crescent love 3

My gosh, what happened to the animation quality?!?


Lettuce? Lacus’ ball thingie? Dragon Warrior slime? Slurm? WTF is this?


I give up on this series. If they don’t give a damn about the animation, I’m not going to give a damn about the series. It’s like they’re not even trying– if Kanon is the Chicago Bears, Crescent Love would be the Oakland Raiders with Art Shell running the art staff.

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  1. I love the two frames of animation to cut the mutant lettuce.

  2. Well… in Ep04, the animation kicks up a notch, and emo-facial distortions make an appearance.

    I give you, Feena the Warrior Princess.


  3. Definitely fails the watch test. I kept the progress bar on my video player on screen for half the episode.

    It also appears that the animators have made a conscious decision to make Feena a bit uglier each episode.
    ep1: OMEGA-Hawt
    ep3: average face with ample melonpan
    ep12: mutant lettuce

    In addition, WORST Iron Chef ‘parody’ ever and worst cooking contest ever. I’m not even sure if it was supposed to be a parody. It’s like they started working on the idea but forgot to add the humor.

    I suppose I’ll watch ep4 for ‘Feena, Warrior Princess’ though.

  4. It’s the biggest jawbreaker EVER…oh…heaven…

  5. I think its a new pokemon…

    I did find Natsuki’s bro’s imitation of chairman Koga kinda funny. Truthfully, Im trying not to be critical of the animation quality of this show; it qill create self fulfilling prophecy of “show me the money” if you know what I mean. But even the filler-quality is pretty bad. Its gonna turn into a DC2 filler-up-to-near-end, and then cram the whtire real story into 3 episodes or something…

    And if you look closely and read the bios, its Natsuki whom wins the melonpan wars; The most dialogue during the H scenes of the game involving elaboration on it is during hers >D

  6. Episode 3 was pretty horrible. At least episode 4 was better and had better parodies.

  7. The F-team did the animation. XD

  8. >> I give you, Feena the Warrior Princess.

    There is no god.
    I’m backing away from this like it’s got STD.

  9. What a shame… damn you people for turning a h-game in crap…

  10. I like the first shot where the chairback is randomly disconnected…

  11. Took you long enough to give up on this one. Ep 04 tried the most awkward recovery, but failed with the lame or plain absurd jokes EVER (A waterfall? WTF!?). And, by the way, isn’t Natsuki supposed to have the largest bust, according to the game?

  12. >> What a shame… damn you people for turning a h-game in crap…

    Yeah, it’s a shame. I got the cg for this and thought “holy molly, now this is what I call awesome design”. Feena is one of the most beautiful drawn characters I have ever seen, and the animators totally disregarded this. They should burn in hell.

    (BTW, I remember one blogger actually said that -after watching the first episode- Crescent Love actually had better art than Kanon. Did any of you read that entry, and could you post the link here? Because I seriously lolled)

  13. This episode was an unmitigated disaster, even with Feena Warrior Princess the only thing I felt like doing during the entireity of ep 4 was to see the Indiana Jones Trilogy again…

  14. …now we wait for Kyoto-ani remake of this?

  15. >> …now we wait for Kyoto-ani remake of this?

    Oi oi! Ask for the remake of something worthwhile! Like Higurashi.

    Even better, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Minagoroshi-hen by KyoAni!!!
    (A man can dream :))

  16. Ep. 04: “We find teh parody, but forgot to bring teh funny”

  17. Definite dive in ani-quality on ep 3, at least they had the decency to pick it back up in ep 4

  18. they must have a art staff of about 3-4 people or something for it too have looked that bad… oh well… im just going to keep watching, blissfully hoping for animation quality improvements, and redeeming those game cg’s everyone has prolly already seen…

  19. So we have Kanon 2006 Version, how about Crescent Love 2008 version with CG Quality Animation Graphic by Kyoto Ani ;)

    Cant believe they are the same company that did Onegai! Teacher and Onegai! twins. I’m so disappointed ;(

  20. disappointing,the first ep was the best of all animations, but then it just slipped upon each episode……. what a waste of effort…..

  21. I looks like a cute show.where can I see it?

  22. I think it’s a cute show.

  23. I think I like this show better.I wonder where I can buy it.I hope there is a website. (^_^)

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