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Wow, has it really been four years since I started reading Nagasarete Airantou manga? Is it a good sign that the manga had to wait four years before being animated? I mean, we got two Kanon series, two Ikkitousen series, and about another 200 episodes of One Piece during this same time span. Or should I just feel old… oh well, anytime my favorite manga from four years ago gets turned into an anime series by the Otome wa Boku production team, I must blog about it… at least until the production quality plummets like Otome wa Boku

Still, the simple yet ridiculous Nagasarete Airantou story is still one of my favorites: guy gets stranded on island. Island is populated with nothing but ovulating girls. Instead of pulling a Wilt Chamberlain and seeing how many offspring he can sire, the typical loser male instead turns the situation into one really drawn out comedic story featuring on all the physical abuse tossed his way. It may seem like a harem story, but only as much as Muteki Kanban Musume is about ramen.

1. Suzu

The first episode feels like I’ve seen it a twenty times before yet new for the first time. Most of the first two chapters of manga are intact, with a few key differences:

  • Chikage is made out to be sinister. Ikuto doesn’t know about her true nature in the manga, which makes it much more enjoyable. There, she gets taken out by Machi before Ikuto sees her with her bondage tools.
  • Much much much much much much more fanservice in the manga. Like it was hard to go four pages without seeing some nakkidness. A lot of, uh, “money shots” are left out of the anime or cut in ways more befitting a PG audience.
  • Ikuto’s dad? WTF. Tossed in this early for no real good reason.
  • Missing Suzu’s flashback of an eating contest with Ayane.
  • The scene where Ayane is dodging Suzu’s rocks and then trips? Originally, she says her “You can’t hit me!” line then Suzu pounds one between her eyes.
  • Ikuto’s seiyuu makes him sound like he’s thirty years old. Ugh.

While Nagasarete doesn’t seem to be as energetic or frantic as the manga, it’s at least not butchering it. It feels like it’s trying to stay true to the material, but censorship guidelines and production budgets got into the way. Nevertheless, it’s good to finally see Suzu, Ikuto, and the rest of the gang animated. Even if we had to wait four years for it.

The Airantou Girls Elimidate Power Rankings

1. Suzu

Horie Yui! Plus bonus points for voicing both the OP (Days) and the ED (Say Cheese). Though there’s a few wildly disappointing thing about Suzu:

1. She looks a bit off. A little more angular and a little less cute than the manga version. And, sometimes, she does the Cabbage Face. Not good. Bad times. Very bad times. I fully blame Feel and Gansis… they didn’t do a good job with Otome wa Boku, and they’re not doing a great job here. They’re only doing enough that it looks one or two steps up from complete crap, and that’s disappointing. I’ll equate the loss of art quality as going from Love Hina manga to that wretched Spring Special.

2. Her, uh, cup size seems to change every other scene. Pick a number and stick with it! (For the record, she’s supposed to be a “record-setter” for her age group on the island.)

2. Rin

Only because her ass seems to be approaching Queen Latifah hugeness. Though they are showing off her cleavage… can’t wait for her overprotective and jealous lesbian stalker friend to show up now. (That get your interest? Hope so…)

Plus bonus points for being voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi… who is also pulling double duty this season as everyone’s favorite Combat Butler…

3. Ayane

Obligatory delicious flat chest meme usage.

(BTW, this is the source of almost all her frustration against Suzu, which is great in the manga because it leads to fondling… but… don’t see that happening in the anime.)

4. Machi

Keep in mind that she’s supposed to be the older one.

Parting Shot


Big difference between Ikuto and our favorite Combat Butler is that when Hayate takes damage, he doesn’t look bad. Ikuto looks like Keith Richards after taking any sort of hardship. OH NOES! Nakkid girls in the bath! I’m out like restful nights for Ikuto…

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  1. suzu looks weird ; ;

  2. I’m hoping they keep the quality at the same level as this episode, at the very least. After all, how difficult would it be to animate the Airantou sheep? :P.

  3. “Cabbage Face” and the accompanying screenshot had me splitting my sides with laughter :D

  4. So they finally decided to make a Nagasarete Airantou anime after all these years. I was right in guessing it’d be the very top image on welsper’s blog. ;p

  5. I haven’t either read any or heard before of the manga this is said to be based on. All I can say is, based on this episode, what a disappointingly generic harem anime. Reminds me of Love Hina (which I saw only after I had already been jaded by other harem shows) except less on physical violence (as of yet, if I’m reading correctly above). There’s a few roffles from the visual gags but nothing that would grab me and tell “you must see another episode”.

    Perhaps I’ll check the manga for comparison and for the fan servisu, since it appears to be available easily enough by #lurking moar.

