worstest idea ever?

I used to joke about Mai Otome Zwei Destiny as being the next big Sunrise series. I was slightly off: Mai Hime Destiny.


Apparently Sunrise is planning on animating the light novels that are the “real” sequel to Mai Hime. From what I have heard through word-of-mouth (take with a grain of salt), is that the anime should come in 2008. Mai Hime Destiny kinda picks up after Mai Hime, only the characters are weird amalgamations of their Hime and Otome counterparts. Anty is well and good, but Mai gets run over by a train or something (kidding, she is “dead” though). The new main character is Mayo, who pushes the “wait, that’s a 14 year old?” stereotype. Egads. I’m not sure what to think… on one hand, I’m giddy and saddened by how Sunrise is fucking the dead corpses of their beloved Gundam and Mai Hime franchises, yet I’m delighted and horrified at more stories from the Mai Hime world. In any case, I’m going to find myself a good seat to witness yet another Sunrise-fueled trainwreck. Now if only I can get some caramel popcorn to go along with some Shizuru naughtiness…

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  1. Oh sweet Christ.

  2. Wow. Just wow.

    That’s the thing about train wrecks. You don’t want to stare, but you just can’t look away.

  3. Was the only link between the Hime and Otome series the reuse of characters? I never understood what they had to do with each other besides this. I didn’t realize they were based on light novels either.

  4. Doesn´t sound good.

    But still, I enjoyed Mai Otome so I´ll wait to see atleast the first episode.
    If it´s anything like Nanoha Strikers, then I´ll stop watching it at once.

    for Hime/Otome then think of Otome as a parallell universe if I have understood it correct.

  5. The Himelander aspect was the only thing I liked in the original series, and even that was merely the latter half. I had quit watching Hime before picking it up again solely for the ‘lander arc. The rest was hardly entertaining and the ending blew hard; there’s the requisite implausible rez-all for a happy ending and the token inept Evil Overlord – how he ever was able to assume that Mai would obediently go along with his plan is beyond me. In total these issues pushed it far enough into negatives for me to swear off the announced sequel. I don’t think I will be paying any attention to this Destiny thing either.

  6. Is it me, or is there something wrong with the images? They don’t seem to load fully on my browsers, IE or Firefox.

  7. I don’t think it will be based on one of the two novel series.
    According to wiki, the first series (simply called “Mai Hime”) tells a side story of the anime series with an original character. And the other one seems to be another re-telling of the same story, about the clone of Alissa oO;
    So none of them really sounds like a continuation of the original story.
    I was so disappointed by Otome and the catchphrase on that picture sounds kinda lame already (“Strongest of the Academy. The Warrior Princess in black clothes. Fujino Shizuru) … I don’t trust Sunrise to actually produce a good series anymore v.v

  8. Is this for real? I mean it looks like a bad joke but I kind of hope it’s genuine so I can have a good long laugh…and then laugh some more when it starts airing.

  9. *looks at screen*


  10. i weep for lack of bouncy Mai. why sunrise, why…

  11. I’d like to quote that guy Bruce Willis (?) played in Pulp Fiction; the guy who lost his watch… But your spambot will block me.

    First they mess up the Gundam franchise by giving Shinn Asuka a protagonist shift and thereby defeating the supposed “protagonist.” Then they make fun of what happened via Mai ZHime; that show which lacked li’l brother Takumi and featured the destruction of the “happy couple” Akane and Kasuya for the sake of cheap fanservice. Now this.

    And $unrise wonders why they can hardly make a buck in the US market. C’mon now, folks.

  12. Katana + twintails + dragon handcuffs = success

  13. Oh god… oh god oh god oh god….

  14. that is a joke….right..?

  15. I think this is the point where we should differentiate between the foolishness of the Mai Hime team and the real Sunrise team that has given us hits like Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, U.C Gundam and dare I say it Code Geass. I will be the first to admit that I don’t think the Mai Hime team has any idea what they are doing and that Mai Hime is the worst franchise that Sunrise has ever come up with, but I don’t think it’s fair to write of the entire company as train-wreckers for the foolishness of a few of it’s staff.

