adventures of mini-hecate-tan 1

Everyone’s favorite miniature flame haze returns… with a friend!

(Shana-tan Part 1) (Shana-tan Part 2)


I’m not sure what this means, but I’m enjoying these -tan clips more than I enjoyed the original series. I really think that JC Staff should pull off an Adventures of Mini-Shana just like Adventures of Mini-Goddesses. If anything, I’m demanding a Zero Louise-tan. Not to disappoint in this third installment, they toss in more Shana-tan “Urachai!” goodness, a new playmate in Hecate-tan, and some very disturbing Yuji scenes. (If the dude wants h action, all he needs to do is ask Yoshida nicely. She would say yes in a nekomimi meido heartbeat. And I definitely want to introduce Yoshida into Kanon‘s cast.) Though I still would have preferred Wilhelmina -tan over the current Stalker Wilhelmina .

(Also kinda troubling: the last scene with Alastor reminded me a bit too much of, uh, flagellum, if you know what I mean.)


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  1. zomg zomg zomg

  2. I hate the fact that this episodes only last a few minutes… I hope they include another one in the OVA.

  3. >> If the dude wants h action, all he needs to do is ask Yoshida nicely.

    I thought you would say Siesta.
    Oops, wrong show.

    >> And I definitely want to introduce Yoshida into Kanon’s cast.

    She is there. Look Hear carefully.

    >> uh, flagellum, if you know what I mean.

    Lol, not even I noticed that, and I’m quite perverted myself.

  4. hecate is a cutie zombie

  5. Haha I loved watching this, even though I had no idea what they were saying. Funny because the animation in Shana-tan seems better than the actual series itself. Better than ZnT, anyway ;_;

    Hoping for a sub, and many more of these adventures, to come.

    An ‘Adventures of Shana-tan’ spinoff is not a bad idea at all. In fact, it is an awesomely superior idea.

  6. Yuuji would not be out of place in a Bible Black episode.

  7. Ultra-w00t. been waitin for this for a while

  8. A sub has been out for a while now. Search Tokyotosho for the Eclipse release of Itadaki no Hecatetan.

  9. So… Yuuji swings the other way

    I love it!
    How Hecate-tan and Shana-tan were over Yuuji’s head saying “baka baka baka” and then how Yoshida/Henrietta/Kaori came with her trademark smile saying “Korosu”

    We need more Shana-tan

  10. I was waiting for you to make a post of this!

    My favorite part had to be at the end where Shana and Hecate are on Yuiji’s head and they are bopping him on the head.

    That was too funny and cute. x3

  11. Yoshida’s VA is Ayako Kawasumi. Known for many, many, many other roles such as Mahoro, Fuu, Matsuri, Aoi, and Kaori in Kanon, both 2002 and ’06.

  12. Anyone saw the packet of short clips titled “Shakugan no Shana Movie Pre-Release Special”?
    It contains 2 rather humourous “monologue” with Wilhemina, 1 with her announcing her disappointment in not being in the movie (the storyline doesn’t cover that far) and another supposedly a secret easter egg with her announcing the arrival of a Shana season 2 later this year.

  13. the 2nd part was out a while ago, it’s on the official website ^^;

    but it makes sense for them to make a little ad on the movie

  14. love all the shakugan no shanatan only in this one the scenes with yuji are very very very disturbing

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