kanon-o-thon over

AoMM celebrates the conclusion of this week’s Kanon-o-thon with some Sayuri x Mai goodness in widescreen wallpaper format. Enjoy.

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  1. I think you linked the wrong picture there ;) The wall looks nice, though.

  2. I say score. And as payment, I think you’d enjoy this.


    Just because of a sufficient lack of Geass recently.

  3. Yessssssssss, Mai.
    Too bad other people I know that aren’t into anime use my computer, I need to find more otakus to hang out with.

  4. Omedetou!

  5. Next, the Otoboku-o-thon!

  6. Thx for your hard work!

  7. Good job, Jason. Good job. Ganbarou!

  8. there are several reasons why I check AOMM for updates roughly 12 times a day. These days, its mostly cuz of Mai ^^V

  9. Nice job Jason- what a good anime this has been.
    Kyoto is just a brilliant studio- works of art really.

  10. Strange But True

    Nayuki-fans will be pleased to know that despite her current low profile, Nayuki clocks in the 2nd-highest screen-time in Kanon as of Ep15.

    Despite being deceased, Makoto still crushes the competition in terms of screen-time and currently has a death-grip on 1st position.

    3rd is Mai, followed by Ayu in 4th and Sayuri in 5th.


  11. dam even with Mai’s domination of ep 15 she’s still in 3rd?! damn that attention whoring fox heh

  12. Oh god, Galen, why??? About the last thing I ever needed to see was the emperor like that. I wonder if shampoo in the eyes will work well enough to clean out that image.

    In other news, congrats on catching up! I really anjoyed the Mai arc, and I’m waiting to see just what KyoAni is going to do with the rest of the series. Though, I vote for a KyoAni reimagination of the remake, exploring the other endings. Perhaps shuffle their schedule, to bump up SHnY, push Lucky Star til um, whenever, and insert Kanon somewhere next fall or spring ’08. And as great as a Kyoto Animation action series would be, I wouldn’t hold your breath. FMP: TSR was only 14 eps, and I’m guessing it’s not for the lack of story. An all original action/adventure would probably require a Hollywood movie-level of funding. I’ve got about $34.17 and pocket lint to pitch in.

  13. im all for KyoAni doing more action stuff. How about the rest of Full Metal Panic like conitnuing on my own or one man burning swuad or whatever it is called. I would love even a dancing very merry christmas. Just my two cents.

    And thanks jason for your Kanon posts they are my favorite.

  14. i think i would be speaking for all in attendance here that KyoAni NEEDS to do High School of the Dead.

  15. >>Unscupulous Sousuke


  16. Damn you Galen u_u

    My heart was broken ’cause the Patriots and now you made me see this…

    Thanks for that image Jason, I really liked. My notebook looks good with it.

    Nice catch up with Kanon…. 8 episodes more to go. I think the Shiori/Kaori arc will end in episode 19

  17. As someone reminded me, there’s 10 eps. left. Minus the three for the Shiori/Kaori arc that you predict, there’s a pretty meaty 7 eps. left to air. If I remember right, the whole introduction and Makoto arc took about 8, so there’s still a fair amount of wiggle room. Please, please, let them veer towards the Nayuki ending!

    And *tears* for the Patriots. So freaking close! If only the defense hadn’t totally imploded and then pissed on their own ashes…

  18. Crap, intro + first arc took 10, but the Makoto arc didn’t really start til ep. 3, so still only 8 eps.

  19. Personally, I think Makoto’s arc took way too long. The last three episodes of that arc should’ve been condensed into one. Now, we have less than 8 episodes left to conclude Shiori’s arc and start with Ayu’s and Nayuki’s arcs. (Yes, in that order. I want the Nayuki ending too!)

  20. And if any of you know what SaiGAR is, be sure to vote for Aizawa Yuuichi in 2-3 days! KyonV2.0 is the best thing KyoAni has done so far.

    >>The last three episodes of that arc should’ve been condensed into one.
    Really now? I thought they only had one episode too many.

    With the way they’re interweaving stories, I guess there COULD be enough time in the end.

  21. Delicious wallpaper!

  22. *roots for the fallen Saints in my little corner, despite their crappy performance against the Bears* ^^

  23. >>The last three episodes of that arc should’ve been condensed into one.
    >Really now? I thought they only had one episode too many.

    Well I definitely agree that it was one episode too long. But I didn’t like Makoto that much, so it’s two episodes too long for me. Thus, the last three episodes should’ve been condensed into one.

    > With the way they’re interweaving stories, I guess there COULD be enough time in the end.

    Well, but that wasn’t the case for Makoto’s arc. We had two episodes of nothing-but-Makoto. Why the bias treatment for Makoto? Grrr…

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