code geass 19

Karen fanservice and a 300 side rant. What more could you want in a post?

(Besides returning to a more timely posting schedule.)


Wow, this episode didn’t remind of that Gundam Seed episode where Cagali and Athrun were stranded together on a deserted island or when the same thing happened to Stellar and Shinn. Nope. Nonesowhatever. At least Sunrise is being environmentally sound: they’re recycling old plot material. Ba-do-boom! Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week.


Actually, I was hoping for this plot line, if only to receive for some Karenlicious fanserivce. Now if we can only get some torrid sex scene with Karen and Suzaku that makes things even more awkward between Suzaku and Lulu, it’ll be for the best.



Euphie wasn’t bad either, but at least there’s a chance Suzaku could have been tempted and turned this episode into a mature audience OVA. With Lulu? Fat chance. Even if Euphie wasn’t his half-sister, Lulu wouldn’t go near that. What a shame. Anime has too many stories featuring a guy getting nakkid with a girl after their clothes get wet with nothing happening. School Rumble? Elfen Lied? Haruhi Suzumiya? Bah. It’s like all the guys have been collectively neutered or something.


Still doesn’t top Suzaku peeking in on Karen taken a bath (A+) and then Karen taking a few minutes to think, “Whoa! It’s Suzaku! I better kill him so Lulu will finally get over him!” (A+++++) Then she covers herself with her Knights of the Black Order blazer and charges a stunned Suzaku (A-, only because I think for complete shock and awe, she should have done it nakkid… it would be the ultimate reverse gender 300). Followed by Suzaku’s WWE-styled flip (A megaplus), and Sunrise’s ball-busting decision to not show more nakkidness (F megaminus). Then Suzaku pinning a nakkid Karen (A infinity plus) with Karen having the “OH NO I’M NAKKID, AND A GUY’S ON TOP OF ME!” face. Classic Sunrise.


Gotta love yet another predictable Sunrise plot mechanic: the highly top secret, highly awesome mecha that is lightly guarded. Also gotta love how Karen’s outside, next to weapons of mass destruction, while this is a two-seater mecha. Karen, Lulu doesn’t love you back… but that blue-haired chix0r? I’m sure she will…

Speaking of rip-offs, time for a side-rant: 300. This movie was both cheesy and delightful and horrifying. I was too engrossed in trying to point out all the rip-offs in the movie (which is delightful just because the movie is scene-by-scene from the comic) than to pay attention to the Shakespearean plot or the artistic expressions of the actors. I don’t think I missed much in either of those two departments. Anyway, some 300 rip-offs:

  • The Spartans pushing the Persians off the cliff. Ripped off from the Hawaiian Wars and Iao Rock.
  • Xerxes. Rip off of Shaq, LSU days. You could argue that Leonidas is the Kobe to Xerxes’ Shaq. Mmmmm.
  • The elephants: 20th Century Fox called. They wants their elephant warriors back.
  • Ephialtes. Ditto. Smeagol needs to be back on the set for The Hobbit.
  • Before Leonidas dies and he sees his wife and child in that golden field? Same thing happened to Maximus, only Maximus’ family were dead… and Roman.
  • The last scene where Dilios is talking and they pan out to show all the Greek soldiers behind him. Ripped off from The Patriot where one scene we see Mel Gibson getting his ass kicked, then the next we see him chumming with Washington as they pan out to show Yorktown.

(Yeah, never thought you’d see Shaq, Washington, and Smeagol mentioned without 50 words of each other on an anime blog, did ya?)


Well, back on our megalomaniac anti-hero, his laugh after stealing Gawain was weak. Weak sauce.

(And, yes, Sunrise’s tradition of teenagers hopping into cockpits and instantly knowing how operate them continues. At least Kira had trouble for a minute or two… Lulu more or less asks Tank, “Gawain. Complete system operations. Upload… now!”)


Like the juxtaposition of how Lulu can’t even dig a whole while Suzaku is impressing Karen with his ability to fish Gollum-style. Some people have book smarts and some people have street smarts. (Though for people like Shirley who seem to lack both, some people have 38DDs.)


Is there some weird rule in Japanese storytelling in that if you can’t think of anything else, just start randomly hooking up characters like an episode of Blind Date? Schneizel’s appearance just made the plot more muddled, but at least gives Cecile a “friend.”

(By the way, the taking over a country to secure some legendary treasure bit was originally used by the Final Fantasy XII team, Euphemia Li Britannia.)

