ADV licenses keroro

ADV Films has licensed Keroro Gunso. They currently have Keroro doing the afro dance on their homepage. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop now.

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  1. NOOOOO! God dammit, we were getting close to more Powered Natsumi from Doremi subs! It’ll be YEARS before ADV gets to that point! And they’ll vastly overcharge for it like they do everything!

  2. I wonder how many episodes per disc Keroro is going to be… Great news anyway.

  3. About goddamn time.

  4. /sigh.. I hate the pseudo legal crap that goes on. What really ought to be done is release a subbed only version first, ASAP, and then while they are releasing those, do a sub for it, and release it separately. Of course, once the get them both done for a few episodes they can release it again, except this time with both on it =P
    Of course, that is probably too much to hope for, as the potential profits might not be worth the costs…

    In other news, Media Blasters has licensed Muteki Kanban Musume… I’m glad I finished that =P

  5. I didn’t even get started on Keroro! O_o
    (I just can’t start a +100 episodes series when I don’t have enough free time, even if it’s insanely awesome)

    Anyways, surely one of my peeps did download it :)
    I think…
    I hope?

  6. ps. No “discussion” entries (as in those you made for Haruhi and Higurashi) for Kanon and neither for OtoBoku/Code Geass?

    With most entries of these series having +30 comments, I believe it is a necessity.

  7. How dare they give the creators more money and increase the fan exposure? Who do they think they are?

    It’s not like Doremi cares about licensing. They aren’t even translating what’s being spoken… they’re mostly just going by the Chinese subtitles from the DVDs.

  8. It’s not that it’s getting the creators more money and increasing exposure…it’s the fact that I don’t have the MONEY to buy a 100+ episode series! Hell, I don’t have the money to buy a *12* episode series, with what they’re charging!

    Plus, just because it’s getting more exposure doesn’t mean that’s a *good thing*.

    ….What I wonder, is how ADV is going to manage the hundreds of direct references to Gundam that fill Keroro. It’s not covered under parody, and it’s not like it’s a small part…

  9. Re: Comment 1

    ADV overprices?

    Yeah… sure… just try buying the R2 DVDs (generally nearly twice as much money with half the episode count).

    People complain too much.

    Hopefully this release will see the return of ADV’s pop up notes. It’d definitely be a necessity.

    The first release is set for Feburary, the same as Utawarerumono, so you won’t have to wait long.

    And doesn’t Doremi continue licensed series anyways?

  10. Yes, we translate from Chinese DVD subs.

    As for “not listening to what’s being said,” that’s a bit harsh. After 3 and a half months in Japanese 1A I can read the katakana on the screen and hear basic grammatical phrases. As for “translating mostly from Chinese subs,” that’s a bit wrong too. I translate totally from Chinese subs.

    Yes, we do translate licensed shows (like the show our group is named after).

    No, you don’t have to watch what we translate. That’s your own free choice.

  11. Ladholyman Says:
    As for “translating mostly from Chinese subs,” that’s a bit wrong too. I translate totally from Chinese subs.

    I don’t see what the big deal about Chinese subs would be for Keroro. I can understand there being a stink about translating, for instance, the Haruhi novels or series, from a already-translated source. In that case, there’s a lot of nuance and technicality to the source that could be easily lost by crossing one language border, much less two. But there’s not a lot of nuance and technicality in Keroro. How can you mis-translate a Gundam reference?

    Ladholyman, you keep on subbing Keroro until you get tired of it or ADV busts down your doors, and use the Chinese subs if it makes it easier. Lord knows it’s still the funniest anime on TV, even if there might be some minor babelisms here and there (I haven’t noticed any, but I don’t speak Japanese). And while I will be buying the DVDs, I’ll still be watching it as long as you keep putting it out. I like the show enough to buy it, I’m just impatient and don’t want to wait to see it.

    And to the people complaining, I say quit your bitching. For one, if you can’t afford the DVDs, either get a better-paying job, get a good education if you aren’t yet old enough to have a job or aren’t knowledgeable enough to get a good one (and then get a well-paying job), or get a different hobby. Anime’s expensive. Whining about it won’t help, but what might is to find somewhere cheaper to buy it. If you get your anime from some place that is charging the same as the MSRP on, look elsewhere.

    Secondly, if you’re going to gripe about the number of episodes per DVD, don’t single ADV out. Viz, for example, is notorious for putting only three episodes per DVD, and that’s on long series (witness Inuyasha), and ADV is usually pretty good about only putting less than four per disc when the episode layout warrants it. Let’s be honest, no distributor would try squeezing out six or seven episodes of Keroro per DVD, and I certainly wouldn’t want to watch the result on any screen bigger than an iPod. Of course, ADV could decide to start making their DVDs like they do in Japan and charge $40 a pop for two episodes, but then you guys would probably complain about that, too.

  12. Doremi continues licensed series? Oh thank GOODNESS! I didn’t think they did, ’cause Doremi Naisho is different from the original…new name, new series, seperate license in the eyes of the law and all. Anyhow….

    Yes, ADV overcharges when you also have to pay the difference between canadian and american dollars.

    Also, I am on a fixed income (Disability, thankyouverymuch), and even without the usual expenses of a car and such I just don’t have the money to buy a 40 dollar DVD every month. And even if I did, even with four episodes per disc that’s at least 27 discs. If you have a thousand bucks to spend on a series…

  13. Well, Do what I did…. Learn Japanese. I am having a ball after I spent 3 years+
    learning the language. I am watching now an old 1980 show called the Kobocha wine thanks to my efforts. I am also following the Raws for Keroro and all the new stuff that comes from Japan. I still have a little problem with the Techno Jargon and some Archaic terms from some anime, but that is from a small fraction of shows.

  14. Re comment 12:

    I live in Canada too. Check out the listing for the Japanese volume 3 (

    Looks to me like it’s generally the same price as a typical ADV disc, if not slightly more expensive. Take into account that thinpaks can be anywhere from $40-$80 dollars for 26 episodes and it’s cheaper. You’re paying about the same for a disc anyways.

    Glad to see you’re not willing to support the industry in any way there…

  15. Perhaps you didn’t notice that it’s not whether or not I’m WILLING to support the industry, it’s whether or not I’m ABLE to support it. Being in Canada, and living in an area with an effectively zero anime source means I have to have everything shipped in, which adds more to the’s just not something I can do and still make all my other bills.

  16. im in nearly the same situation as Kendra Kirai, the animes are finally coming for sale where i live, but so far its about 4-5 series that im simply not interested in, plus is the fact that i still in school doesnt help either… if i ever get the money to support the industry by buying the dvds then i will, but until then i dont feel guilty a all for downloadin from the nett

  17. Currently May 2008, and I have yet to see a Keroro DVD from ADV.

    …Excuse me.

  18. @Zawa: You will never see a Keroro DVD from ADV Films. Why? Funimation is now the licensor! Hopefully Funimation won’t sit on it like ADV Films did.

    Before NewType USA changed to that rag “PiQ”, they had two issues highlighting Keroro: The “What’s new in 2007” and the “What’s new in 2008”. I hope to God it gets here before 2009!!!

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