five images: the ladies of dragon age

Celebrating the ladies of Dragon Age [Batch Download]

My newest favorite guilty pleasure hits chapter 2 courtesy of XLG. To celebrate, fanservice. Yes, even b-movie class zombie horror can have harem elements (especially when the hawt female survivors outnumber the loser male survivors by like four to one). Here are a few images from last month’s Dragon Age special featuring High School of the Dead and other fine manga that should get an anime series sometime in the future.

Tess, Full Metal Panic Sigma
Mikuru, Zero In (Another highly recommended manga series)
Orfina, Orfina Saga
Kuu and Setsuna, Kyoushirou to Towanosora
Rei, High School of the Dead

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  1. Zero In’s Mikuru seems to be of ample size and cuteness/hawtness like her seemingly less assertive and more-often costume raped time-traveling counterpart.

    I’m also half-expecting to see Del Lago pop out behind Rei any minute now.

  2. zomg, delicious art everywhere. t3h Dave approves! Instead of writing my essay, I think I’ll check out chapter 2 :3

  3. these images are like danbooru temptations XD

  4. ROFL! The manga author managed to give Kouta Hirano, the infamous Hellsing author, a cameo! He even had the sadistic smirk often seen in the hellsing manga!

  5. Oooh Yeah

  6. I want more of Kuu and Setsuna from KtT. I’mma anticipating the anime…

  7. >> Kuu and Setsuna, Kyoushirou to Towanosora

    Needs more flute.

  8. Does anyone know where you can get these manga?

  9. >> meganeshounen
    You’re damm right with that….

  10. Damn, anyone know where to get raws of Zero In? It looks awesome.

  11. Kyoushirou to Towanosora?! How, what, where?! Can’t seem to find it on any website, not even Google yields any results.

    btw. Zero In is translated by AT-Translations, haven’t read any though.

  12. >> Kyoushirou to Towanosora

    You are googling it wrong. Learn your weeaboo words:

    Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora

    You can feel lucky with any of those strings.

  13. Oh, forgot to say. I rapidshare’d the promo about a week ago.

  14. You like your moe, seriously.

  15. thought kyoushirou was coming out sep for a long long time
    and was disappointed when found it wasn’t ; ;
    (or was it pushed to 2007? can’t remember exactly)
    anyway looking forward to meido action

  16. >>You are googling it wrong. Learn your weeaboo words:

    Ah. How silly of me, I just copy pasted it. ^_^;
    Thanks for the promo, looks interesting!

  17. The raw of the fourth chapter is out. It is a matter of time before we get it translated :D~~~~~~~~

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