god knows haruhi

My pro-painted God Knows Haruhi figure arrived just in time for Christmas. The package is customized for the figure, but there still was slight damage to the guitar. God Knows Haruhi herself looks incredible… I have no clue how I’m going to end up displaying it since light bounces off Haruhi’s bunny girl outfit very nicely, and I’d like to accentuate that aspect. Looking for ideas from the more hardcore figure collectors out there. (Right now, it’s chillin’ on my computer desk.) The figure feels very fragile; at least more fragile that cheaper PVC figures that I have purchased in the past… especially the guitar. Nonetheless, haruhigasmic.


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  1. I got this feeling of deja vu, where have I seen something so related so recently.

  2. *cough* *cough*

    /me goes back to stare at Haruhi’s legs.

  3. Could’ve sworn Loulou got one on his desk or something when he got turned into a penguin…
    Now that’s one figure you could stare at all day.

  4. man, haruhi is hot

  5. Nice. No wonder no one cosplays this. Hard to look that good.

  6. How do I order one?? Must know!!

  7. Damn! Everyone is getting one! I want one too… ;_;

  8. http://www.e2046.com If they’re still offering it, that is.

  9. Riuva and everyone else’s been blogging about it. I’m still trying to put my own kit version together. :D

  10. Mine is superior to all since it came from the first original shipment of the “Gathering” series! :P

  11. http://img301.imageshack.us/my.....mm3eq3.jpg

    Yes, this is our Jason.

    So what was the “slight damage to the guitar”? What I can see in the pictures above looks okay. Is it something that might be a problem for other orders? I might just get one, if it’s not too out of my price range. I can always get people Christmas presents next year…

  12. Some guys get all the luck…

  13. *massive nosebleed*

  14. dammit ! i want one too !

  15. May I recommend angled lights for display purposes. I have mine in a glass display case with an overhead light, but her bunny ears cast too many shadows for my liking. Sadly, I don’t have the dough to remodel the display just yet.

    As quigonkenny asked, where was the slight damage to the guitar? From what I can see in the pics, your strings definitely turned out better than mine (a little too generous in the slack).

    When I first saw the unfinished kit come out, I was more worried about the nylon leggings. XD Nice to be able to pay a pro to bang his/her head over that issue. In any case, congrats on being the new proud owner of a God Knows Haruhi!

  16. >> I have mine in a glass display case with an overhead light

    Did you purchase your case or did you DIY?

    The guitar is missing one of the tabs. It’s blocked out by Haruhi’s hips in these photos, but you can clearly see that it’s missing a piece when you look at it overhead. I’m probably going to see if I can glue it back.

  17. >>>The guitar is missing one of the tabs.

    Oh, yeah, I can just see it in pic #5. A little model glue ought to fix that right up. I guess I was distracted when I was looking for it earlier. Don’t know what I could have been distracted by…

    On a *completely* unrelated note, are you sure they didn’t accidentally swap out your torso for a Mikuru torso? I don’t remember Haruhi having such huge…tracts of land…

  18. jason, don’t do it. Super glue and that tabs is a hellish combination. Believe me. They are better that way.

  19. >>Nice. No wonder no one cosplays this. Hard to look that good.

    There was a Haruhi cosplayer I saw at Otakon a few months ago who did this cosplay… she got my vote as the best one. :^)

  20. This one? I stand by my original statement.


  21. ZOMFG, has nobody noticed that the bunny ears are coming right out of her head?!?!

  22. wow. I am very jealous. She’s absolutely gorgeous (o^-‘)b

  23. Chris Says:
    ZOMFG, has nobody noticed that the bunny ears are coming right out of her head?!?!

    She’s wearing a really thin banded set of ears. Or…

    The ear band is really obvious if you see it from the one angle not represented in the pictures. Or…

    Her yellow headband and hair are covering up the ear band. Or…

    She’s Oharuhisama; deityship has its privileges. Or…

    Wait a second… You’re looking at the ears?!

    Come on, man. This is a community of anime fans. Should it become a real issue, within a week you’d have 5 “legitimate” reasons for it looking like the ears grow out of her head that don’t involve the words “design” or “flaw.” They didn’t name a river in Egypt after us for nothing…

  24. >> Did you purchase your case or did you DIY?

    Jason, I bought mine from Ikea! Hehe, I was desperate for a place to put my figure where my mom wouldn’t break it (trust me, I’ve lost two F-16s and an aircraft carrier to her already…). Glass sides all around; I would have preferred a mirror for the panel against the wall, but looks like I’ll have to custom order/build that. It also isn’t as airtight as I would have liked, but y’get what y’pay for.

  25. Congrats!

    Mine came in about week ago, purchased via eBay… unfortunately she had significantly more damage than yours did. I put her back together with hot-glue, love, and patience, and I don’t think the breakages are apparent unless I point them out. Still, I may have a pro take a look at her and see if more repairs can be managed.

  26. SILLY RABBITS ^^, this is NOT the e2046 version…

    this one is from hobbyfan if i am not mistaken and costs like $50 more. judging from the pics, i would say hobbyfan’s version has a better paintjob and finish on the guitar (eg. perfect eyes, straight guitar strings). however, i prefer the colouring and matte finish on the E2046 (the one i have).

    overall i dont feel the price difference is justified, but on pure aesthetics, this one wins =)

    Congrats for landing her!

  27. COOL! i love the figurine a LOT and niice photography!! Where did u get it? I have GOT to know! pleeeease!!! o…..SWEEEEEET PICTURES!!! ^_^

  28. This is an amazing figure, I have both the versions released by E2046. Red and Black. But I got the black one during the second time around so she has the checkered Base.

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