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Top Ten Death Note Spoilers

10. Misa Amane is a Mizuho-class trap. Enjoy the episode when Light-o finds out. (I’m calling Raito “Light-o” now, officially entering him in the “Ward-o-sama All-Stars.”)

9. The people start referring to Light-o as “Kira” because he’s the closest thing to the real god of death: Kira Yamato.

8. L’s real identify? The Soge King.

7. Wonder how thousands of people can die yet the death note looks like it’s only twenty pages thick? It’s actually not one book– Guk originally purchased a fifty-pack from Costco.

6. The following dialogue is from L’s and Light-o’s final epic battle, right after Light-o writes all four possibly gay members of PGE into the death note:

L: You have no idea how bad it gets! I’m not you… I can’t make it on a coupla high-altitude fucks once or twice a year! You are too much for me Light-o, you sonofawhoreson bitch! I wish I knew how to quit you.

Light-o: Well, why don’t you? Why don’t you just let me be? It’s because of you that I’m like this! I ain’t got nothing… I ain’t nowhere… Get the fuck off me! I can’t stand being like this no more, L.

5. Watari’s real identity? Hellsing‘s Walter.

4. Guk was once voted “Most likely to be addicted to honeycrisp apples” by his high school class. (I’m honestly addicted to these things; I’m guessing they spliced in a nicotine gene or something. I bought two from Whole Foods one day when I went there for lunch, and next thing I know, I’m walking out with a carton, shunning the cheaper red delicious apples. That’s right. You came here looking for Death Note spoilers, and I talk apples.)

3. Sayu Yagami is actually a minor character in Lovely Idol. She’s the tall one.

2. Light-o goes through an impressive amount of women during Death Note— he easily puts The Bachelor to shame– and he even manages to bag Shion Sonozaki. (Real spoiler: the last half of Death Note, which doesn’t look like it’ll be animated, has strong parallels between Light-o and Shion Sonozaki– to the point where I expected Light-o to start screaming “USO DA!” at… :) .)

1. The final name written in the death note? Ayu Tsukimiya.

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  1. HUGE LOL…
    Possibly a ROFLOL…
    Yep, ROFLOL it is.

  2. I love the taste of my Light-O’s with skim milk in the morning. I wish I knew how to quit you ;.;

  3. >>The final name written in the death note?

    A choice as inspired as it is righteous.

  4. That earns a ROFL, five LOLs, and two KEKles. But to slander a Hirano Aya character? The community will be up in arms. In fact, they’ll take YOUR arms. Can you say, “ippen… shinde miru”?

  5. Er, and yes, I think I did just compare the vast sea of SHnY fans (self included) to killer goth lolis in magical technicolor dreamcoats.

  6. This was so completely random, but really funny.
    And I have to disagree, I think the anime will make it through all of the manga. If the LA can get through the first half in 3ish hours I think the anime can get through the whole thing in 37 episodes.

  7. There’s such an insane amount of dialogue/text in Death Note that they could finish the thing in 37 episodes or 137 episodes. It’s a toss up, really.

  8. Also in completely unrelated news, it seems the fans pushed “Shadow Warrior Chronicles” over; it’ll be kept Utawarerumono. Ten bucks says someone went inside ADV with a steel fan and a mask, or maybe just a picture of Oprah.

  9. I never saw the manga, but im waiting to see when will he find about the trap.

  10. Hi Jason,

    Re: Light-o’s imouto

    Does she count as one of Light-o’s conquest? XD


  11. Guk?

  12. >> Misa Amane is a Mizuho-class trap.

    Trap voiced by Aya Hirano? I just don’t know what’s right anymore.

    Who’s next? Mamiko Noto and Yuko Goto? Why don’t I just put the bullet on my head and be done with it? :'(

    >> The final name written in the death note?

    Well, I guess he also wrote this, then:
    Misuzu Kamio – Magical AIDS

  13. L’s true name was already revealed but i wont say it just to not spoil it xD

  14. sagematt says:
    Who’s next? Mamiko Noto…?

    If Mois-dono turned out to be a trap, I might have to share that bullet with you.

    “Oji-san, I’ve been meaning to tell you something. You could say…Crying Game?”

  15. >> The final name written in the death note?

    Light needs to write in the entire cast of Gift in there as well. O_O

  16. Poor Ayu. If only Raito got laid near the beginning. Then you would be alive… :(

  17. >>“Oji-san, I’ve been meaning to tell you something. You could say…Crying Game?”

    And thus were eighty seperate H mangas born.

  18. BUBBA
    BUBBA did the Haruhi fishnet guitar-figurine resin kit.

  19. doesn’t l’s name begain with law or some thing and i also heard that he dies then comes back to live

    lightxL forever (my opinion) smile**

  20. this anime is sOOOOooooo cooooOOOL!!

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