much to be thankful for

Melancholy of Kuuya Amururineuruka

I have the day off… my computer’s fixed… things are looking up. What am I thankful for today, well… let’s start with off with an AoMM favorite.

I am thankful for bunny girls…


… and for those who let that outfit achieve it’s true potential.


I am thankful for every “OH GEASS NO!” moment…


… and for stuffed crust pizzas, lasagna pizzas, and $5.99 lunch buffets.

Closet Lesbian

I am thankful for the bliss of ignorance…

Outted Lesbian

… and for the power of knowledge.


I am thankful for those who defend me…


… and for those who befriend me.


I am thankful for our new Pekopan-conquering pansexual green amphibian overlords…


… and for the resistance fighters who oppose them.


I am thankful for healthy eating…


… and for all the healthy girls.


I am thankful for a tomorrow that will come…


… and for the surprises, challenges, and hopes that tomorrow brings.


I am thankful for God in his heaven…


… and for the Goddess in middle school.


I am thankful for haruhigasmic LOL FANG-TAN nyoro~…


… and for symmetrically docked twincest killer lolis USO DA!.


I am thankful for those busy days that seem to go on forever…


… and for those carefree afternoons that seem so fleeting.


I am thankful for my given family…


… and for family that I found along the way.


I am thankful for the seasons…


… and for the warmth that they endear.


I am thankful for meido…


… and for much more meido.

Lastly, I am thankful for all my readers… and for all the YTAMR comments that they bring:

  • And I wonder if they have laws regarding date rape in that world; I mean, a magic student was easily able to create the magical equivalent of roofies… – tragicsmile
  • russian corpse sex FTW…Gretel is hot – kalm
  • So here’s where we stand… Rina: Hot, Skinny, Large rack, Short pink hair… Chick from the esurance commercials: Hot, Skinny, Large Rack, Short pink hair… Hmmmmm… – quigonkenny
  • Still if I were her boyfriend and I saw dead bodies on the floor while she was cooking with a bloody knife and I told her what she was doing and she said…oh nothing sweetie just taking out the trash…I’d hit that XD (J/k I have a girlfriend myself and shes nothing like shion). – Jason Isenberg
  • btw the shower scene with karen has a nipple showing – Xellos-_^
  • Luckily Feena has large bumpers protecting her. – Anacone
  • One ingredient of Akiko’s marmalade must be the Yuuji’s “sugooooiii~” that Yoshida witnessed. – Sheba
  • Which can lead to only one conclusion: C.C. is a Ninja Turtle. I bet one of those C’s stands for “Cowabunga!” – TGMC
  • Fap first worry later. – Kurogane
  • And all the ones from Haruhi Suzumiya.

Happy Thanksgiving from AoMM.

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  1. I’ll be the first to say, “Thanks for all the enjoyment you have provided to people like myself ,who have come to love this whole anime thang”.
    Happy Thanksgiving Jason.

  2. happy turkey day indeed ^_^

  3. We call it Harvest Festival over here in UK. I am just not sure whether the church elders will appreciate this post…

    Anyway, Happy Turkey Day to everyone.

  4. Happy National Turkey Cruelty Day!

    Thanks for a great blog!

  5. Well I’ll say it… I’m thankful for all the moe loli goodness that 2006 had to offer. Here’s to 2007!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Jason :)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for running such a great site

  8. Happy Thanksgiving. You should be thankful for a lot more than just semi-smarmy anime girls, [and guys dressed as girls] though!

  9. I am thankful for AoMM, truly. ^_^

  10. You are a very thankful person! Happy Thanks Giving, Jason!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving Jason! And many thanks to you!

    (we don’t celebrate it in my country, but have a happy one anyway!)

    (… I have to ask: who’s the outted lesbian?)

  12. I thank AoMM for MkM. What a find.

  13. Haha, nice list :-)

    Is it like thanks giving down in the States? Ah…it is. Canada’s thanksgiving passed like last month. Regardless, happy thanksgiving!

  14. I’m thankful for the 1st Mai Otome Zwei episode that came out a few days ago on Greedland, happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  15. Pardon my asking, but what is “009_hayate.jpg” from?

  16. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and happy hunting come Black Friday.

    I am thankful for a reasonably sane Fatherland and the glorious stuggle ahead. Honor and Duty for a more perfect and lasting peace.

