five images: filler post

Sorry, been working hard trying to get my thin slicing post out soon. Please make due with this filler post celebrating the genius of people who have too much time on their hands for the time being.

(StrikerS is picking up!)

Best. Hare Hare Yukai parody. Ever.

BONUS: Thanks Pak.


Shameless promotion for an upcoming High School of the Dead special. Remember the epic bath chapter where they finally gave up any and all pretense of this not being an h-series with the 8 girl bathtub orgy? Well, only Rei didn’t get completely nakkid. She does now!

(And you wonder why I’ve been pumping up this series since day one.)

(And please be gentle on XLG‘s servers. Thank you.)


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai (loosely translated as “Second Answer”) starts in less than a month. Yes, it’s pretty sad that the summer season is approaching, and I’m not done with my thin slicing post yet. *sigh* I need help. Maybe I should open an AoMM Tech Center in Shanghai or something. Anyway, the story to Higurashi is like Kenny. It’s dead. Killed over and over again in many different ways. I’m just holding out hope that Studio Deen (animating, once again) will just give up and give us a HSotD-like bathtub orgy.

Gurren Lagann‘s Youko getting drawn. Must admit, dude has talent.


Genius. Pure genius. The only way that this could have been better is if Akira is eating a slice of a medium supreme Pan Pizza™ from Pizza Hut.

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  1. That IS the best hare hare yukai parody ever.

  2. The Lucky Star OP version is even better.

  3. The two most awesome Youtube vids in one single post.

  4. BTW, the bath tub scene in HSoD are “uncensored” (steam clouds removed) in the tankoubon XLG released.

  5. Here’s another Lucky Star parody op XD:

    I wonder what those white things are….I know I’ve seen them before, but where????

  6. Wow… wow…. you know what, that lucky star code geass thing is amazing. Now lets wait for that chick to die somehow and have konata take over lucky channel.

  7. u sure u can afford shanghai? probably best to start with bangladesh, then move up gradually

    amazing how quickly those guys whipped up the rockman thing for lucky star…

  8. Haha, that Lucky Star 4-koma’s fantastic. It has everything! XD

  9. Gurren Lagann is so weird… I love it! Unfortunately, Yoko is almost nulled by that weird mechanic guy.

  10. Yup the 4-koma is fan-geass-tastic but if was Konata’s desk _then_ it would have everything XD

  11. Better complete comparison for the LS OP:

  12. as a touhou fan its my suty to post this as being both relevant and awesome.

  13. I’m surprised you didn’t post the Skittles Suzumiya Haruhi- Candypop Amv. It’s one of the bests Amvs I’ve seen.

  14. Silk>> Agreed. Artist is Koopiskeva by the way.

  15. OMG, youtube is blocked in Thailand! T-T can’t watch it!

  16. NES Rock/Megaman parodies of the SHnY and Lucky Star openings? Absolute gold. I had as much fun with these as with plamo’s gundam parodies.

  17. “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai (loosely translated as “Second Answer”) starts in less than a month.”

    May I ask where you saw this? If I recall correctly, it’s only scheduled to start in the summer-season, which still is two months away from now.

  18. KyoAni recently announced that starting from ep 5, Lucky Star’s director will be changed to the guy who directed the FMP series… not sure if this will make a significant change to the show’s pacing but oh well.

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