  16. Jeez, you guys REALLY hate Sunrise, don’t you? HiME wasn’t THAT bad…although Otome was terrible. And Don’t get me started on SEED Destiny. Ugh.

    Sunrise HAS made a few good shows since then: Zegapain and (yeah, I’m going there) Geass. They’re kind of like GONZO these days; mostly terrible but with a good one every now and then (Kaleido Star, Romeo x Juliet (if you can just pretend it has nothing to do with the play, it’s actually quite nice)).

    That said, I can’t see anything with the subtitle of “Destiny” doing anything but failing hard. The HiME team really needs to give up already.

  17. Yeah they really shouldn’t have gone with the Destiny Moniker. Too many bad memories there.

    Still Gonzo and Sunrise get picked on way too damn much for their efforts, while other companies can get off scot free with a minimum of effort and the right gimmicks. Hopefully someday people will appreciate Gonzo and Sunrise, but I guess the time isn’t now.

    People should consider though that these large companies have multiple teams, some are better than others, but it’s unfair to state that because one series might not succeed that all series will not succeed and will derail themselves, just like it’s unfair to assume that because every Kyoto Animation or BONES series has succeeded that they are infalliable.

    Just because every BONES series has been a hit, doesn’t mean all future BONES series will be a hit (Ayashi Akayashi got cancelled and now Darker Than Black is going strong), and just because Kyoto Animation has had a good track run with their moe shows, doesn’t mean they won’t hit a speed bump like they have with Lucky Star, but just the fact they are doing a Clannad anime will secure their fortunes for time to come.

    The thing is, these people are only human and they make mistakes, they have ups and downs, but they learn from them, apply them and quite often they don’t make the same ones again.

  18. I don’t buy it. I’ll believe it when I hear something more official. This is too absurd to believe.

  19. I can’t believe this is true. Mai Hime and Otome, the greatest anime series Japan has ever graced us with. Mai Otome was just a perfect mix of mecha and mahou shoujo, and Zwei is looking interesting. These series are just so entertaining that you can’t help falling in love with them. One thing I am willing to admit as a fault in both Hime’s is their ending. But that flaw seems to be in almost all series Sunrise has produced. Zegapain was just boring, Sunrise should just produce Hime-related anime. ;) Hoping for lots of Shizuru and Natsuki…

  20. I am trying to think of worst but i am coming up a blank.

    right now i am not if ishould be laughting or crying. probably both.

  21. Why do my comments keep getting deleted? Is it because they dare go against the established idea that Sunrise trainwrecks all their series?

    Let me once again shorten it then since that seems to work. There’s also a chance they might be able to make it good just like there’s a chance something like Clannad could implode. You never know until a show is over. Sunrises history of trainwrecks only comprises two series. Seriously Jason man, do some research and you’ll discover a far better track record than what Gundam Seed/Destiny and Mai Hime would lead you too believe. They’ve struggled for a couple years, but I think they are getting things back on track. Try to hold out that same hope that you have for every Kyoto Animation series that get’s announced.

  22. ZOMG,Shizuru’s so cool with her Katana…..(drool).

    The word destiny is scary but it can’t be worse than Otome.

  23. Mai Hime has been enjoyable as a light watch between more interesting shows (Haruka’s head butt was just epic) and Otome was a great laugh (albeit it unintended).
    I doubt this will be great but I’m sure most people will be able to eke out some fun from this.

    Shizuru with a Katana makes me happy.

  24. mai hime had a stupid ending, what the hell is the point of killing off all the characters if they just come back???

  25. LOLOLOLOLOLOL wtf.. Destiny?! Hahahahah train wreck time, this should be fun

  26. “what the hell is the point of killing off all the characters if they just come back???”

    If you have a problem with that, just don’t watch any zombie flicks.

  27. Kaioshin_Sama: “Sunrise, the company that creates good shows every now and then” is not really the problem. “$unrise, the company that doesn’t put their foot down like Kyoto Animation and Gainax” IS.