  6. Oh wow, this is awesome. I always need a harem staple for any season, and it looks like this wins! The animation isn’t that bad, and hopefully the quality either remains that way or improves as the series progresses.

  7. It’s puzzling me why a high-class blog like AoMM, would forget to include that last shot of Suzu’s high grade ass.
    You know, the one on the whale that caused Ikuto to lose the remainder of his dwindling stock of corpuscles.

    Stuff like that always makes for interesting comments and meritous debate among your sage and learned readership.

  8. Glad to know that Nagasarete Airantou wasn’t completely butchered. Although the first episode doesn’t tell very much about the rest of the series, I’m really hoping that they’ll stick with the manga and include the inside jokes/gags that I’ve been so amused by…

  9. Nagasarete Airantou is certainly different from love hina. You wont see the male getting his ass kicked here and there, instead, we get to see the girls want to have crazy S&M with him. It’ll be fun watching Machi doing her thing on screen xD.

    Btw, I thought Nagasarete anime was better adapted than Hayate anime =/.

  10. This was so much better than I had anticpated, I actually enjoyed it more than hayate. Now to wait for lucky star my #1 for this season.

  11. Machi > *
    True story.

  12. well, harem shows are not made for the sophiscated anime watchers who are above brainless fanservice

    and for rest of us, we will take pleasure wherever we can find them ^^;

  13. Horie Yui is a truly excellent seiyuu.


    This is pretty much the same voice that we heard for Ayu in Kanon and Manabi in Manabi Straight. It was very appropriate there because the characters are supposed to appear (almost) childlike.

    While Suzu isn’t supposed to exactly seem mature, it just doesn’t seem to fit. It just about qualifies for the “disturbing” mark.

  14. of all the new shows i’ve seen so far
    Aozora, Claymore, Darker than Black, El Cazador, Hayate, Heroic Age, Hitohira, Nanoha StrikerS, Airantou, Seirei No Moribito, Seto no Hanayome, Shining Tear X Wind, Sisters of Wellber, Sola, Polyphonica, Touka Gettan, Xenoglossia
    none of them are really bad, with a few certainly have great potential, howevre, the first ep usually looks better than other eps, so we will see
    the only “DO NOT SEE” anime i’ve heard so far (haven’t checked myself) is overdrive, which is like a rip of eyeshield 21 on bicycles

    btw, the best 1 ep of anime for me this week is Gintama, though Seirei No Moribito comes pretty close

  15. Wait a minute, does this mean that you’ll have to wait until 2011 to get an anime adaptation of High School of the Dead?

  16. >> Namo_N , I believe the same thing…

  17. Nm, this series better have a trap, (or two.)


    {Sweet traps, plz!)

  18. lucky star = MOE!!!~~ the OP is omfg

    the story is mostly original though
    it’s fun hear hirano sama say moe yousso again

    however, animation quality is so not the high point of the anime lol
    it looks pretty much like flash animation

  19. >> however, animation quality is so not the high point of the anime lol
    it looks pretty much like flash animation

    We should not have expected too much tho.

  20. Considering Jason’s maid fetish i am suprise i haven’t seen post regarding Touka Gettan. Which is a sequel to Moonlight lady a 5 part hentai OAV.

  21. touka gettan…. the male lead is sooo against rules… cosing Ayanami like that

    not to mention first ep is totally random, with no coherent storyline whatsoever

    the animation looks superb though

  22. Speaking of maids, does Idolmaster Xenoglossia count as it has a Siesta ( from Zero no Tsukaima ) Clone, done to the voice?

  23. 堀江由衣 is above a single moe mode, so no (since Ayu is by no means a Siesta clone)

  24. Nothing about Kamichama Karin? Koge-Donbo is love, plus the art and animation quality are high.

  25. Horie Yue sounds the same in all her recent roles from Otoboku to Kanon to this one…enough already…

    …Touka Gettan’s done in flashback (I think) so unless you really have precognitive powers you won’t get any meaningful plot just by watching the 1st episode…it’s just the end result of something…

  26. I dunno, El Cazador is the best thus far of this series IMO but I’m a sucker for Kajiura (REALLY GOOD STUFF BY HER IN THIS) and the girsl-with-guns thing. But it’s definately blog worthy, at least Jason can humor me and do a one-time blog. But it has the intrigue factor as well, which was one of the reasons why Higurashi worked last year even when it got into LOLIdiculous trainwreck mode.

  27. “money shots”

    Is it to say that j!zz actually came out of Ikuto’s p0n0s in the manga?

  28. i dont get it.. why do u say it’s “good stuff” whenever something sexy is shown? and it’s “bad times” whenever it’s not shown? is this manga MEANT to be like porn? i dont think so…go read other manga/anime if ur really interested in that stuff.

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