(And, also, the “we’re out of ideas so we’re just hooking up all the characters randomly” was originally in GTO‘s wheelhouse. Gotta love how they just randomly matched up all of Onizaku’s students in ways that made any of the manga’s readers cringe in the final OVA just because they ran out of ideas. At least it wasn’t as bad as the movie… egads… you just gotta know when to quit sometimes… bad times, bad times. Jerry Rice on the Denver Broncos bad times.)


If only Euphie and Lulu stumbled across them like this, a harem anime could have broken out.


I mean more of a harem anime.

(Loved the “You’re just Zero’s lover!” swipe at C.C.. Guess Zero has them fooled in that department as well. Oh ho ho.)


It must be difficult holding diplomatic discussions when the person across from you are showing off grade A cleavage. I want to try nonetheless.

(Wait, so Karen was nakkid when Suzaku pins her, yet she’s clothed and restrained here. It means that Suzaku need to retrain her and then put on her clothes for her or let her put her clothes on herself and then restrain her, but he’d have to watch to make sure she didn’t stab him. Either way, I hate Suzaku now. He’s public enemy #1 for AoMM as far as I’m concerned.)


Finally, Lulu ends the suspense and geasses Suzaku, leaving not many cast members left who haven’t been geassed (Nanali? Euphie? Dietrich? Nina?). While I am relieved that Suzaku’s geassing didn’t lead to an OH GEASS NO! moment, I’m not exactly comfortable with the “live” command. Obviously, it shows that Lulu is more concerned about his friend than his agenda, which doesn’t bode well in both the rebellion and the OH GEASS NO! departments. Next time on AoMM’s coverage of Code Geass: top ten people I’d like to geass.

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  1. This episode was fantastic. A+++++ WOULD WATCH AGAIN

  2. I’ll like to GEASS Gorge W. Bush (Jorge Waskero Arbusto) in my contry, to make him confess the truth about the main reason for invading Iraq

    “We want the black gold”, say it good dammit!!

  3. i dont think u can geass Nanali(she no open eyezor)

    and Karen’s nakkid scene totally reminded me of Pablo Francisco’s comedy on horror movies where the unsuspecting victim goes into a house:
    “hello? anyone there? hello?….Jimmy? it’s not funny…Well, I’m gona get naked and take a shower…”

  4. the execution of the island castaway situation was better here purely because of Karen’s presence. i don’t think there is any opinion counter to that.

  5. and oh, by the way, here’s those 38DDs you were referring to:

  6. glad to see you blogging CG again, my favorite part of your blog bar none

  7. Hehehehe…. Euphiemia disagrees with the whole GS smilarities.

  8. aeriolewinters: hahahaha. It’s up already! That was fast. The whole twist with her is just great.

  9. don’t tell them why…. n_n

  10. Spoilers abound… Shhh people

    Anyways, starting to like Code Geass more with the completely unexpected random plot twist. Less of a ripoff in later eps of plot material… that I know of, of course.

    But the couple switch deserted island plot device is really overused. True it’s not a real couple switch but Suzaku’s girl was taken away for an episode by his best friend, and 2 of the people are related. *cough*KiraCagalli*cough*

    And I wonder how many kickass pilots/fighters have a pink haired love interest/sidekick. So far I can count 3… Kira/Lacus, Suzaku/Euphie, Kenpachi/Yachiru. What, they look cute together >.>

  11. I wonder if they’re hesitant about showing Karen nude (yet when we already got a Viola full-frontal) because she’s underaged… wasn’t there some sort of Japanese law against that?

  12. “I wonder if they’re hesitant about showing Karen nude (yet when we already got a Viola full-frontal) because she’s underaged… wasn’t there some sort of Japanese law against that?”

    If there was you’d end up with TONS of H games being banned. Sucks to be a Canadian H gamer because Canada DOES have that sort of law.

  13. Despite being as late as the PS3 in Europe, this post was infinitely better though.

    As for 300 its Frank Miller the same guy who put the IRA and Ninjas into Sin City because it was cool. The most WTF part about it was the subsequent Iranian fury, it you have ever seen the comic book.

    I would Geass my way into medical school, if I can skip residency that would be a bonus.

  14. Sorry to bring on a non related topic but people you MUST watch shuffle memory ep. 12. It’s not a rerun and and it makes up for the 11 repeats ep. It’s so funny I cried my eyes out XD

  15. Fellow respondents, please don’t spoil our beloved blogger. I wanna read Jason flip out when he sees the plot twist. Instead, let’s talk about the more important parts, like:

    >Either way, I hate Suzaku now. He’s public enemy #1 for AoMM as far as I’m concerned.

    Join the club. I think only yaoi fangirls like Suzy, and even then only a small fraction of them, since the majority wants to see Lloyd and his harem in action.