    What happened to the 1st director of Lucky Star when he was messing around? He got fired. What did the two people in charge of the current Gainax anime did when the (anti-)fanbase got too ticked off? They stepped down.

    Mitsuo and Chiaki were allowed to continue on with their self-insert spew whilst the other circus clowns continued to mess around within the Mai- series. Now, not even CLAMP can save $unrise from heavy and international criticism.

  28. I feel like a spammer but this is just so wrong that I have an urge to voice my opinion.

    i cant wait :D!!!!!
    i love sunrise train wrecks

  30. First off I’m not a heavy poster I don’t post often. But this is BIG news, if its real that is. But the pics they don’t seem to be fake…Maybe shizuru alittle. I still find it odd that one has talked about this in the blogsphere just yet. Da Capo II’s anouncement was all over the place when it was anouncened, this should’ve been all over the placebut much faster. Oh well heres hoping this is real cause its great news, I loved Mai-Hime and to some extent Mai-Otome.

  31. > “These series are just so entertaining that you can’t help falling in love with them.”
    Until I read this I was half contemplating you were NOT laying thick on the sarcasm. As for Sunrise hate, until this thread I was only vaguely aware that Mai-[abc] might possibly be a Sunrise production. I usually don’t bother checking about the weak shows. The exception would be GS Destiny; the 4chan threads hammered it home enough times for me to remember. :P

    Anyhow, if this is real it would be what, 4th iteration of the franchise? A sentence relating to words cash cow and milking comes to mind. Regardless, I realize they wouldn’t be making another if the previous ones didn’t make them bucketloads of cash.

    Also, speaking of Gonzo, IMHO their finest hour was Gankutsuou.

  32. Sunrise made Keroro Gunsou. AND PlanetES. For that, I can never hate them.

    Mai-hime certainly is still miles better than gundam mecha crap, so I’ll of course be watching.

  33. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for some random insanley powerfull char to pop up

  34. Well, I’m EXCITED. If anything, the franchise gives people a lot to talk about! :)

  35. sorry, the news is fake.

    nothing in 2ch.

  36. What? Sunrise puts their foot down way more often than Kyoto Animation, but not as much as Gainax. Kyoto caves to fan demand like almost no company I’ve ever seen. I remember the days of Yoshiyuki Kill Em All Tomino stomping around threatening to resign and do all kinds of horrible things if the studio gave into fan desires and didn’t let him direct the series his way. He had enough clout to move Bandai even. He still pops in every now and then and he outright goes against fan desires to do what he wants. Hajime Yatate does too (The super team that helms every major Sunrise project).

    Now if the series did exist, how can we be absolutely certain it would train wreck. Consider this, Sunrise founded in 1972 trains wrecks all there series, how the heck would they still be in business, let alone get halfway into the 70’s if this were true. It just isn’t, they’ve simply had bad luck lately.

  37. Kaioshin-Sama: Okay. So we’re dealing with two unknowns. $unrise the wrecker of trains since 1972. And “Mai Desuhime.” ^_^;

    I believed what $unrise lost it after Tomino lost it; throwing down a (completed) model kit and stating that this will be his next Gundam project. His next projects after Victory Gundam being a bit less depression-influenced.

    But yeah. If $unrise had really put their foot down, Fukuda and Morosawa would’ve been fired after episode one. There goes a company’s credibility. \_^_^_/

  38. I get that Sunrise wants to cash in as much as they can, especially after watching Nanoha, but a series / ova every year is pushing it a bit…

    On the other hand, we might get to see an epic-level disaster.

  39. Oh come on you know the model kit incident was awesome. Besides he did return with Turn A Gundam, which was an excellent character driven series that nobody watched. Which leads me to believe that people only notice Sunrise is doing a show when it doesn’t work out as well as planned (Mai Otome, Seed Destiny, Otome Zwei) and conveniently ignore the good ones. Also what’s with this $unrise, every company is a money grubbing company. Why not J.C $taff or BONE$?

