!

  24. Is this manga or an anime show? In any case, could you tell me where I could find it?

  25. This thread needs moar loli, school swimsuits, hair drills, and vectors. And striped pantsu.

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