five images: youtube mic night

It’s been a while. Let’s go Youtubing again. First up? Mai Otome PS2 game that looks like it’s based off the Naruto engine.

Top Ten Summer 2006 Cosplayers— the Shana cosplay was a bit freaky. She looked like she was six feet tall.

AMV Hell— dated as hell nowadays, but where else can you find Eiken combined with Grave of the Fireflies? Pop quiz: which anime featured in this clip is the newest?

Tamaki x Haruhi— something less dated. “You can touch/you can play!”

Nanoha A’s SEED— well done… well done…

Maid in Japan— ever wondered what happened when Lupin visits a meido cafe? Me neither. My favorite part is when the last girl really gets into her act… Japanese otaku are fearsome. My favorite comment to the video has to be Jaq82’s “So… modern geisha then?”

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  1. Like Nanoha’s best.

  2. Re: AMV Hell… didn’t you give it away? Isn’t it Eiken? Everything else is pre-2002, but I know at least one of the Eiken OVAs stretched to 2003.

    And needs more Zero no Gundam

  3. 1) Not exactly how I imagined a ShizNatz fight would be like. So what the probabaility of hot coffee?

    2)My head hit the key board with the ouran one, though I wonder if I should be mad that Yuki, LOL Fang-tan, and Mikuru were missing.

    3) My guess is snow fairy sugar, makes my want to see Azumanga Daioh again

    4) I wonder if there will be an abundace of RengexHaruhi ones in certain circles…

    6) I take it they do birthday parties too right?

    Long live youtube.

  4. Is it me, or is the Haruhi coslpayer the same as the infamous big-handed one from the SOS-Dan imageboards?

    And the Nanoha A’s SEED Destiny one was better, IMHO.

  5. Haruhi is rated the best cosplayer of 06? I wonder what Kyon has to say about that?
    Okay, how about Fang-tan?
    Much better.

  6. Char with breasts is kinda disturbing, although the cosplayer who was taking her costume from ARia worked out alright.

  7. I’m kinda happy that ARIA was number two.

  8. LOLLOLLOL I believe I can fly xD

  9. That Barbie song is creeping me out now…back when it was popular, I knew too few english words to understand more than than the obligatory “C’mon Barbie, let’s go party” :P
    Now it’s like…creeepy xD;

  10. for AMV hell i’d go with naruto ; ; since it’s still ongoing

  11. If you haven’t, you should check out the 60+ minute AMV Hell 3 “movie” they compiled. Particularly the end credits. ;)

  12. Thanks to that last video, I am now even more scared of Japanese otakus.

  13. am i the only one who burst out laughing while watching the mai-otome video…holy crap man that was hilarious…especialy since its sped up and almost chickmunky…lmao

  14. Of course the Suzumiya Haruhi cosplay is number one….she had god on her side…

  15. GIANT-sized loli… wait..

  16. HFS!!?!

    I want that HIMEZ game.

    Shit is being thrown to the fan.

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