santa claus is a bunny girl

Santa… is that you?!? If so, I’ve been a very naughty boy this year…

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  1. I’ve been a very good guardsman this year may I please be graced my your presence Haruhi-santa san. It gets awfully lonely standing watch by my self.

    Soon it…will be Christmas! There will be a Mikuru magic show at zero-nine-thirty! Chaplain Miao will tell us about how Haruhigasm will conquer the world with the aid of Haruhi-sama, and a few hacks by Nagatochi! Haruhi-sama has a hard-on for her fans, because we mock every crappy anime we see! She plays Her games, we play ours! To show our appreciation for so much power, we keep KyoAni’s coffers packed with the fresh money of otakus! Haruhi was here before her fans! So you can give your heart to Haruhi-sama, but your ass belongs to Haruhigasm! Do you maggots understand?

  2. Crusader’s been hitting the eggnog early I see.

  3. Yeah, shut up Crusader. Your rants is getting crazier by the day.

  4. Crazy rants are the lifeblood of AoMM. I enjoy them.

  5. Well said jason… well said.

  6. *nosebleeds*

    So… what’s being promoted in that flyer?

  7. That healthy girl is looking healthier than I seem to remember. Not that I’m complaining.

  8. Never have I more desired to be one of Santa’s little helpers.

  9. That’s who I want coming down my chimney on xmas day please…

  10. Speaking of bunny girls, I think some people will be HIGHLY interested in this (I ordered mine last week):

  11. Bleh who cares about Haruhi? I want my Nagato!

  12. *Prays for custom resin of Santa Haruhi to emerge*

  13. Heroin(e) indeed. Both Nagato and Haruhi can alter spacetime and time travel is easy, but we still have to wait a freaking year to see them again?

  14. Where is Reindeer Mikuru and Elf Yuki?

  15. reindeer is kyon, as sad as that is ; ;

  16. Deathy – BUBBA is working on a Nagato figure as we speak. He’s also working on a Ashahina Bunny girl figure as well.
    See his blog for pics.

    Kabitzin – Phail for ‘Elf Yuki’ She’s a christmas tree in the Megami scan~

  17. Goddamn it, how much more will they milk out Haruhi? I swear it will never end.

  18. >>Haruhi-sama has a hard-on for her fans
    >>Haruhi-sama has a hard-on
    >>a hard-on


    …sorry, I’ve been on Trap Detection Mode since the season started.

  19. >Goddamn it, how much more will they milk out Haruhi? I swear it will never end.

    You’re mad about Haruhi milking? What about all the Evangelion stuff that keeps coming out?

    >Kabitzin – Phail for ‘Elf Yuki’ She’s a christmas tree in the Megami scan~

    Arggg, no way to know. Christmas tree… missed opportunity!

  20. >What about all the Evangelion stuff that keeps coming out?

    Well, at least it isn’t blatant fanservice and Haruhi acting like an idiot. Oh well, maybe my beef is with the anime itself.

  21. Nah, Evangelion is much worse. It has a bunch of spin-offs that don’t further than canon, for one (Angelic Days; Girlfriend of Steele; Ayanami Raising Project). If were you following anime back in 1996, it’s literally pretty much the same reaction as Haruhi in 2006, only it was done without the help of the internet. Now that’s impressive when distros were blowing out VCRs left and right.

    APA has a great website for images of more historical series. Despite my perchance for instant history, I do keep in mind that anime wasn’t invented in 2002… there’s history that extends decades past. We shouldn’t forget about or dismiss that history.

  22. I cant wait 4 the 2nd season 2 come, & all i would want 4 xmas is 4 that santa 2 come 2 my house, no gufts just that

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