  40. I will watch this if Shizuru is bequeathed the Lovely Eyepatch.

  41. Pigtails have big tits.

    I smell more hentai from our favorite doujinshi circles to come.

  42. I’d like to see the day when Kira appears out of nowhere and just kicks HiME butt, with Hi Nu-Freedom….

  43. That first picture made me extremely excited in my pants.

  44. Yes this is a bad, bad idea.

    But it’s not as bad of an idea as a live-action Negima.

    Sorry but it’s true.

  45. I watch Turn-A Gundam. Besides, JC Staff and Bones… No other company is as blatant with their marketing stragedy or, quick to throw a curveball in anime titles, or as bias toward the western world (as seen through their anime and in that interview about why Gundam can’t sell in the US) as $unrise. And here I thought that companies who only care about money would be a bit more ubiquitous.

    And yes. That model kit incident is the Japanese-English translation dictionary term for “awesome.”

  46. No. The live-action Negima is a bad idea.

    The girls, last I checked, had mulit-colored hair to distinguish them. Plus, how are they gonna pull of a ten-year-old kid being a new-teacher-mage-in-training? How old was the kid/guy who played Harry Potter when the movie series started?

  47. Just from the name Destiny in Mai Hime just ends it…honestly ends it.

  48. So… Is new HEALTHY pigtails lead a sign that Japan have outgrown the DELICIOUS FLAT CHEST fad?

  49. uhm… i don’t know about you jokers… i’m just getting the fapping paraphenalia ready, ’cause this is gonna be hot.

  50. Can’t we somehow force Sunrise to stop making these mediocre series and mecha stuff and instead make them focus on what they’re good at(comedy/parody series, such as Keroro Gunsou, Yakitate!! Japan and Gintama)?

  51. They are good at Mecha series (were…). Okay I find Code Geass to be well done, but others would laugh at it and say it’s overwrought. After some of the staff left to found Studio BONES they haven’t been as good, but they are getting things slowly back together.

  52. I’ll believe it when the official site links to information.

  53. I kinda liked Hime and Otome. Sure, they were absolute trainwrecks, but they were funny as hell und totally over the top. I’ll be looking forward to this show:D

  54. In how far are burger-inflated tits healthier than a flat chest? You know, the *big* *round* thing is supposed to be the ass not the tits.

  55. wtf!?! where’s my Sergay Wang!?! ^__^

  56. To be honest Sunrise is the studio I hate the most (despite the fact that I love some of their series). They are really the cheapest studio who’d compromise all of their “values” and franchises to make an easy buck. *cough* hime, gundam, and ALL of their monotonous mecha series *cough*.

    Yes… that was a long cough.

  57. I was waiting for something to confirm my theory that anything by Sunrise with “Destiny” in it’s name will trainwreck automatically. Lets hope(or not) this confirms it.

  58. Oh good lord… On the (possibly) plus side, the handcuffs may be promising.

  59. I would imagine that anything with the name Destiny in it no matter what company involved would be a disaster. The “Destiny” tacked on to the end of anything evokes the feeling of something cliche and trite. It sounds like the type of thing SEGA would add to one of their game titles. Speaking of SEGA, these are the people that should hold the title of Trainwreck King in recent years, Sunrise would probably somewhere near the bottom of the list of all Japanese companies if we take into account everything they’ve ever done, and if we take into account Post 2003 it would probably look something like a flexible list of

    Studio Deen 2nd
    Capcom 3rd
    Gonzo 4th
    Sunrise 5th

    Because taking into account these years only makes all these companies look bad (and only viewing or playing games from these companies that came out post 2003 would also have to be a qualifier).

    I would also Argue that Kyoto Animation, the best company ever (Okay Not Really), has their first train wreck in the Lucky Channel Segment, which has used the same tired joke for the past 7 episodes. Yet they are allowed this because…why (Okay not entirely true, a lot of people are growing tired of it recently, but still)? I’m not saying we should all pick on them for it, but why pick on Sunrise then for a run of bad luck, which is what Lucky Channel seems to be.

