harem sabermetrics (2)

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Rev 3 is ready. Check out the archive of revs 1 and 2 if you have any questions about what any of this gibberish means. Added Gun x Sword, Rahxephon, Tsukihime, Kimagure Orange Road, Onegai Teacher, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Sumomomo Momomo, and Code Geass (Suzaku). Future suggestions are welcome.

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  1. LoL, Nice note on the side next to Suzaku. LoL. You put him ‘ahead of the count’ eh? You ought to grey in C.C. too, I mean, c’mon, shes practically sharing the bed with him. He’s just too preoccupied with tearing down brittania to consider tearing off that dress…

    ..Right..? Nyoro~n…

  2. Looking good at first glance, though it is 2 am, so in a few hours, who knows. One question, I assume Tsukihime is going off the anime, since the game would be orange across the board, but Ren’s there, even though she was never actually introduced as a character.
    If she was included purely for her being fine too, that would be awesome.
    Other than that small quibble, a fine job.
    I really liked the personalized touch between Lulu and Suzaku, and Kira and Athrun. And for Lulu and Suzaku being ahead in each other’s polls. OGN!
    Now if only Shana-tan were canon, somebody would be orange :).
    As for suggestions, since any anime is fair game, let’s get some explosion packed Black Lagoon Harem action going!
    It’d take some massaging, but Revy could be the Classmate/Equal, Eda the Oneesama, Benny/Dutch would fill the Itsuki, Balilaika could be the MILF, Jane for the rich girl, of course Mad Dog would be the Meido, and our favorite ambiguously gendered twincest vampire lolis could be the ‘bait to round it off nicely.

  3. >>>Kriquen

    the only problem with a black lagoon harem is that the will most likely try too kill each other…or you

  4. /me imagining killer loli haremettes standing next to a discounted pack of boxcutters….

  5. Ren is listed under Itsuki? I thought she’d be lolibait (typo, maybe?).

    Also, what about Mizuho’s mom? Wouldn’t that mean there’d be two MILFs in Onegai Teacher? I’d personally list Mizuho herself more as an Oneesama rather than an MILF (especially given the fact that Kei is a lot older than his other classmates, making Mizuho closer to Oneesama to him than an MILF). Then again, it’s been a while since I’ve watched it, so this’ll give me an excuse to watch it again.

    Other than that, this would make for a very interesting statistics project, lol. Perhaps a thesis paper (not Unlimited Essay Works though) could be made from this? XD

  6. >>I’d personally list Mizuho herself more as an Oneesama rather than an MILF (especially given the fact that Kei is a lot older than his other classmates, making Mizuho closer to Oneesama to him than an MILF).

    Especially given the fact that Mizuho is not a mother. Perhaps there should be a “Sensei” category? (Which would also include Shikizou-sensei from “Mahoromatic.”)

  7. KOR: Madoka should be Red. By the time the movie roll around the relatioships are pretty much done. They did it in the flashback and is living together.

    Gundam Seed: Fllay should be orange since Kira did score with her but not with Lacus at least in Seed. Destiny I am not sure of. So Fllay Orange and Lacus Grey.

  8. for higurashi, isn’t Rena and K1 in the same class? and with the confession and promise in the end of the 6th arc wouldn’t Rena also fall under “promised one”?

  9. For pure organizational purposes, it’d be nice if the harem keeper was also listed…IMO anyway.

  10. Ooishi’s not the Itsuki, Tomitake is. Remember his problem with taking photos of guys without permission?

  11. You forgot to put in all woman Mikuru, Ryouko, Mori the maid, and Emiri in MoHS. Since both all woman Mikuru and Mikuru could be fondled, costume raped and ruined for marriage at the same time, I could like to count them as two people (selfish threesome dreams FTW!).

    What’s really disturbing is that the itsukis outnumber the kouhais, the maids, the MILFs; and this doesn’t even include the Yaoi series out there, like perfect girl evolution(I swear I saw one of those guys in a gay parade once).

  12. Mizuho is a trap, he falls under Onee-sama because it comes with him being made elder, sensei does not fit (since its a completely different thing) and neither is MILF.

  13. Could you make a graph analyzing bust size in relation to harem success rate?

  14. Drakron, they mean Mizuho from Onegai Teacher if you didn’t notice.

  15. Oops, it been some time since I last watch it and forget her name.

    I guess she would fall under sensei but their relation is rather weird … starting by the fact she IS a alien so she can end up in the “mysterious women”.

    Also I don’t think Onegai Teacher/Twins should be categorized as Harem since at most they are love triangles (“Twins” far more that “Teacher”) even if Teacher can potential be harem with Maho and Hatsuho (if that ever lifted off the ground).

    Anyway I suggest adding “Oku-sama wa Joshi Kousei” since its harem (overall 3 girls after the guy with 2 guys after the girl), and I am inclined towards “Rizelmine” just because of the “dog ending”.

  16. You should try to make a reverse harem one – like, shoujo. I’d be interested to see the results. Are you only doing anime in these, or manga as well?

  17. Posner:

    There’s already a Reverse Harem listed. Ouran High School Host Club has a mention on a previous version of the list, version 2, at least.

    I think.

  18. I’m kinda surprised that Mai is winning the poll, I mean, it makes me happy, but wow. It was unexpected.


  19. I, too, don’t think that One*Ti is an harem anime, I mean, at ep3 they are already married and Kei clearly did not realy paid any attention to Herikawa deseperates attempts to atract him. But if you realy want to put him in your list, Mizuho should fit better in “mysterious girl” and Hatsuho in “MILF”.

  20. Elise Housen should be at least orange…they were in bed together, naked n kissing at the last ep remember?

    What about Futakoi(alt) and Maburaho, Negima(!?) or Fruits Basket for that matter?

  21. You should add Rozen Maiden to the list, it’s kinda a harem anime. XD

    I think it’s more appropriate to put Euphemia in the “rich girl” category. If I remember correctly Suzaku does know that she’s the princess (okay I’m not really sure XD).
    Also Shirley should be at least grey for Lulu –> end of ep 12)

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