    I am also thankful for the Second Coming of Haruhi-sama, a grand spring season, and a blogshpere that has made me appreciate moral ambiguity.

    I am very thankful for the efforts of Lord Miao and AOMM whose posts brought laughs on a semi-regular basis during long wretched days including three tear gas attacks, a full day with M240 cleaning, a most memorable week wearing the same uniform in the North Carolinian summer, baby wipe showers, and 72 hours without sleep, etc. At the end of the day this blog just made some rather crappy days with officer micromanagement bearable.

  17. *clap* *clap* *clap*
    Awesome entry.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

    >> Pardon my asking, but what is “009_hayate.jpg” from?

    It’s from a very rare anime show called Lurk More

  18. About the last pic: what’s with the lemon obsession? I swear I have seen the fruit on a lot of Suzumiya Haruhi DVD illustrations. Does it have a special meaning like the tangerine in an unfunished manag?

  19. woops, I meant “manga”

  20. What, only one pic of Siesta-chan? Man, I knew you ended up disappointed by the end of the series, but I thought it was just Tatarigoroshi-hen level disappointment. For a near Siesta shutout, it must have been last-two-episodes-of-Evangelion level disappointment. Maybe for season two they’ll break canon a little more and give us the Jessica x Siesta x Henrietta threesome that’s exactly what the first season was missing.

  21. Really nice post, jason. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you too. :)

    P.S. I request a Rapidshare or smth of all the images in this post in HR quality. :D~~~~!

  22. Nice post. We don’t celebrate that where I’m from, but Happy Thanksgiving all the same.

    I am thankful for the internet.

  23. Thanks for everything Jason…

  24. A happy thanksgiving to you too.

  25. Really enjoyed reading this !

    Happy thanks giving to all!

  26. Hooray for nekomimi meido! Happy Thanksgiving from Spangland!

  27. You need to do some discussion threads again, those were great, and gave us a reason to come up with the most outlandish sh*t we could.

  28. Heh heh. Happy Thanksgiving all. It’s been a blast coming here and I’ll definitely stick around here.

  29. Happy Turkey Day! Here’s to more meido goodness! *toasts with some of that Ichigo Jam-u*

  30. thta’s pretty nice…..
    enjoy your party and take care

  31. Happy Thanksgiving!

    >>(… I have to ask: who’s the outted lesbian?)

    Pretty sure that’s Shizuru from Mai-Hime/Mai-Otome

    Oooh, and I second a HQ image batch =) Would be awesome.

  32. I forgot it was Thanksgiving day in US. Our Canadian one was almost a month ago.

    BTW any source for that photo of Natsumi figure? Looks like painted kit, I hope they release PVC of it. For almost 2 years I always wanted “powered suit Natsumi” figure but the limited edition that came with the original volume 10 of the manga is too rare to find.

  33. One of the best article I have ever read from a blogsuki blog :) Really… Simple. Heartfelt. Great.

  34. I say firstly a thanks for such a wonderful harvest (in the form of delicious pictures) Cheers, Jason.

    Secondly, for postings and reviews that have (for me at least) reached a level of addiction that could rival drug, alcohol, painkiller, and steroid abuse all mixed together.

    And thirdly, for bringing posts about things I never would have found otherwise: High School of the Dead, Zero In, Nagasarete,Tokimeki Memorial (looks promising, at least a lil bit), Tsuyokiss (Yes, I think you’re to blame for getting me to go check out that series too. Good stuff, at least) Underwater Rey Rumano (Uta, obviously. Liked it, good shiz) Kashimashi ~ Girl Meets Girl, as well as giving me reason enough to check out some anime, Crescent Love( its’ sorta alright, I at least gotta finish it, despite it’s mutant cabbage) FMP! Sigma, Shuffle!, Magikano (good meido ((sometimes)) but not really worth finishing), Air Gear, Coyote Ragtime Show, and Kanon 2006.

    I give thanks for all such good/great/sub-par/nekomimi/melonpan-type anime and manga that you have brought into my life that I probly wouldn’t have found otherwise.

    Cheers Miao, keep the good stuff a-coming

  35. lmfao, you’re the best man. good luck with the future!

  36. Happy Thanksgiving to you too even though I am late lol, you make alot of people laugh. Cheers! M8.


  37. Happy Thanksgiving, even though it’s late! God bless AoMM…..and meido.

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