    It’s like the chambers of the U.S Senate during the Republican run of power. Everybody supported, President George W. Bush’s (Kyoto Animation, Production I.G, BONES) push to war in Iraq on the grounds of his recent popularity and clout (Haruhi) while criticisms of this push were absent, yet those same people dogged Clinton (Gonzo, Sunrise) for his push to secure the Sudan, while his successes in foreign policy (Successful Series) and trust in his judgement were absent.

    If this analogy makes little sense it’s because I’ve been awake for almost 26 hours now. I tried my best to get my point across though.

    Anyway it’s fair to laugh at the idea of a Mai Hime Destiny, but let’s not go calling something that has yet to even be officially announced a trainwreck, even if it sounds like they are combining their two weakest franchises into one awful sounding name.

  60. >> It’s like the chambers of the U.S Senate during the Republican run of power. Everybody supported, President George W. Bush’s (Kyoto Animation, Production I.G, BONES) push to war in Iraq on the grounds of his recent popularity and clout (Haruhi) while criticisms of this push were absent, yet those same people dogged Clinton (Gonzo, Sunrise) for his push to secure the Sudan, while his successes in foreign policy (Successful Series) and trust in his judgement were absent.

    Quit smoking whatever herb you are smoking.

  61. ahaha looking at the first image makes me want to see Shizuru in Minagoroshi-hen. With Natsuki as Rika. :3

  62. How does one exactly battle in handcuffs? Will she kick her way to the top in HiMElander Destiny?

  63. >> How does one exactly battle in handcuffs? Will she kick her way to the top in HiMElander Destiny?

    Cody from Street Fighter Alpha 3 fought with handcuffs on.

  64. His chain was a lot longer though. Hmm, maybe her chains will extend? That might be interesting.

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  66. The new main character… My ‘possible future sex jokes’ senses is tingling…

    And also my, ‘what else can Shizuru do with that sword jokes’ sesnes is tingling also.

    I really liked the Mai-Series. I don’t take the overall plot to seriously, but I love the characters’…*ahem* ‘quirky’ atitudes, and everything else BESIDES the plot. I do so hope this is not a joke and that this series lives up to my expectations, EXCEPT for the plot. We all know that the Mai-series plots were just the writers way of saying they made the script by putting a dart board full of ideas and crap and playing darts with them, and all that jazz, ya know?

  67. i like how her element appears to be handcuffs….now that doesn’t have any sexual innuendos at all.

  68. Hersey I say Hersey WTF Mai is dead Arika is in the sequel and there is a new main character. Its like looking at the sun but i cant look away why oh why god would you take my Mai from me. I dont think i can go on.

  69. Im not sure if this is something to look forward to, but let’s just wait and see. Honestly HiME and Otome (and Otome Zwei) got me hooked, but I can’t imagine another Mai , maybe because I cant think of a new plot as deviant as what they did in Otome.

    But what the heck, WHY ARIKA?! I

  70. Honesty, I don’t know why so many people hate “Mai-Hime.” To be honest, it’s one of my favorite anime, and I feel no shame in that. Moreover, as a person who knows literature and who is educated in some film theory as well as even more literature theory, I think “Hime” is a very sound show (thematically speaking). Granted, the choppiness of the ending took away from the show’s general appeal, but I don’t think that it totally condemned it to epic failure. “Mai-Otome” is ok as well, I like the politics and the message about the monopolization of technology. I think the primary issue people have with both shows (from what I gather in my perusal of forums and fan sites) is the incredibly lame endings and the sloppily-made sequels/prequels that keep cropping up. However, the fact that Sunrise believes that it has an eager enough audience awaiting yet another sequel indicates that the market for the show is still considered strong. In other words, they are simply giving people what they want. You can’t really blame a company for cashing in on a fan-base.

    Aside from my very professional-sounding rant in defense of the franchise:

    The idea of Shizuru and Natsuki making yet another appearance (hopefully together) makes me want to squeal like a drunk fangirl. Judge me as you see fit.

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