  16. Shaq!? Puhleeze. Xerxes is obviously a dead-ringer for Jason Taylor. During his intro, I literally had to turn my head and ask my friend, “that couldn’t be him…could it?”. The dude even SOUNDS like Jason Taylor.

    …and for the record: Dolfags suck. Go Jets!

  17. “I wonder if they’re hesitant about showing Karen nude (yet when we already got a Viola full-frontal) because she’s underaged”

    It’s exactly vice-versa. In nipland you can show naked kids but not adults because nobody would consider children sexy, hawt or view them as sex objects anyway. After all, ecchi thoughts are inappropriate. That’s also why you see so much underage doujinshi but pixelized genitals in adult jap pr0n. Bukakke and more bizarre sex practices in pr0n are another result of these laws. Basically, you can view everything except plain normal sex as it would occur between two or more grown-up, healthy humans.

    In my opinion everyone who thinks censorship of any kind of nudity is a good thing should be shot on sight. It’s exactly these people who are the enemy of mankind, world peace and my account balance.

  18. Oi, I like Suzaku, and I’m a het male! He’s a good guy for the evil empire, much as Lulu’s a bad guy for the “good” rebellion, and I love those cotnradictions.

    Moving on, this episode definately has my approval. Lulu’s trap against Euphie hunting berries, Karen calling Euphie useless and so messing up Lulu’s master plan, Suzaku being Suzaku and Karen fanservice- great times. And good to see you’re blogging Geass again, I always look forwards to these posts.

  19. Kinda disappointed that Suzaku didn’t try a “Got milk?” line.

  20. Ensei brings up the point that I’ve been waiting to become a major problem for Lulu: the one person closest to him that he absolutely cannot Geass is Nunnaly. It’s the sort of thing you just know they’re holding in reserve to bite him in the ass with at the end of the show.

    This was definately a superior fanservice episode, from a series that is giving us so many memorable moments and catch-phrases: “OH GEASS NO!” and “Table-humping” for starters.

    The next one… well, less fanservice, but OMG does Euphie screw over Lulu and Cornelia! Uh, in a non-sexual way, unfortunately…

  21. >>> The next one…
    well, the 1 after next
    since next is all about 3some with lulu suzaku and euphie, while CC ride on top of lulu

  22. Jason posted:
    “Xerxes. Rip off of Shaq, LSU days. You could argue that Leonidas is the Kobe to Xerxes’ Shaq. Mmmmm.”

    Forget ripping off Shaq. With that voice, I was waiting to see his eyes flash, and hear him bust out with a “Jaffa, kree!”

  23. Yay for naked chixors, nay for Sunrise plot contrivances….

    Our top secret archaeological dig for ancient artifacts of immense power happens to be on the same island where everyone washed up and we also brought along our top secret superweapon prototype for no good reason. For good measure it also happens to fly because, you know, they’re on an island. How else would they escape?!

  24. Wow…why is this starting to sound more like Xenogears?
    Heh, Xenogeass.

  25. Glad to see Code Geass being blogged again. I look forward to seeing the reaction to…. that.

  26. The lastest episode seem (22)… to have move away from the Gundam parallels a bit. It’s fun. Looking forward to your reactions…



  27. MAN! I love your geass blogs please do continue! :)


  29. I´d geass most of the cast, if you know what i mean.

  30. On a related note, anyone here read the first chapter of Knightmare of Nunnally? Panty and partial nude shots of Nunnally and a weird talking doll, and a Knightmare that looks like a Evangelion what more could you ask for. No that wasn’t a question >.>

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  32. nooooooooooooo…. 23

  33. Can people get off their soapboxes?

    Some of the best stories in the world are NOT original. I hope I don’t have to go down a list of them. Most every story at this point is derivative.

    So what?

    If a series kept you around to bitch and moan for 20 some-odd episodes, must be doing something right.

    If you are commenting with only watching a few episodes, congratulations on your innate insight into the mysteries of the universe from a dust mote.

    All I can say is, most of the haters state simply that Sunrise reuses plot lines and character types. They lack originality.

    It’s a show designed to sell toys and merchandise. Most Sunrise shows, especially the flagship Gundam franchise, are measured internally in degrees of success by the number of model kits they move.

    What do you want? Shakespeare. It’s a cartoon.

    Anyway, whine all you want. That’s your freedom. Just don’t be hypocritical and deny that you are a moron for expecting some grandiose literary merit from a show designed to sell kids toys.

  34. off the topic but mega man doing the haruhi dance had to post it.

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